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  1. Human hair wigs have become very popular in recent years as a fashion accessory, allowing you to change the hair length, hair color, and hairstyle on your head every day in just minutes. Precisely because of this, the number of models has increased exponentially, from different length wigs, human or synthetic wigs to half wigs. So, it is understandable why it is sometimes difficult to distinguish which hair wigs are of good quality and which you could regret if you buy them. When choosing it is important to take into account the complexity of maintenance and storage (longer natural wigs require more care and better storage). Furthermore, it is also important what material they are made of and how they are made (artificial hair is easier to care for, but it can very easily look artificial). One thing is for sure, human hair wigs are a better choice for various reasons, such as the natural look they give you. However, every item we wear on our skin is exposed to the effects of sweat and other bodily fluids coming out on the surface of the skin. Just like our hair, a hair wig is exposed to external influences: dust, cigarette smoke, kitchen odors, dirt in the air, and the like. The biggest advantage is that it does not require frequent washing like natural hair, because It made by real human hair bundles. Whether you use a wig daily, and of course, depending on the occasion you use it for, the frequency of washing will be influenced. But this also depends on the type of wig you have. Visit wigginshair.com for various types of human hair wigs available. Here are some useful tips on how to prevent your human hair wig from tangling. 1.Learn how to wash it properly Whether it is a wig made of natural or synthetic hair, some steps need to be followed for its appearance and quality to remain unchanged. The whole process is short and essentially similar to washing your hair. Put the wig in a deeper bowl, in which you previously poured lukewarm water and a little shampoo. After about ten minutes, wash the wig thoroughly with gentle movements, then rinse it with lukewarm water. Then pour hair conditioner into a clean water container, place a wig in it and leave it in water for ten minutes. Then take it out and rinse with clean water. We recommend that you use shampoo and conditioner that are specifically designed to maintain the wig. The delicate structure of these products will not damage the hair of the wig, and it will successfully remove sweat and other impurities from it. Your wig supplier surely offers various cosmetic products adapted only for wigs made of natural human hair. 2.Properly dry the wig Just like natural hair, human hair wigs are sensitive to different hair appliances we use for styling, such as the hair-drier plus drying them as your-own hair can only result in more tangling. To last a long time, the wigs must be carefully dried after washing. It must not be exposed to direct heat sources, such as hair dryers we already mentioned or radiators, but must be dried naturally, in an airy place. This is why it’s important to have a wig stand to prevent further tanging while drying. You can purchase one in every wig or hair products shop. It will also contribute to your natural wig retaining its shape. 3.Comb it carefully The hair wig should be combed only when it is completely dry. Otherwise, it will damage the hair or deform the shape of the wig. With adequate, previously used preparations (shampoo, balm, conditioner, spray), combing will take you only a few minutes. It is best to use purpose-made brushes and combs for combing. They will effectively style the hairstyle without unnecessarily breaking the hair. One of the most common questions asked by buyers of hair wigs and half wigs human hair is whether special combs are necessary for their maintenance. The fact is that you can use any comb or brush to comb the wig. The problem is that inadequate accessories can permanently damage the hair. For the curly hair wigs, you can use the wide-tooth combs, combing the hair from the ends to the roots. That is why we recommend the use of special, purpose-made combs. Rounded teeth of different lengths will comb the wig without pulling and plucking the hair. For human hair wigs, it is better to use a brush that has teeth with a rubber tip. They are designed to gently separate the strands, without affecting the base of the wig. Again, once you have combed it, place it on the stand and somewhere where the wind will not affect it and cause tangling again. 4.Choose wisely when to wash it As we already mentioned at the beginning of this guide, the frequency of washing depends on the individual habits and needs of those who wear a wig. If you wear a hair wig every day, for most of the day, it is advisable to wash it at least once a week. This also applies to people who sweat a lot, especially in the summer days. People who wear a wig sporadically, in a shorter time interval, can wash it a little less often. If you follow the advice on the care of human hair wigs you will prolong their lifespan. This will also ensure that the hair color, shine, and shape remain unchanged. 5.Choose the right detangling products A large number of products are specially designed for the care and maintenance of wigs. Carefully selected ingredients of human hair wig products will make it gentle, soft, and silky. Repair conditioners will specifically protect the ends from splits and tangling, while the shampoo and conditioner will facilitate regular maintenance. The styling cream will allow you to further shape your wig without unnecessary greasing and sticking of hair. An antistatic spray that dries quickly and does not stick to the hair, will help you feel safe and satisfied. For the intensive regeneration of your wig, we recommend that you use a regenerating mask. With its rich, creamy structure, it will provide additional hair care, as well as its long-lasting hydration, which results in de-tangling. Hair wig maintenance becomes very simple and routine when you learn some of the most important information about proper wig care and hygiene. Let us use the right way to protect your lovely wigs.
