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  1. The windows + X key is your best friend if you're using a mouse and keyboard instead of a tablet.
  2. Probably the best review I've read on this site. Keep it up.
  3. Hello my name is Jimmy Pop and I'm a dumb white guy. I'm not old or new but middle school; fifth grade, like junior high. Wait. Wrong thread. And who is Jimmy?
  4. I always wanted a Tesla Roadster. Not because I'm a hippy, only because it's an actual bad ass electric car.
  5. It must be said...Well, this orgy sure is off to a slow start.
  6. Interestingly, Kagan is being called upon to recuse herself. If she chooses not to, and a petition is filed to have her recused, who reviews it? AAAAH!
  7. I'm going straight up two fisted tank. I have an orc that looks a lot like my dog. Don't forget to save y'all.
  8. I love stuff.
  9. a lot of folks in Dallas said they felt it. I did not.
  10. My only album today is full of Franziska Facella. And it's a pretty vast album.
  11. Speaking of stalking Rob, where the FUCK did my TWD comments go?
  12. Why the hell can't I log onto the forum and then post a comment on the website? AAAAH! ROB HOW CAN I STALK YOU ANONYMOUSLY?
  13. You could run on the N N N plan.
  14. No, the law is that you only have to wash your hands after wiping the ass of the guy who works at 7-11. I'm sorry if I worded that poorly.