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    Did Troi always have low-cut dresses? Always? Maybe I didn't pick it up last time, being seven.
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    Random Thoughts Thread

    I miss TeamXbox sometimes. But, I was young then...
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    http://crunchbang.org/ This is just one more Linux distro I would toss out a recommendation for, but only for people with moderate Linux experience. In a technical sense it may slightly edge out MEPIS in performance and it is also a great "Out of the Box" OS for running Wifi and having PlashPlayer for YouTube preinstalled. It does not come with a word processor, but it has pre-made scripts you select to grab AbiWord or Libre Office. Also, it comes with the Iceweasel web browser but has similar scripts to make it easy to grab Chromium or Opera. In the same spot is a menu selection to change your default web browser. Now for the major difference which is the desktop where Crunch Bang goes in the opposite direction of MEPIS. While MEPIS offers the nice KDE Windows manager, Crunch Bang uses the barren minimalist OpenBox Window Manager. There is no task bar or start button. It does not even allow for desktop Icons unless you change setting or install a different File Manager. If you're a person who loathes seeing cluttered desktops this might appeal to you. On the other hand I think it might freakout typical Windows users who will be used to going for their Start Button. Oddly enough, Crunch Bang's desktop is faster to navigate IMO. It has a display on the desktop called Conky that lists memory and CPU stats and also Hot-Keys for bringing up the standard applications like the WebBrowser, Terminal, or File Browser. Otherwise, there is a menu you can access by right clicking anywhere on the desktop. Aside from that, if you think the default look is to blah you can tweak the window appears and still slap on a wallpaper. I still like MEPIS for my Laptop. I'm 50/50 on it regarding my Netbook because Crunch Bang's OpenBox naturally uses the least amount of screen real estate. I am using Crunch Bang on an old Desktop to save on resources while running Virtual Machines. I guess I'd wrap up by saying that Ubuntu and MINT seem to be the most well known or visible alternative Linux OSes, but I think both of these Debian Stable based Linux systems are definitely worth a look. I do think distros following Debian should be more thoroughly tested.
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    Just wanted to say Hi.

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    zomg teh banz!

    I r dirty whorebag and my mommy likes anal gangbangs lawlz
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    How Do you guys feel about Google Fiber.

    Don't care how, I want it now. #VarucaSalt
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    About halfway through an Associates program and finding this college experience to be kind of surreal. Windows 7 Config is incredibly dull and forces you do log into a server remotely for the projects and deal with the lag. Tomorrow, I have Networking which is okay I guess but I don't know how I'm going to remember half of it. I guess what mystifies me is..... I want to be working on the freakin computers. Let me learn about networking by setting up a network or configuring a router, not just reading about it or looking at pictures. No wonder employers want experienced people instead of fresh eager grads with their degrees. I guess I'm just curious if anyone else has tried college and found all the classes to be Book Theory and Power Point slides. I mean right now I would feel embarrassed to ask anyone for a computer job and I hope I don't still feel that way when I finish this program. I'm thinking of upgrading my thermos coffee mug from 16 oz. to a 32 oz.
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    Forget the Transformers and forget Godzilla. Del Toro is producing a new original Kaiju monster style movie.
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    NSA Whistleblower Comes Forward: WOW

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    The bigger, the better!
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    michael kors outlet handbags are coveted prizes, but are they racist? The 20-year-old supermodel tweeted a photo of her and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, and Robert Plant, each received the Kennedy Center Honors gala Saturday, Dec. For buying brands such as Hermes or Tiffany & Co. Im sure with the michael kors outlet MK5020.
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    The Future Of These Forums - Please Read

    Since I'm no longer working full-time with FEZ, the crew sat down and decided what we wanted to do with the site. You'll have to remember that we were once a podcast that we used to produce on a bi-weekly basis on our own free time and FEZ followed the same line. We weren't a reaction to anything except Gamertype because that site, obviously, went nowhere. We're at a point though where it's costing more to keep FEZ up than it's worth and we should be engaging stuff that we want to do rather than what we feel obligated to because it'll get us attention/some revenue (read: articles). The result of that thinking is that we'll be building a network of small sites and most of us will be concentrating our efforts on those, rather than FEZ, and FEZ will be downsized. A steady flow of traffic and the ability to comment between articles and the forums (since they're linked) is the reason why we went with Vanilla) and with a slower traffic rate, the question of whether these forums will grow is one we have to answer. I've really enjoyed interacting with you guys here and this serving as a 'chill' forum home, but we don't quite know what to do with these as we move forward. These forums were never designed to replace Gamertype or otherwise, but they were designed to grow and they didn't. We've considered a few things: - Shutting them off entirely as many of these new sites will probably migrate back to Facebook Comments - Keeping them around, but as a vBulletin forum, unlinked from the comments sections of our articles Since you guys post here and elsewhere, we're curious what you think we should do. Would it be worth having a standalone, vBulletin-powered set of forums? Would you migrate to Facebook comments on articles? Let us know!
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    It's difficult to say really. I enjoy coming here and really like the fact that there is some meaningful content to read and comment on (although I am generally an OTLer - old habits die hard I guess). If I'm going to be honest with you guys, as a vBulletin forum I could see the place becoming another Gamertype. Without content to drive it, it might become a bit redundant as there aren't many consistent posters here. I just don't think it would work. As for Facebook, I too don't like it these days, but if it allows a system of commenting on content then I may use it a bit. However, it seems that with Facebook you can't build up a community and really get to know people because they don't have accounts/avatars etc. and I guess that's one of the reasons I like forums. Those are my thoughts for what they're worth.
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    I would definitely take a vBulletin forum over Facebook-managed conversation threads. Facebook is not a mature means of communication. Great for linking and tracking and sharing article comments; but otherwise not really a great way for expansive, meaningful communication. I like Vanilla and all because it's is clear, but not oversimplified, communication organization. I had hoped the Time Warner merger would have funneled some more traffic across here, but I have noticed a lack of new users that aren't spammers or SoO.
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    The Future Of These Forums - Please Read