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    How To Take Care Of HD Lace Wigs Properly

    Until recently, human hair wigs were not so popular because they were always associated with the disease. Hair is a symbol of a woman's beauty, so its loss can lead to a loss of femininity and self-confidence. Hair wigs can help with that a lot, but the difference between natural hair and them was still visible. Fortunately, natural hair wigs are usual today, so it is almost impossible to notice the difference. Many women today also wear them for aesthetic reasons, to have longer or more lush hair. If you want to find a perfect model, check julia's hair. There are many different hairstyles, HD lace wigs as one of fabulos, invisible hair wigs, People like to wear it. If you want to buy a HD lace wig, firstly, you have to learn how to maintain HD lace wigs properly to make them last longer. Here are some tips: 1. Store it properly During the night, you should put your wig on a mannequin head to avoid tangling and cracking of the hair. Braids and tails may look like a great solution to prevent that, but the truth is that the best solution is to take it off and put it into the intended place. This way, your hair will be ready for use in the morning, without additional stress and combing, which will save you a lot of time. 2. Clear the wig before washing Washing with shampoo and cold water can't remove the glue traces from the lace. It is crucial to remove them properly before washing the human hair Adhesive can damage the wig if you don't clean it correctly after taking it off and also can cause that the new lace can't stick well. Always clean every remains to make sure that the hair is clean before the next use. Parts of the glue can get tangled in the hair, and it may be impossible to clean them. 3. Use gentle cleansers Using hard cleansers or shampoos with many oils can do more harm than good. Since the hair on the wig doesn't have a regular source of moisture, you need to moisturize it properly. The best thing to use is shampoos and conditioner without sulfates since they can clean it in the best way without damaging 4. Don't wash it every day Many girls need to wash their hair every day to look fresh and stylish, but the good thing with wigs is that it is not necessary. It is optimal to wash it twice a month in case you are wearing it all the time. If you only wear it occasionally, then it is recommended to wash it once a month. Washing it more often can cause damage, and it will not last long. Don't worry it won't look dirty and messy. 5. Wash it in cold water The best way to wash it is to close your sink and fill it with cold water. When it is soaked enough, take it out and put shampoo. Use a wide-tooth comb to make sure that the shampoo is all over it. Take it back into the water by holding it by the center and do it several times. All hair must be going in the same direction to avoid splitting. Washing the inside should be gentle and delicate since you can tear it easily. After proper washing, leave it in the water for ten minutes and rinse it well in cold water. 6. Don't forget conditioner Conditioning is a crucial part of wig care. If you want your hair to retain its softness and shine, it is not enough only to wash it well. After each wash, it is necessary to apply conditioner, comb it again with a wide-tooth comb and leave it to stand for a few minutes. Rinse it again in cold water and let it dry naturally. 7. Avoid high temperatures The best way to prolong her life is to avoid the heat. That would mean that after washing, it is best to let the wig dry naturally. The heat can cause damage, and there is no conditioner or cream to fix it. Try to style it without using a hairdryer or hair straightener because that is the only way it can last you a long time. 8. Combing is crucial There is a special wide-tooth comb, and it is best to use it to make sure that you won't damage the wig. It is crucial to comb it regularly to avoid making knots and to make it much softer. Combing should be extremely gentle, and you should always start from the bottom parts and move to the upper. Always comb it properly without putting it away. 9. Don't wear the wig on the swimming pool The chlorine and many other chemicals from the swimming pool can cause damage even to natural hair, so it is best to avoid wearing the wig while swimming. The water from the pool can make the hair dry but also create knots that combing won't untangle. If you are wearing the wig every day, try to store it in the locker and use the swimming cap instead. That will help you to have a perfect hairstyle after swimming. 10. Avoid dying the wig Every girl enjoys coloring her hair and trying different shades, but coloring a wig is not a good idea. Regardless of being made from natural hair, that hair cannot recover the same as yours. Hair dye can easily damage and destroy it, and the conditioner will not be useful in that situation. That is why it is best to buy more wigs in different colors and change them whenever you want. Making the wigs is real art today, and each of them is a masterpiece. Wearing them is normal, and many celebrities are using them to change their haircut whenever they want. The good thing with wigs is that you can try short hair and make it long without waiting. Experiment and express yourself in that way. The time when wearing a wig meant shame is gone. Today people use them for fun, not only to cover some diseases.
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    Wiggins hair - What Is 5x5 HD Lace Wigs?

    To wear a wig is now very most common fashion to look attractive and charming in any event. And also, wigs are very comfortable to wear, soft, thin, and easy to manage. There are many types of human hair wigs available in the market. For thinning hair problems or for hair loss problems many peoples turning their minds towards using human hair wigs. Amongst them they prefer to look natural and real. So here we are presenting the new advanced technology in wigs to look beautiful and natural with your wigs. Yes, it is the HD lace wigs. And one of the most popular wigs referred to as 5x5 HD lace wigs. Don’t worry about its use, care, maintenance, properties and all information. You will get all the answers in our journey. So, let’s get started. What Is HD Lace Wigs? HD lace wigs are becoming a new trend in the fashion world. HD lace wigs are the fashionable hair accessories in the market and that fits very perfectly to all types of skin complexions. These types brings more confidence to you and offer fantastic effect as these are the transparent and undetectable lace closures. These are made up of with undetectable caps lace caps and 100 % virgin hairs or human hairs. This lace material is referred as royal lace material and called as Swiss lace. When this material is placed on the scalp it got invisible and hence matches to every skin tone and complexion. HD lace is new lace material and which is superior to the normal lace material. This HD lace is translucent in look and hence without any efforts it melts to the skin and becomes invisible so hairline looks natural and real. These HD lace wigs are commonly used among celebrities and stars. It gives the perfect and charming look to every occasion and parties or in carpets and many ceremonies. HD lace wigs have a clear pre-plucked hairline which offers a natural look when you worn. The HD lace is very translucent and makes suitable for every skin complexion and looks simply natural and undetected. The HD lace wigs include a V-shaped or widow's peak pint in the hairline which settles in middle of the forehead which creates the impressive hairline illusion. And seriously peoples cant even recognize or difficult to identify if you are wearing wigs. Everyone want to look perfect and to be confident, these wigs boost the confidence especially in those peoples who lost their hairs and want to explore new hairstyle. HD wig lace has high styling versatility, you can style in different ways. HD lace wigs do not contain any plastic materials, these are very soft to install the wigs. HD lace wigs and light and comfortable as compared to the other wigs and are breathable means these can wear in hot weather. For sure these can build confidence in you and make to feel more confident in public. 5x5 HD Lace Wigs 5x5 HD stands for 5x5 high definition lace wigs and it signifies the size and its closure us attached to the wig cap. This full wig is worn on the middle front top of the head because the closure sews with the human hair which gives the effect of a natural hairline. 