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  1. Cinematictx

    moving to Arizona in a few months

    What made you leave ?
  2. Cinematictx

    moving to Arizona in a few months

    Who all lives out there ? I gotta look at apartments and work any suggestions ? Near scottsdale
  3. Cinematictx

    World Record 1000yd Shot - With a 9mm

    I competed against him last year , I didn't win
  4. Cinematictx

    arma 3 wasteland

    I do indeed no atm and on stratis so there's no stacked people with 134000 million and there's allot of action.
  5. Cinematictx

    arma 3 wasteland

    Am I the only nerd that enjoys this mod ? I've been running with one of my buddies and we destroy everyone and have a great time. What don't you guys like about it ?
  6. Cinematictx

    arma 3 king of the hill fps issues

    Anyone else have problems ? When I play waste land I run ultra and get around 50 fps . On king of the hill its generally in the low 20s no matter what quality I choose . I'm guessing its server side