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  2. Hmm I might have to write a CONOP for Starmade when I have a chance. Thanks for this info, really helpful. /Sign
  3. Starmade: Minecraft in space!

    Tell me when you wanna try it out, you can also join the server I have setup if you want the info. Its just me and my roommates right now.
  4. Starmade: Minecraft in space!

    http://youtu.be/YZ0qTeXjeT4 http://youtu.be/CNIDywMUm5A
  5. Starmade: Minecraft in space!

    http://star-made.org/ http://youtu.be/hgHgcttS39w
  6. Starmade: Minecraft in space!

    Oh yeah I remember starforge, I tried it a while ago.
  7. PS2 Humor

    I think he got it stuck?
  8. Everyone in SOO please read and /sign

    Roger that /signed
  9. Starmade: Minecraft in space!

    Have you ever wanted to build a spaceship in minecraft? Did you build one? Can it fly? no? Well this is a game for you! It has server support and everyone can make a server very easily, it is currently in alpha. Basically after a short tutorial which can be turned off you can build a spaceship, add Lasers, rockets (guided and unguided), automated turrets and more to your ship and fly off into the galaxy to mine asteroids, salvage abandoned space stations and fight SPACE PIRATES!!!! I'd like to know if Odin would be interested in this and if we could get a server. P.S. ITS REALLLLLYYY FUN!