5x5 defines its size of 5 inches of length as well as breadth. Why Choose Only 5x5 HD Lace Wigs? Convenient To Use As we know, hairstyle making is a difficult task for all the working women and also feels boring task to all women. And it takes to much time. But for this type of wigs, you can just ask for your saloon for onsite service to do a stylish hairstyle. So, isn’t it amazing? You won’t need any appointments and long waiting for hours. The best advantage for this type of wigs, if you want to go to a party in the morning, you can get styling at night with 5x5 HD lace wigs. you need not wait for morning to do the same. It will look like natural even though it is done at previous day. Protecting The Edge Of Your Hairline This type of wigs very light, thin and transparent and breathable hence it can protect the edge of hairline from the damage and it provides the protection from damage. This lace act as the barrier between natural hair and wig and can prevent the wig-wearing and tearing on your head and scalp. One good thing for this wig is, it do not need to pull or press the hair and only needs a special type of glue to stick at the front of the line and then it combines to front hair to look natural. Time-Saving 5x5 HD lace wigs are very handy to do styling so it saves time. Many peoples like to look attractive and are very possessive with their hairstyles so waste their time saloon. But this type of wig is very easy to use and not time-wasting. Natural-Looking This type of best wigs composed of high definition lace material which reveals the color of the scalp, so frontline of the lace wig perfectly looks natural and real. You can just imagine, this is an awesome kind of wigs and no one can detect that is wigs. It would be a fabulous thing for all of you to look amazing. Restyling Is Easy Many peoples fed up with their routine hairstyle and same hairstyle for long time feels aesthetic anxiety, hence they frequently change their hairstyle as per dressing style and it becomes time-consuming. 5x5 HD lace wigs have high versatility to restyle the hairs. Many different kinds of hairstyles like ponytails, two ponytails, center, partial, two ball heads, and so on. Many different kinds of mature and cute hairstyles can be performed is the great thing for all of you. Saves Money Before buying any product our first criteria are our budget. We always check and find items at reasonable rate. 5x5 HD lace wigs are not so expensive as full lace wigs. And additionally, it would not require to go to saloon for styling to expenses more dollars. 5x5 HD lace wigs just make it very simple, just need to tide the hair of forehead in natural and seriously it will look beautiful and natural with comfortable human hair extension immediately. How To Put Lace Wigs For Beginners? 1. Start your hair prepared and flattened under a wig cap You have to flatten your hair as much as possible to fit the wig cap properly and feel like a natural look. You can wear your hair in flat twist or braid it. A nude cap which closes to your skin tone can be helpful for parting the wig look more natural. 2. Apply powder which matches to your skin tone or complexion Powder is helpful for the tweak the cap and it looks like the scalp. If wigs cap is not matching with your skin tone then choose a powder that goes on evenly and does not oxidize. 3. Place the wig on your head, starting in the front It is very easy way to put the wigs, especially when your hair is braided, molded and twisted. Then determine which kind of part you want to adjust to looking beautiful, so adjust it by yourself with tail comb or hairdryer and fix it. 4. Secure your lace wig You can consider laying the hairline by using heavy-duty glue and hair spray which is easier work with and much forgiving and removes easily 5. It's done to look like a queen!! And it just like HD lace wig is finally installed and looks like queen. Oh my god!! You look fabulous and even not detectable that you have wear a wig. You will look perfectly charming and natural. How To Care 5x5 HD Lace Wigs? You should have to make sure to remove all glue residues before you begin to wash the HD lace wigs For comb or to brush hairs, you should have to use a wide-tooth comb for curly hair. And should very gently brush the hairs from the bottom to minimize the shedding For washing of HD lace wigs, water should be lukewarm or cold. You should be habitual to apply the hair conditioner and should not add the conditioner at root of the wig. Leave it for 3-4 minutes and continue rinsing with water After rinsing the wig with water, pat dry it with the help of clean towel. Put the wig on a stand or mannequin head and let the hair air dry. We assure you almost gained more knowledge about 5x5 HD lace wigs and its application and how to take care of it. For purchasing of the items and to know more about the items like specifications, materials, please make a tour on our famous website wiggins. For sure you will not get disappointed and defiantly will feel confident and will suggest to your friends.
  4. Highlighting hairs is one of the finest experiences a hairstyle lover must perform. As a change of complete color of wigs, every time is a quite tedious task; therefore most of the youngsters and celebs prefer to add few highlighted shades to original hair color. This will instantly transform your look. If one goes for the option of salon hair coloring then it might affect your pocket. This is the major reason why people prefer to color their hair at home. Yet most people found it a bit time consuming and also challenging when you do it for the first time. Here we present you with few handy tips to provide you ease to perform your colored wigs with highlights. 1. Confirm whether you are ready for DIY highlights at home? A readymade home uses a DIY coloring kit had made it quite easy to highlight your shades. But if you want to go for some highlighting like balayage then you must be sought professional help as these will require a special type of expertise. Whether you highlight you colored with at home or at salon one thing should make sure to keep a gap of at least 14 days between two successive highlightings. 2. Choose your highlighting color wisely: Irrespective of place you choose to color your hair you have to devote some time to choose your highlight color wisely. You can experiment with different shades of colors on your hair wigs. Starting from everyone’s most favorite brilliant blonde shade many more are there to add to your list as shades of brown, red for your new hue. If you want to go more out of the box with your highlights, you can even opt for pastel lavender or a pretty rose gold hue. Plus you also have to decide on whether you want to go for full or half head highlights. The highlights can be thinner or chunkier as per your wish and suitability to your face. 3. Highlight your hair wig: After choosing the suitable shade for your hair wig do apply them on hair strands. The guidelines for applying highlights keep on differing depending on the product kit purchased. It comes with the instructions for how to apply highlights on your wigs hair. TAKE CARE OF YOUR HIGHLIGHTED WIGS: After highlighting the hair wig you need to amend your hair care routine so preserve your high end. Because the color-treated hairs need a little more care than normal hairs. Highlights can change your look quickly. Luminous and natural-looking hair can be done with a simple and simple blonde or brown highlighting package. You can opt to change your look with many gorgeous and trendy hairstyles with highlights. Highlights your hairs will enhance the color of your hair, pull out cheekbones, and even slender faces. They illustrate the lines of your hair cut; build dimension and the sense of fullness. Just go through these simple steps to highlighting your hairs. ❤ Perform the style of your hair as usual. ❤ Use a bleach kit if required and keep your hairbrushes handy. ❤ Apply dye from the middle of the strand to the bottom. ❤ Be careful while applying highlight color. We guess you have already aroused interest in highlighting our hairs now. But tons of questions are tackling your mind right now. You may want to know a lot of things, such as how to highlight your hair at home? Does it take so long to illuminate the hair? How much can hair be highlighted? How much does it cost to have your hair highlighted? So, just have a look at the FAQ about highlighting your wig hair at home. HOW FREQUENTLY TIMES CAN I COLOR MY HAIR WIGS? There's no set solution. They'd do