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  1. pippinn

    How I feel as a DM when herding players

    thats awesome!
  2. pippinn

    Hey did the soogaming website go down?

    still down as of 5/7/13 2000 hours.
  3. pippinn

    Blueberry's Gamespace. Rad.

    lol it was tea xD and the rig is on the floor. which is dirty xD so why would i take a pic of that? the set up is fine. the thread is for "gamespace"
  4. pippinn

    Blueberry's Gamespace. Rad.

    ebony i love the head set.
  5. pippinn

    Blueberry's Gamespace. Rad.

    lol ">
  6. pippinn


    whats your name? i can invite you to the clan?
  7. pippinn

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    here take this (old guy hands you a pistol.) Its dangerous to go alone.
  8. pippinn

    My New Schedule

    Hey guys I just wanted to let you guys know what my schedule will be as my first year of college starts up. mon - wed last class ends at 1700 should be on around 1900 or so. tues - thur last classes ends at 1900 should be on around 2100 Fri. i only have PT for my ROTC class can potentially be on all day sat - sun totally free unless i get a job.
  9. pippinn


    Hey guys, just like to say I'm Sorry for being absent for so long now, had a lot of things come up that had to be dealt with. you all should be seeing a lot more of me now. Can't wait to get back into to it. Sincerely Pippin xD
  10. pippinn


    so i we are almost to start expanding into other games, do we have any plans for games like LoL/DOTA2 or Star Craft? because in all honesty, thats where the money is at if we are going to try and push the pro scene.
  11. pippinn

    Dota 2 team?

    i think dota would be an awesome game to "migrate" to once we get our footing in planetside. its very competitive and has a nice steep learning curve to it xD
  12. pippinn


    Im so happy i got Pippin reserved! yes with only 1 (N) not 2!! xD