    I've definitely appreciated having SOO on-board and am glad we've been able to keep you guys around. You've also been the vast majority of our forum traffic, but being hidden away and with not nearly as much bleedover as I would've liked, the rest of this place looks like a ghost town, which was never intended to happen, but that's the way it's been in the year since we brought this thing up. We have a lot of military folks in here and, yeah, I understand vacancies. Thanks for sticking around :)
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    @N, I for one won't migrate to Facebook. I don't use it. I used to, still have my account somewhere, but haven't logged in because I don't like what Facebook's become. I'm not super active in online discussion worlds, I'm here because I got in with Sons of Odin and this is where they hang their hats so this is where I 'chill' for my very limited forum time. I do really enjoy the articles you guys post, but I haven't had downtime at work since I've been on leave following surgery and only recently went back. I'd hate to see this board go, I really do enjoy them, the discussions, and the people (even if it's only because I lurk more than I comment), but you guys have gotta do what you guys have gotta do.
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    AK-47 Underwater Super SloMo

    Cool as...
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    Uploaded with ImageShack.com
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    Well, we're gonna make the announcement tomorrow, but I want to get you guys involved right here and now. Cody and I are launching a Kickstarter next week to make a comic called MANEATER: The Fall of Mankind. It's an 80s-themed sci-fi neo-noir. You can see a draft of our pitch here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/npfeifer/117286343?token=540c1ba4 Let me know what you think of the project/the rewards/etc. Are they cool/do they suck, etc. Keep in mind that we're not done with the pitch yet, obviously. If you're on the Facebooks, you can Like the project here: http://www.facebook.com/maneatercomic
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    ODIN vs zergling

    A video explanation of what I was vs what I've become, thanks to ODIN. Don't be this guy.
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    Just another tip for re-purposing an old Desktop PC. http://rbgeek.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/how-to-install-samba-server-on-ubuntu-12-04/ First, what the heck am I talking about here? I have stripped Windows off my old desktop and installed Ubuntu Server including the Samba File Server. What this achieves is making my old Desktop remotely accessible across my home LAN as easily as files in the file manager. In fact, on a Windows machine you can find the File Server under the Network area, right click, and select Map Drive to add it to your File Manager. IMO it's really a lot like creating a private local Cloud Drive. One of the first things I plan to do is backup all my Music MP3s to it. It feels convenient to me to be able to move files without even needing a USB drive or CD. So far, I have found accessing the File Server from my Ubuntu Netbook a little different. In the address bar of Firefox I type smb: which is the Static IP of my Server. It will them appear in the browser and the Nautilus File Manager. You can add Samba during installation of Ubuntu or with the following commands: sudo apt-get install samba samba-common sudo apt-get install python-glade2 system-config-samba Next, you just need to make a backup of the original /etc/samba/smb.conf file. The tutorial I followed suggest creating a new blank smb.conf file and adding the following to it: #======================= Global Settings ===================================== [global] workgroup = WORKGROUP server string = Samba Server %v netbios name = ubuntu security = user map to guest = bad user dns proxy = no #============================ Share Definitions ============================== [MyShare] path = /samba/share browsable =yes writable = yes guest ok = yes read only = no ###### I made a few changes and I'm posting my version #======================= Global Settings ===================================== [global] workgroup = WORKGROUP server string = Samba Server %v netbios name = ubuntu #security = user #map to guest = bad user dns proxy = no #============================ Share Definitions ============================== [MochaFileServer] path = /srv/samba/MochaFiles browsable =yes writable = yes guest ok = yes read only = no next the folder for the share needs to be created with open permissions so it can be accessed. I put mine in /srv/samba/MochaFiles. This tutorial seems to neglect mentioning this step. Finally, restart Samba: sudo service smbd restart For a test I just clicked and dragged my Daft Punk folder on my Netbook to the File Server. It transfered across my LAN to the Ubuntu Server downstairs. Then, I connected my Dad's laptop to the server and opened it just like a File Folder. I double clicked a TRON Legacy track and it played from the server on the laptop. Just thought this was cool and had potential for moving and backing up files or maybe streaming media.
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