that every 7-8 weeks with someone. You should even highlight your hair every 10-12 weeks. If you have the time and resources, you can do it more Unless your hair grows very fast, it seems to overkill monthly, particularly because blonde highlights normally hurt your hair. If the growth is not significant, you should do so every 3-4 months, because the highlights are very natural and not that radically different from your natural color. You'd do that every 6-8 weeks if you had darker hair. HOW MUCH TIME I MIGHT NEED TO HIGHLIGHT MY HAIR EXTENSIONS? Although it depends on the length of your hair, it depends on how much you get colored and how long your hair is. If you expect to have a 1/2 head and they generally advise you to give an hour when you book appointments, a full head takes longer. It also relies on how dark your natural color is and how bright the highlights you like. The darker the hair and the lighter the highlights, the longer the procedure will take. It would depend on how much focus you receive, how busy the salon is the person who does it. It would take me nearly three hours. Give them a call at the salon and ask them to know better. HOW MUCH MONEY I HAVE TO INVEST IN HIGHLIGHTING MY HAIR WIGS? When you apply multiple shades of color to your hair, prepare to pay rates ranging from $60 to more than $300. It also offers the impression of more volume, but for it, you would have to pay more. Based on many variables, the cost of highlighting hair differs dramatically. About our place Because of the rivalry, locations that have a saturated number of salons appear to charge lower. In the other side, luxury towns might house well-known salons that charge comparatively higher prices. In the Salon In order to emphasize hair, most salons will charge you the national average rate. The success of the salon and the expertise of its stylists can influence the price, however. The Form of Highlight Two basic types of highlights are available, respectively partial and absolute. The former clearly costs less than the latter. Other models are available, such as the "ombre" that gives a gradient effect to your hair color. Color of hair If you are a blonde, you'd definitely spend extra. The designer says that it costs $20 more to dye natural blondes than to add highlights to brown hair. Length of hair If you have longer hair, you will also actually pay extra for the highlights, as your stylist would have to apply additional coloring to finish the look. Hair straightening will start to feel dry and brittle, so it is important to use the right tools at home. Still add vegetable oil to your hair. Using a low-detergent shampoo is also a good option. Just when you use your skin every day with a moisturizer, you shouldn't forget your scalp. Try stopping items for styling. Stop having your hair wig cleaned too much. Do not only use a comb or a hairbrush to unwrap your hair. Don't do the highlights very much. 5 Useful Tips Take out Time to do touch-ups. A big advantage to making your own highlights is that any time your roots start to appear, you don't have to run to the salon. Even so out of nowhere, noticeable roots can appear to surprise you. Pick up a second box of your own at-home highlighting set, instead of waiting for the last possible minute (we're all guilty of this sometimes!), and keep it on hand. That way, without a ride to the shop, you can solve your root cause. Stay away from heat: Although we're suckers for voluminous waves and super smooth, straight locks, giving the hair a break from heated styling is often well-advised. Instead of searching for your hot instruments every day from time to time, grab a heat-free hair styling tool. Choose from one of the following choices and style it out! Hold brass at bay There can come a point where the highlights have an orange hue. Once a week when you find that your strands are becoming brassy. The pair together neutralizes undesirable shades of orange and black. Purchasing a premium dye for hair Top hairstylists recommend that quality hair color should only be used to illuminate hair. Before buying, check that it is a professional hair care line product and that the pack is not tampered with. You should buy the product after running these tests to highlight your hair at home. Pick a highlight that is at least 2 shades lighter than your skin tone. It will highlight your hair and contrast with your skin tone as well. Do a strand search. A strand test helps you determine the exact processing time needed before starting the whole process to achieve the degree of lightness you want on a piece of your hair," Next a small quantity of highlights will be added to a small part of the hair. Wipe your hair clean after ten minutes and see if your perfect amount of lightness has been met. See, how easy it is to highlight your hair wigs at home that too likes a pro. With these simple steps highlighting will be no issues for a beginner also as all the dilemmas in your mind hopefully get cleared. So, go ahead and present yourself with a new look that too without much effort. For any help you can always find our experts online at our website.
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    There are many quality lace front wigs human hair sale online. They are the leading products on the hair wigs market in recent years. And often chosen by customers as their very cost-effective characteristics and convenient installation. For some beginners, they are some questions they are concerned with.Like what is lace front wigs? Can we wear lace front wigs everyday? Now we will share with you the answers here: WHAT ARE LACE FRONT WIGS? HOW LONG DO LACE FRONT WIGS LAST? CAN YOU WEAR LACE FRONT WIGS EVERY DAY? TIPS FOR WEARING LACE FRONT WIGS EVERY DAY WHAT ARE LACE FRONT WIGS? As we know, the wigs are made of wig cap and hair. Lace front wigs are one of the wigs that are made of lace closure, wig net, and hair. The "lace" refers to a fine, sheer mesh that hairs are individually tied to. A wig labeled as "lace front"means that a piece of sheer lace mesh is located at the front of the wig cap. Hair is individually hand-tied onto the lace front piece to create a more natural appearance. Lace front wigs can be styled away from the face because the hairline is nearly invisible and the scalp can be seen through the mesh. You can also pull the hair of the wig back or tuck it behind your ears without the wig cap being seen. This gives you versatility and a very realistic look. A lace front wig cap can also contain other types of construction elements such as a monofilament top, a hand-tied cap, a capless style, or be a classic machine-made cap. Because lace front wigs will give you such a natural-looking hair line, many wig wearers desire a cap that combines a lace front with a monofilament or hand-tied cap to get the most realistic look with the most versatility, as these types of caps also allow for the hair to be parted in multiple directions. HOW LONG DO LACE FRONT WIGS LAST? For this question, there are different answers according to different lace front wigs. If they are virgin or Remy lace front wigs human hair real lace front wigs, that means if they are made of real virgin human hair and good quality lace base, they can be used for 6-12 months if they are taken good care of. But if they are not made of real human hair, the lifespan may be shorter than real lace front wigs. So, if you are want to save more money, you can consider lace front remy wigs, like Brazilian human hair lace front wigs on the market. As now Brazilian human hair can be called the best hair texture and very close to our natural hair, can blend well with our natural hair. However, someone will say: we do not want to spend time installing and uninstalling a wig every day? Can we wear lace front wigs every day? I think this is a common problem for new and regular users. Let's keep reading below: CAN YOU WEAR LACE FRONT WIGS EVERY DAY? The answer is yes. It is okay to wear quality lace front wigs every day as long as you take good care of it by washing the hair underneath and washing the wig. That will help to avoid dirt from building up. It is very common to wear lace front wigs every day these days. Many women wear wigs daily. That could be one of the reasons why the wig and hair industry is continuing to see tremendous growth. With so many types of wigs to choose from, you can easily find a suitable one from the online wig store for yourself. If you want to wear human hair lace front wigs every day, for example, silk base lace front wig, there are some tips you must