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  1. Roamin

    Windows 10 is coming out, what do ya techies think?

    I'm not surprised as it's not the first time Microsoft has held DirectX hostage with an OS.
  2. Roamin

    Oculus Rift Purchased by Facebook

    Notch jumped ship too as far as I know.
  3. Roamin

    Bot Bait

    Yeah, so I guess the bots/marketers found a random forum to bait in. How many are there now-- like five threads?
  4. Roamin

    Turtle Beach

    I've gone through two of these damn things ranging from 50-80 bucks in the span of a half a year. I decided it wasn't worth shipping them back anymore and have been using a Logitech webcam and a pair of Sony headphones ever since.
  5. Roamin

    PS2 Humor

  6. I had interest in this until they released it on steam with that big 80$ hanging on the lower left. Now I'm simply waiting until release before getting it when it's back to a normal price... if it survives long enough.
  7. Roamin

    Roh mentioned this one night while training us

    Hey Garv, remember when the warpgate had an outpost and all the vehicles would be a smoldering pile next to "Vanuspokesman"'s max? It was possible to climb the outpost just by getting on top of the vehicle wreckage.
  8. Roamin

    BIGROB! Enough with the horn already! LOL

    We need a vuvuzela horn.
  9. Roamin

    Everyone in SOO please read and /sign

    Roamin approves