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  1. Yes I don’t hate wow either, it was genre changing, it just wore on me and I wasn’t having any fun. My one rule about games they are supposed to be fun, the moment I am not having fun I don’t play a particular game for a while, some I can go back to and enjoy again (halflife, fallout skyrim) others I try and they just don’t do it for me any longer(I rolled a panda, could not get past level 40, reminded me why I quit wow to begin with).
  2. Halflife for me as well with fallout and skyrim being a close 2nd/3rd
  3. Respect! /signed
  4. Thanks Rob, I know for myself it is much appreciated all that you and FEZ have done to support the clan. Again Thanks!
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    The plant is exactly the same. The Chinese would argue that point ...
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    Lets get this thread back off track.Model Hmm old school model 'Cindy Crawford' or when I was really young model of the aircraft carrier 'Kitty Hawk', that took a while to build.
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    Freash Spearmint is great as well
  8. Welcome SniperObe, there are a few of us in Washington. I am over in Spokane.