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  1. Water is pretty crazy stuff.
  2. They're comfy, and don't ware out as quickly. Plus I'd look taller. :D
  3. I think I might start buying combat boots instead of Vans and Nikes.
  4. I would recommend powerpoint for what you want to do. Not sure about looping and As to compresion... *shrugs*
  5. Like bull thistles. They got me though my jeans and some pretty thick boxers.
  6. Inadvertently T-bagged a bucket full of thistles today..
  8. Today I was at the dentist and the lady cleaning my teeth suddenly just stopped and left the room, I was thinking "Ummm... what?" after a minute or so she comes back in with a guy and points to the floor. Guess what was there.
  9. Dude that was cute, we shoot people, zombies, demons, etc. for fun... and you can't handle a little dancing spider.
  10. I don't believe so but now that I'm using a different computer it works. Sorry, my bad
  11. Both seem to be broken.
  12. Dude you need anything beyond being a goat?