pay attention to. You need to remember to be especially gentle and exercise special care when handling the lace attachment because it's fragile. TIPS FOR WEARING LACE FRONT WIGS EVERY DAY BUY THE SUITABLE LACE FRONT WIG The right wig is the first and most important thing if you are planning to wear your lace wig every day. You should measure your head size first and tell the supplier to find a proper size for you. If you are new users, please check this post to learn how to measure head for a wig? PUT ON A WIG CAP The wig cap can help to keep you frontal lace wig securely and comfortable the whole day. So we advise you to wear a cap liner underneath whenever you want to wear your frontal lace wig every day. CLEAN YOUR LACE FRONT WIG REGULARLY You must keep your wig clean to give it a refreshing look. You will also feel comfortable and look elegant with a clean wig. How frequent you need to wash your wig depends on various factors. According to wig experts, you should wash your wig after every 9-10 years. You should also use hair care products that are ideal for the type of wig you have. If your wig is human hair or synthetic, you need to understand how you can wash it properly. Again, don't use harsh products when washing your wig. DON'T SLEEP IN YOUR LACE FRONT WIG Sleeping in their wigs is one of the most common mistakes women make when it comes to wig wearing. When you sleep in your wig, there is friction caused between the wig's hair and the pillow. This can cause tangles, knots, and dryness. In the end, this will make you spend more effort and time caring for the wig and even styling it. These damages caused by sleeping in your wig can affect the wig's longevity. SWITCH UP YOUR LACE FRONT WIGS It's good to have at least two pieces of wigs at all time to switch up. This will make either of them to experience less wearing and damages, hence improving their lifespan. It also reduces the washing frequency, which can extend their longevity, as well. Having more than one wig also allows you to effortlessly try different styles on different days, depending on your mood. STORE YOUR LACE FRONT WIGS CORRECTLY Store it with the proper method is very important to increase the service life of the wigs. You need to find the right place to store it. A mannequin head or wig stand is the perfect option to safely store your wig. These storage options help in preventing the lace wigs from getting tangled. Also, remember to keep your wigs out of reach of your children or even pets. CONCLUSION All of these are for the question: Can you wear the lace front wigs every day? If you have any questions and advice, welcome to leave them below or contact us directly. We are right here waiting for you.
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    People sometimes confuse closures with wigs, but they are not. Closures are more of an attachment used to close a weave in the wig, mainly for people who want a natural look. There are two types of closures for wigs: lace closures and lace frontal closures. They are produced explicitly for wearers looking for a natural style with hair looking like they grow from their scalps. HOW TO MAKE A WIG WITH LACE CLOSURE? Although lace closure wigs are available on the market, many people try to make their own to make it more personal and cheaper, but you do not know how to make a wig with closure, and that can be taxing. Here is a guide in making a wig with lace closure: Measure your head, and around the outline of your head, put the measuring tape and write down your measurements. Use this estimation to buy the perfect-sized wig cap for you. Bleach the parts of your wig that look unnatural to have a more genuine feel. a. Follow the instructions on the box of the bleaching kit and mix your bleach. b. b. Flip the frontal with the lace side up, brush some bleach on the lace, leave it on for 30 minutes, and then rinse it off. Using the measurements you wrote down, place the front part at the tip of the Styrofoam head, then mark the center and top part of your ears with a pencil and fasten it in position. With a loop and pull sewing technique, sew the corner of the lace closure wig cap. Assure that there is no gap in the stitches, and if any bending happens, reposition the wig cap a bit and fix it before continuing. Secure the wefts at the rear, and before placing the back part, choose whether you want to attach your extensions as a whole or in small-sized portions. To make sure the thread does not unravel, tie a knot at the end of every string. Sew the first hitch in the weft and within the wig edge to create a hook to fasten it to the cap. To secure the wefts, make sure to sew them collectively, guaranteeing no spacing is separating them. At the back of the wig, add a spandex cap to attach it to your head easily. You can also use straps that can be fastened to both sides. Finally, try on your new closure wig. CLOSURE WIG VS. FRONTAL WIG: HOW DO THEY DIFFER? Lace frontals have been more prevalent on the market recently. Although they are both useful in creating exquisite sew-in installations, they both dismiss the need for blending, and they both either are of Swiss or French lace material; frontals have always been a crowd favorite. If you're looking to invest in a great wig and have not decided whether to go for a lace frontal closure wig or lace closure wig, we have put together everything you may need to know about them. WHAT IS A LACE CLOSURE WIG? Typically, it comes in 4 x 4 inches in size, and it is relatively comparable to frontals but has limitations in styling. It is not similar to a scalp-like material that goes from temple to temple. It is way more complicated than that. There are many different styles to choose from – three-part, free part, and middle part; however, the free part closure is the most preferable. Three-part closures allow you to segment your hair in three different ways, while a middle part closure leaves you with only one style choice. While the two options, as mentioned earlier, give your reservations in styling, on the other hand, the free part closure is the most preferred choice because it gives you the freedom to part your hair in any way you want. WHAT IS A LACE FRONTAL WIG? A frontal closure wig is highly sought after on the market. Frontals come in either stitched or adhered installations and assist you in having a more natural style. They are commonly sized to the back by 4 inches and 13 inches, covering your hairline across from temple to temple. Its versatility lets you try different hairstyles, like ponytails that are comparatively more natural than other styles. Unlike lace closures, you can hold different styles with a lace front closure wig, and you can keep your hair back, which you cannot do with the former. Lace frontal wigs are also really popular with people who have problems with their hair, like alopecia areata, a condition involving hair fall, generally using them to recreate their entire hairline from ear to ear. HOW LONG DOES A CLOSURE WIG LAST? Closure wigs usually last for about two to four weeks without the need for a revamp. It is not desirable to have your closure wig on for more than that as it irritates your skin and may damage your hairline. HOW DO YOU FIX A CLOSURE ON A HUMAN HAIR WIG? Sometimes, unexpected things happen, such as wardrobe malfunctions. If you fear not knowing what to do, here are simple solutions for you to fix your human hair wig in case the need arises. Whether it lifts off your head or it is thinning out way too much, these issues are straightforward to fix: HOW TO FIX A LIFTING CLOSURE? Put some glue under the edge of the wig closure while you are wearing it. After it dries for a few seconds, add another layer of glue. To the front of the closure, apply some pressure. Use some holding spray to secure it in place. Run to your stylist if you all else fails. Brush some eye shadow into the affected part for a quick fix. For a more permanent fix, dye it with temporary hair color. Fill it in with an eyebrow pencil in the same color as the dye or eye shadow. Put some concealer along the affected part to give it a natural look. HOW TO FILL A THINNING CLOSURE? Brush some eye shadow into the affected part for a quick fix. For a more permanent fix, dye it with temporary hair color. Fill it in with an eyebrow pencil in the same color as the dye or eye shadow. Put some concealer along the affected part to give it a natural look. Whether you will be making your wig, buying a new set, or fixing an old one, researching how to take care of your wigs should be a part of all of it.
