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  1. Is there any good reason to not get windows 8 for a new PC? Besides the "horrible" interface?
  2. Water is pretty crazy stuff.
  3. They're comfy, and don't ware out as quickly. Plus I'd look taller. :D
  4. I think I might start buying combat boots instead of Vans and Nikes.
  5. I would recommend powerpoint for what you want to do. Not sure about looping and As to compresion... *shrugs*
  6. Like bull thistles. They got me though my jeans and some pretty thick boxers.
  7. Inadvertently T-bagged a bucket full of thistles today..
  9. Today I was at the dentist and the lady cleaning my teeth suddenly just stopped and left the room, I was thinking "Ummm... what?" after a minute or so she comes back in with a guy and points to the floor. Guess what was there.
  10. Dude that was cute, we shoot people, zombies, demons, etc. for fun... and you can't handle a little dancing spider.
  11. Both seem to be broken.
  12. I don't believe so but now that I'm using a different computer it works. Sorry, my bad
  13. Dude you need anything beyond being a goat?
  14. On second thought, do you think this game will be in the steam spring sale? If so will it be cheaper?
  15. Fine I'll get it!
  16. Alright, I'm just saying that Arma II isn't all that great; if you are committed to giving to charity through the humble bundle then go for it.
  17. The reason why it's on the Bundle is because it has a very small player base, especialy with the DayZ standalone that came out just recently; I don't think it's worth the 6 bucks. (down from 50 some dollars for the Arma stuff alone)
  18. Yes i suppose it does, thankyou Dukaht. @N
  20. Hmm.. alright Dukaht, if you didn't have an windows 7 key to transfer to a new computer would you go ahead and get windows 8?
  21. I suppose that makes sence Infandus, but I've heard people say that it's a generally faster OS and gives them a few FPS in their games. The souce wasn't the best but it's something.