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    Amazon's a bad place to work....

    I feel bad for the folks who work there. Sheds some light on things too. http://gawker.com/at-amazon-even-the-part-timers-are-miserable-1576194529?utm_campaign=socialflow_gawker_facebook&utm_source=gawker_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow
  2. thecomputerdude

    arma 3 king of the hill fps issues

    I'm lucky to break 15fps in KotH matches with more than 40 players, but with sub-30 populations it's pretty smooth. My computer also crashes a lot with A3 on the bigger servers.
  3. thecomputerdude

    LAZORS! Weaponized LAZORS!

    Yes, it's a militarized XBOX controller, replete with roll cage and safety toggles.
  4. thecomputerdude

    Bing bang BASH. Unix Strikes Again!

    So apparently the entire Unix/Linux world has fallen victim to a BASH/SH bug that allows an attacker to run any command they want on networked BASH-based consoles: http://www.engadget.com/2014/09/24/bash-shell-security-flaw/ Lock up yo' chillens' and hide yo' mama, cause there's no telling how many devices/Unix variants are vulnerable. Especially your webcam.
  5. thecomputerdude

    Random Thoughts Thread

    In reality it's quarks getting it on. :wub: I didn't say that though.
  6. thecomputerdude

    I'm not dead! But I did do a Watch Dogs review.

    Did you see this when you were making the video? www.dotconnexion.com Does that factor into the game somehow?
  7. thecomputerdude

    I'm not dead! But I did do a Watch Dogs review.

    Well done. You convinced me not to like Watch Dogs by the 22:55 marker.
  8. thecomputerdude

    Epic Rap Battle : Special Forces vs. MARSOC

    MARSOC won that one.
  9. thecomputerdude

    Frozen Synapse on sale

    What ya think? It's too late for your opinion mwahahaha. I got the game and it kicks ass. Some logical inconsistencies but designed for a bit of fun too. Got a riot shield unit? Ok, you can bounce grenades off his shield to explode-dead an enemy around a corner. Or depending on your level of fail, explode-dead your team. Office buildings were clearly not designed with rockets in mind- forget anything you ever heard about cover in the game, cause a rocket will blow right through it. Fortunately with the sequence simulator it is possible to dodge the rocket blast radius.
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    seem to be fine for me. Did you disable Javascript in your browser recently?
  11. thecomputerdude

    What's Your Rig?

    CPUIntel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 corespeed: 3200Mhz MHz RAMCorsair TWINX 8192MB PC12800 DDR3 1600MHz speed: 1600Mhz Optical Drive Blu-Ray Super Multi RW Monitor Dell 23" LED Case Thermaltake Kandalf Blk F-Tower Case w/Liquid Cool case_temperature: 75*F Fahrenheit Audio Logitech G930 Motherboard XFX nForce 790i Ultra SLI revision: P07 Hard Drive 240GB Intel Cherryville count: 2 capacity: 120 GBytes Cooling Kandalf LCS Keyboard Logitech G510 Mouse R.A.T. 9 Graphics nVidia GTX 780Ti manufacturer: nvidia coreclock: 675Mhz MHz memoryclock: 1800Mhz MHz Optical Drive DVD+/-RW 8x, DVD +/- RAM RW OS Windows 7 Power Ultra X3 1600w Mouse Pad Corsair
  12. thecomputerdude

    Largest-Yet EVE Battle Destroys $200,000 Worth of Starships

    So basically you have 2200 people, that makes expenditures roughly $100 each. Come back when you have a million dollar battle!
  13. thecomputerdude

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Oh, I use the New Post ticker as my main page.
  14. thecomputerdude

    Random Thoughts Thread

    For some reason this thread keeps coming back as unread, so Imma post in it and hope my main page maintains uniformity again.
  15. thecomputerdude

    Turtle Beach

    It's a great system, don't get me wrong, but their quality control has simply SUCKED. There's nothing like opening a brand-new warranty replacement and finding out that there's no way it could have passed a real QC inspection. (I'm pretty sure there was manufacturing debris lodged behind the right speaker, limiting movement and thereby sound)
  16. thecomputerdude

    Turtle Beach

    Well, the warranty on my XP7's expired last week. 4 headsets in a one year period, many defects related to poor quality control on the headphones themselves. Turtle Beach makes a great ACU (audio control unit) and have decent tech support (I've spent $100 shipping back broken headsets now). So my latest Sierra/XP7 headset bites the dust, quietly and with no fanfare during a movie: Fortunately since the design of the system is so good, I can ditch the sub-par headsets and find me something quality to plug into the ACU. :)
  17. thecomputerdude

    Turtle Beach

    I think it's all in my head. Those high-frequency electronic discharges and all seem to be melting things. So far all my headsets have lead an easy life, head>desk>head>desk>head...etc. This last headset just quietly folded over on my head, both sides still work but it's resting on the plastic block instead of the cushion. Now I get to peruse the Crutchfield magazine for whatever headset looks best...most of what I'm liking is in the deep $$$ range though.
  18. thecomputerdude

    Cookie Clicker.

    You can get a bloated cookies shadow acheivement too. I won't tell you how to get that one though :P Oh, and donate a dollar to the guy if you have spare change.
  19. thecomputerdude

    Cookie Clicker.

    X Statistics General Cookies in bank : 155,445,191 Cookies baked (all time) : 1,172,668,905 Game started : 3 hours ago Buildings owned : 288 Cookies per second : 467,957.8 (multiplier : 129%) Cookies per click : 9,479.9 Cookie clicks : 7,243 Hand-made cookies : 4,600,537 Golden cookie clicks : 2 I'm winning! But then I wanted to finish the game... Since I went to the "Dark Side":
  20. thecomputerdude

    MEPIS Linux: it just works

    Lol, they're on version 7.2 now. The boot sequence isn't much different though.
  21. thecomputerdude

    MEPIS Linux: it just works

  22. thecomputerdude

    The Future Of These Forums - Please Read

    I'm partial to .us extensions. All the rest make me think of Chinese websites.