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  1. Taggart

    Windows 10 is coming out, what do ya techies think?

    I follow the Star Trek movie paradigm when it comes to Windows versions.
  2. Taggart

    How Do you guys feel about Google Fiber.

    The fact that they offer a free plan and are not opting into the current cable company oligarchy is bound to make other companies adapt or die. Yay Darwinism!
  3. Taggart

    Everyone in SOO please read and /sign

    My life is getting stressful enough with having to move out, running out of money, and constantly being berated by roommates who haven't been through a third of the crap I have. Also, I know everyone else has problems in some form or another and are looking to socialize with people who are more worldly or who share the same feelings and experiences, just don't create interpersonal divides in our community with hyperbole and overreaction. /signed
  4. Taggart


    I got my name reserved as "Taggart". Suck it, anyone-actually-named-Taggart-trying-to-play-the-game.
  5. Taggart

    General Warts

    What a douche...