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  1. Beanie

    Food Fads that Need to Die.

    Burgers on effing brioche buns. Suck it, hipsters.
  2. Beanie

    Random Thoughts Thread

    This snail cream is so amazing. Seriously.
  3. Beanie

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Happy early Father's Day, dads!
  4. I can't stop listening to this song and watching the video: Henry looks so much like Kim Sunggyu in parts and it's driving me crazy.
  5. Beanie

    Bigger Avatars.....?

    OOOOO .gif avvys would be great!
  6. Beanie

    Random Thoughts Thread

    But if he wrote about SHINee... ;) I'd have to beat him. -_- Also, I need to clean today, but all I want to do is listen to Henry's new song. AGH
  7. Beanie

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Do not like Stephen King. I've read and attempted to read his books so many times...ugh. I read "Carrie" in 6th grade and loved it though.
  8. Beanie

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Who is she? He is Onew from SHINee. My allergies are a mess today. blah
  9. Beanie

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm going to randomly put this here:
  10. I just found this song today...it's really REALLY good. https://soundcloud.com/bangabriel I hope he puts his old stuff up too and then I can make a mix and fall asleep to it!
  11. Beanie

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Yeah, we remake your stuff but I'm willing to bet we show far more of it in its original form than the other way around (obviously there's more to choose from coming from the US). There are a lot of US shows that I really like, but certain genres I just cannot watch. The propensity for US networks/film studios to remake great foreign content is just a bit irritating for some reason. As if the original is not good enough. Like drome says with The Ring, the original is good enough. Oh, and another that's just sprung to mind is 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'. The original Swedish version was excellent and in no way required a remake IMO. Don't even get me started on "Let The Right One In."
  12. Beanie


    My friend has a cat that used to be really nice. Now she's grown fat and miserable, it's quite astounding. She used to like being stroked and sitting on your knee. Now if you stroke her she doesn't even pur, just sits there looking miserable. It's really quite bizarre and none of us can work out why she's turned into such a fat bitch cat. She's a woman in a long term relationship. That's what happens.
  13. Beanie

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Never saw Ringu but I liked the ring well enough. Never saw any of those UK remakes, so I don't have an opinion. I personally will watch Asian and UK TV over US 95% of the time. I just like them more. UK is really dry and pervy humor and Asian dramas either tend to be really gritty or really innocent or super ridiculous.
  14. Beanie

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Seriously. SERIOUSLY. It makes me sick.