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  1. arma 3 king of the hill fps issues

    I'm lucky to break 15fps in KotH matches with more than 40 players, but with sub-30 populations it's pretty smooth. My computer also crashes a lot with A3 on the bigger servers.
  2. LAZORS! Weaponized LAZORS!

    Yes, it's a militarized XBOX controller, replete with roll cage and safety toggles.
  3. Random Thoughts Thread

    In reality it's quarks getting it on. :wub: I didn't say that though.
  4. I'm not dead! But I did do a Watch Dogs review.

    Did you see this when you were making the video? www.dotconnexion.com Does that factor into the game somehow?
  5. I'm not dead! But I did do a Watch Dogs review.

    Well done. You convinced me not to like Watch Dogs by the 22:55 marker.
  6. Bing bang BASH. Unix Strikes Again!

    So apparently the entire Unix/Linux world has fallen victim to a BASH/SH bug that allows an attacker to run any command they want on networked BASH-based consoles: http://www.engadget.com/2014/09/24/bash-shell-security-flaw/ Lock up yo' chillens' and hide yo' mama, cause there's no telling how many devices/Unix variants are vulnerable. Especially your webcam.
  7. Amazon's a bad place to work....

    I feel bad for the folks who work there. Sheds some light on things too. http://gawker.com/at-amazon-even-the-part-timers-are-miserable-1576194529?utm_campaign=socialflow_gawker_facebook&utm_source=gawker_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow
  8. Epic Rap Battle : Special Forces vs. MARSOC

    MARSOC won that one.
  9. Frozen Synapse on sale

    What ya think? It's too late for your opinion mwahahaha. I got the game and it kicks ass. Some logical inconsistencies but designed for a bit of fun too. Got a riot shield unit? Ok, you can bounce grenades off his shield to explode-dead an enemy around a corner. Or depending on your level of fail, explode-dead your team. Office buildings were clearly not designed with rockets in mind- forget anything you ever heard about cover in the game, cause a rocket will blow right through it. Fortunately with the sequence simulator it is possible to dodge the rocket blast radius.
  10. Quotes,Miniquote

    seem to be fine for me. Did you disable Javascript in your browser recently?
  11. What's Your Rig?

    CPUIntel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 corespeed: 3200Mhz MHz RAMCorsair TWINX 8192MB PC12800 DDR3 1600MHz speed: 1600Mhz Optical Drive Blu-Ray Super Multi RW Monitor Dell 23" LED Case Thermaltake Kandalf Blk F-Tower Case w/Liquid Cool case_temperature: 75*F Fahrenheit Audio Logitech G930 Motherboard XFX nForce 790i Ultra SLI revision: P07 Hard Drive 240GB Intel Cherryville count: 2 capacity: 120 GBytes Cooling Kandalf LCS Keyboard Logitech G510 Mouse R.A.T. 9 Graphics nVidia GTX 780Ti manufacturer: nvidia coreclock: 675Mhz MHz memoryclock: 1800Mhz MHz Optical Drive DVD+/-RW 8x, DVD +/- RAM RW OS Windows 7 Power Ultra X3 1600w Mouse Pad Corsair
  12. Largest-Yet EVE Battle Destroys $200,000 Worth of Starships

    So basically you have 2200 people, that makes expenditures roughly $100 each. Come back when you have a million dollar battle!
  13. Random Thoughts Thread

    Oh, I use the New Post ticker as my main page.