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  1. Welcome To The New BANHAMMER (formerly FleshEatingZipper) Forums! Hey there! You may remember our previous paradise as the FleshEatingZipper forums, but as we've realigned our efforts into a network of sites, rather than as a big umbrella site, we've changed our forum software/location as well. Your account and posts have been carried over, but you'll need to reset your password and, perhaps, a few other minor things (missing threads, etc). The new software is far more flexible than Vanilla was and fits into our plan to host multiple web sites/discussions at once. For example, we can now skin individual forums to reflect their host site. We can have a FleshEatingZipper forum that looks like FleshEatingZipper, we can have a Walking Ted forum that looks like The Walking Ted, etc. We will also be updating the design of what it currently looks like as well as get a better logo featuring 100% less comic sans. Please let us know what you think and any suggestions. We want to make this forum a place you want hang out and mingle. If you are having any issues logging in, please email kelly@flesheatingzipper.com.
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