  7. When shopping for a headband wig, your desire is to get the perfect match for you. This task can be extremely draining, especially if you are looking for a headband wig online. This is because there are many options in the market to choose from. To help you overcome this challenge, we have looked at the best headband wig at wiggins and made a list of the top 6 wigs from wiggins online wig store, in a range of types. Each of them has qualities that make it unique and we hope they’ll be worth your consideration. Now that you know what to look for in headband wigs, it’s time to take a closer look at the features of the headband wig in this article. As you read through, see how the salient qualities of these wigs relate to your needs. This will make it easy for you to pick a natural headband wig that suits you perfectly. What is Headband Wig? Headband wig is a new fashion design this year, it has an elastic ice silk headband(very soft and light) attached to the wig instead of lace, the headband human hair wigs are perfect for women who want no fuss wear, no glue, no gel, and it also allows you to make high ponytail or bun with showing our own natural hairline. You can also wear other colors/patterns to hide the original black headband according to your personal taste. It has adjustable straps in the back and 2 combs sewn inside, so you can wear them without using glue, tape, or other adhesives. KINDLY REMINDER: We recommend a professional hairstylist to make dye your hair or get to a hair salon to dye your hair, virgin hair will easily get dry and tangle after dyeing, so please do not dye or bleach hair too frequently, it will do harm on hairs and also pls do it professionally. Feature of Headband wig 100% virgin human hair wig, can be straightened, curled, and restyled. This headband wig allows you to show your own hairline and edges, looks very natural and realistic. 150% density human hair headband wigs, full enough to make multi styles. This wig can last 1 year with good maintenance. There're 2 different headbands(random pattern) that come with the package, you can make your own style according to your personal choice. Top 6 Best HeadbandWigs at wiggins Here are our picks for the 6 great headband wigs available online, rated based on their material, feel, base, and more. 1.Straight headband wig, No Glue & No Sew In Natural and Unnatural Hues With a Natural Part Soft and True to the Many, Many lengths. This is the most popular wig in wiggins mall. New design headband wig glueless velcro snapping design is easy to secure your wig, allows to show your own natural hairline, you can make a ponytail or bun according to your personal reference, makes your wig more realistic. Virgin none lace front human hair wigs for black women, silky, soft, no tangle, minimum shedding, can be dyed, bleached, curled, straightened, and restyled based on personal tastes as your own hair. 2.Headband Scarf Wig Water Wave Wig, Wear & Go glueless human hair wig. The Most Versatile: You Can Do Half up/Half Down, Bun If you want a charming headband wig, wiggins water wave wig with a headband is the top of the line. Headband wigs human hair, throw and go design, easy snapping installation perfect for beginners, lazy girls, daily working or workout. You can also make a high ponytail & bun and restyle it by yourself. Advantages: This headband wig allows you to show your own hairline and edges, looks very natural and realistic. 3.Comfortable & Breathable Curly hair headband wig A Natural-Looking Color and Hairline to look more natural New glueless headband wig, designed to show your natural hairline, magic tape design makes it easy to wear and you can also make ponytail or bun. It is suitable to wear on any occasions Hair Material: 100% Unprocessed human hair, no shedding, and tangle-free, hair can be straightened curled, and restyled 4.Adjustable headband body wave wig Those Curls Stay Tight and Bouncy Black is the No.1 color that girls choose for headband wigs because it will give the most natural-looking. Non-Lace Front Wigs, Glueless, Beginners & Lazy Girls Friendly Combined with a Special Hand-Made Turban and a New Designed Wig, Which Gives You a Chic Look Instantly. 5.Real Hairline burgundy body wave headband wig, YOUTUBE new fever. For When You Need Volume and More Volume The Elastic Band is Made of High-Quality Fiber with a Perfect Turban, It Can Be Used for Very Long Time and Repeatedly, Also More Fashion Than The Regular Lace Wigs It's a Half Wig Which Can Show Your Natural Hairlines, Also Protect Your Edges Well 6.Body wave headband wig 613 blonde wig, More hairstyles available. Fashion 613 blonde color wig, make you transform yourself in just one minute.it’s So Easy to Style Gorgeous Curly Texture for Daily Use, Parties, Weddings, Vacations. Just Like Your Own Real Hair With Different Kinds of Headbands to Help You Achieve Different Looks & Styles Now that you have to get these headband wigs, get out there and wig out. Summary Headband wigs are becoming increasingly popular and even being worn by some celebrities. Headband wigs can also act as a protection for your normal hair. Headband wigs provide you with lots of hair options to choose from. What are you waiting for? If you want to change your hair look just in one minute, quickly get one headband wig to transform!!! Get the Best Wig at wiggins!
