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  1. Introduce Yourself!

    Hello to everybody
  2. Need some ideas - For a music system

    there must be a cheaper video editing software program out there, what about powerpoint? not polished, but it'd work
  3. Introduce Yourself!

    Hi Paul!
  4. Bot Bait

    LMAO that the bot hit the thread in which folks were saying they've eradicated the bots
  5. Civ 5 in Humble Bundle

    Are the civ games good? I've never played them
  6. RIDDICK ???

    yeah, like who the hell everyone is...
  7. A quick word about multi-gaming

    /read it, signed it
  8. Forum Guidelines

  9. Forum Reorganization

  10. Introduce Yourself!

    I am the Dave who plays PS2 with the british accent, and I have just found my new name for Star Citizen... Also, Bradders I live in Essex, more accurately Harlow, in Essex