  8. How do you know you’ve found the perfect headband wig? Well, if it successfully changes you into someone else. Headband wig fans can buy the best and most natural-looking headband half wigs online. Thanks to a wide range of wigs for black women, lace wigs, curly wigs, and African American wigs, you can find the best ones to complete your look. When buying the best and realistic human hair headband wigs, make sure you pay attention to the brand and the quality of the product. Choose wave patterns and lengths that accurately suit you. Never compromise when choosing a headband wig because, without the right realistic wigs, you will not be able to pull off an accurate look. How to Choose a Best Headband Wig? Here are the steps to follow to help you make the best wig choice for you. Step 1. What is your head size? Before you consider any wig, you must determine the correct size as not all styles are made in each of the 3 major sizes. Most adults wear an Average size, but if you are among the 5-10% who do not, you may have to look a little harder or consider a custom wig sized just for you. Step 2. What style best fits the shape of your face? The length and style of your wig is the most important factor to complement your face. Wig Help - Face Shape. The next thing to consider is which style of wigs suits the shape of your face. First, you need to determine the shape of your face. Once you have followed the few short steps to determine your face shape, you will be able to narrow your search to styles that will maximize your best features and minimize those which are less flattering. Step 3. What color is best for my skin tone? As most styles offer a range of color choices, this is a good final step. As you zero in on styles you like, you can begin to review the colors available. If you're new to wearing wigs, consider staying close to your natural shade to ease the transition. Step 4. What’s best for me: synthetic or human hair? The first thing to consider is how frequently you want to use the wig. The second thing to consider is how you plan or need to style the wig. Human hair offers the ability to color, curl, or perm the wig, though more expensive. We recommend you choose a human hair headband wig if you have enough budget. Because it is a Cost-Efficient Human Hair Wig, which can give you a natural hair look without damage your own hair. Unsure about Headband wig? Check Reviews of Human Hair Headband Wigs Body wave headband wig I love that these headband wigs are so easy. No lace, no glue, no gel needed over here! Slap your half wig on in minutes! wiggins Hair reached out to me to do a wig review of their red headband wig. It interesting deciding how I wanted to style this beginner-friendly headband wig seeing as my real edges are black. But I think it worked out and looks cute. This hair is wiggins's body wave texture. Straight headband wig Wow, so practical n cute! It is Protective Styles For Wig Beginners. This is a great wig for my Zoom meetings! Lol. I may have to get one of these. Looks super easy to throw on and be presentable. Curly headband wig Short answer: Get one! They're the best for a quick, easy, and cute hairstyle. I'm glad you did this review. I'm falling back from lace front/lace frontal wigs for a while. All that gluing down to melt the lace crap is tiresome. My hairline needs a major break. I think the headband unit is real cute. Buying Natural-Looking Wigs on wiggins Headband wig is a new fashion design this year, it has an elastic ice silk headband(very soft and light) attached to the wig instead of lace, the headband human hair wigs are perfect for women who want no-fuss wear. No glue, no gel, and it also allow you to make a high ponytail or bun by showing your own natural hairline. You can also wear other colors/patterns to hide the original black headband according to your personal taste. It has adjustable straps in the back and 4 combs sewn inside, so you can wear them without using glue, or other adhesives. If you want to get the best headband wig, click here to get more!!! wiggins has a wide range of natural-looking wigs available in an impressive array of colors, styles, sizes, and cap types. Wigs can be found by navigating from wiggins's home page; you can start by clicking on Human Hair Wigs. For those hoping to get a wig with the most natural look when on a tight budget, we do have wig items on Clearance on the website. Get the Best wiggins Headband Wig 2020 Here! Non-lace front wigs, glueless, beginners & lazy girls friendly Combined with a special hand-made turban and a newly designed wig, which gives you a chic look instantly. The elastic band is made of high-quality fiber with a perfect turban, it can be used for a very long time and repeatedly, also more fashionable than the regular lace wigs; It's a half wig which can show your natural hairlines, also protect your edges well gorgeous curly texture for daily use, parties, weddings, vacations.. just like your own real hair; with different kinds of headbands to help you achieve different looks & styles. Conclusion Choosing the right kind of style to match the wearer's face will create the most appealing look. The right style helps to balance the person's face and to ultimately make the hairpiece look less like a wig. More NEW TREND headband wig available: Thank you for taking the time to visit wiggins hair blog. If you have any questions or advice, welcome to reply to us
  9. Black Friday Crazy Sale (Cooperate With Paypal) Up To 39% Off 1 Item, 5% Off 2 Items, 7% Off 199-12 399-26 599-40 999-100 Free Gifts Come With All Orders! Pay On Nov.27th-Nov.29th Over $99, Get Value $20 Gift Pack Over $299, $20 Gift Pack + Free Wig (8 Inches) Over $499, $20 Gift Pack + Free Wig (10 Inches) Over $699, $20 Gift Pack + Free Wig (12 Inches) Black Friday Shocking Price + $35 Get a Bob Wig (12 Inches) + $50 Get a Ponytail (20 Inches) + $70 Get a Headband Wig (16 Inches) Lowest Price In Bonus Buy, You Can Choose Them At The Checkout Or Shopping Cart Page Black Friday, an informal name for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day which has been regarded as the beginning of the United States Christmas shopping season since 1952. It is said that this may be linked together with the idea of Santa Claus parades. Parades celebrating Thanksgiving often include an appearance by Santa at the end of the parade, with the idea that "Santa has arrived" or "Santa is just around the corner" because Christmas is always the next major holiday following Thanksgiving. Even the department stores would use the parades to launch a big advertising push. As time goes by, it just became an unwritten rule that no store would try doing Christmas advertising before the parade was over. Therefore, the day after Thanksgiving became the day when the shopping season officially started. 13*4 Lace frontal wig VS Lace part wig We’ve already introduced the difference of the full lace wigs and the lace frontal wigs before, if you still wanna see it, plz click this link https://www.wigginshair.com/blog/Full-Lace-Wig-VS-Lace-Frontal-Wig-Which-is-Better/ And now cause the C-19, we have been experiencing the shortage of the lace. So lace part wig come ladies!There is not that much difference about these 2 type wigs. 1. Cause both type hair is 13*4, so the versatility Parting is still the same. The point is that the lace part wig can only do the middle part, but which also is the normal one in daily life. 2. The more lace area the more expensive the hair, so a lace part wig is the first choice if you have a money saving plan. Highlight Wig We all want to be the special one no matter what aspect of life, even the hair right? Let’s try a highlight wig, put a final touch on after you dressed up! The #017 color with a special headband! The first amazing point of a headband wig is we can looked different for each day. Secondly, Saving a lot time to ware a wig if you do not have that much more time. Lastly, headband wig is also a money saver, which is more inexpensive than a lace wig. So ladies just choose this wig! #017 Lace frontal wigs! If you are still a loyal lace lover, then a 13*4 lace frontal wig will cause no issue. If you also want show some highlight point, then a #017 color lace frontal wigs is the one! With a 13*4 lace, you can do middle part or left-side part or right-side part, and different ways shows different feel. Seize the chance to save money to buy more other stuff you want! Black Friday with the lowest price ever in a year!
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    How to do if the hair become dry ?

    The reason why the hair will become dry . ①Because our hair is the 100% virgin hair, so it will lack nutrition after it’s cut from a donor, especially for hair longer than 18inch, as we all know ,the longer the human hair is, the harder it is for nutrients to reach the hair ,it is a natural process, but if you treat your hair using the right way, you could solve the problem to the utmost. ②Using the incorrect way to treat the hair ,such as using electric dryers to blow dry the hair can also damage to the hair and make it dry. The extensions can be blow-dried on low setting, but it is not recommended to do it too often. It is best to let your hair extensions dry naturally after washing, and avoid direct exposure to sun. How to care hair correctly ? ①Like our own hair, the hair needs to be washed and conditioned on a regular basis, twice a week is the best. Please make sure you use conditioners when washing the hair, conditioning your hair is very important to keep it soft and not dry. ②We also recommend using a hair treatment on the hair extensions every few weeks,because the human hair lacks nutrition after being cut from a donor as we said earlier. Also because the hair is not attached to your scalp, it is not getting the oils it should be. Using a treatment hair mask once about every 3 or 4 weeks is highly recommended. Recommended hair care products: Washing the hair extensions twice a week with a deep moisturizing conditioner from Garnier Fructis, Pantene, Organix or Jone Frieda. A client favorite is Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Fortifying Conditioner as a co-wash. Taking care of your hair the right way can make your hair last longer and more beautiful. Wiggins Hair’s products can last more than a year if properly treated . We hope our hair can bring you more beauty !
  11. People want to wear wigs for fun, to change their look for an event, or just for a night out. We all want a wig that looks natural, most girls ask what wigs look most natural and where can I buy a wig that looks real, etc, follow me, you will find the answer in this article, here are some things you should know before you get real looking wigs. What Factors Will Affect Your Hair Look: Here are factors to help you determine whether a wig can look like real hair. The material the wig made. This is the main factor to consider to determine the wig quality! 100% human hair wigs are made of unprocessed virgin remy hair, it looks perfect, just like natural hair. So wigs human hair look natural. A high-quality hair wig should definitely merge with your scalp hair and should look hyper-realistic! Such wigs will give you beautiful and sexy looks just like healthy natural hair does. 2.How natural it looks. The more natural the wig looks, the better the quality. Virgin human hair wigs are high-quality ones. Notice that human hair feels rougher, but sways more naturally as you move. 3. The type of cap used. Wigs also have different types of caps under them. These serve as the foundation for your wig and will affect how the wig would look on you and how comfortable it would feel. Lace front wigs, full lace, and monofilament wigs are often higher quality than basic caps. 4.The hairline. Wig adhesive or glue is usually used to secure the wig. If you are not a skilled wig wearer, it’s easy to see lace glued on the forehead or sometimes there is even white residue of wig glue. What’s more, wigs often come with a very round hairline which is obviously not real. If you have ever observed your own hairline, you’ll notice that it’s an irregular and uneven hairline shape. So to make wigs look more natural, wig wearers need to pluck the hairline themselves. 5.Part line You can tell if a person is wearing a wig when you see it with your own eyes by the part line of the wig. Is the part the same color as the forehead? If not, it means she is wearing a wig cap, so there will be a color difference. So pluck your hairline and the parting is a must-do job if you want a realistic wig look. How To Get A Realistic-Looking Wig? There are two basic things to make a wig look realistic: choosing the right wig and fitting it onto your head correctly. 1.Choosing the right wig If you want to get realistic looking wigs, you would better choose high-quality wigs for black women, choose the color and style of the wig approach to your own hair, it would look perfect, just like your natural hair. The wave and curls of your wig should be specially designed to look completely natural. Also, A right wig will feel light on your head, bringing you comfort. Tips: It helps to choose a wig with bangs and natural colors to make it look like real hair. Bangs cover the "hairline" of the wig, you won’t worry about someone find you are actually wearing a wig. 2. Fitting the wig. Whether you can install the wig successfully will depend on your final look, so it is very vital to make your wig look realistic. First, secure your hair so it is as flat on your head as possible. If you have lots of hair, get it as flat as you can, but concentrate any "leftover hair" towards the nape of your neck, because wigs stretch the most there. Put on the wig cap, and secure it with hairpins or bobby pins. Put the wig on over it, and you will feel that there will be a tab on each side of the wig where the front "hairline" ends. Each tab should be in front of the ears and use these to make sure your wig is symmetrical. There should be adjustment hooks in the back to make the wig fit you. Once you get it adjusted, a secure wig to wig cap with hairpins or bobby pins. Make sure the back of the wig is pulled down and pinned properly--not doing so often causes weird lumps at the top of your head. Conclusion Buying a wig look natural is not very tough. You just have to consider some of the following factors to make a wise wig purchase. Make sure that: · Does not have a fake shine · Made of 100 human hair, soft and comfortable to touch · The wig allows your skin to breathe and does not build up excessive heat on the head · Does not tangle · Hand-tied lace. While buying a wig pay attention to the price. Shop online to save money. If you want to buy wigs that look real and are affordable, see human hair wigs from wiggins Wigs. You’ll be able to see what separates high-quality wigs from low-quality ones. Where to buy natural looking wigs? Why do I say that wiggins Hair is the best place to buy wigs human online? Well, I'm sure you'll know when you look down. 100% human hair weaves All wiggins wigs for sale are made of 100% authentic virgin hair extensions that have never been pre-processed, dyed, or treated. You can use it with confidence, it will not cause any harm to your natural body. Various Hairstyles and Colors wiggins offers a variety of options from natural hair wigs to make your hair look more natural.wiggins wig selection offers different patterns including Body Wave, Natural Wave, Deep Wave, Loose Wave, Silky Straight, Jerry Curly, and more. Wholesale Price wiggins hair store provides human hair products with factory wholesale price, Factory to the customer, no middle charge but EXW price, We have more than 15 years of 100% human hair factory experience, exquisite technology, excellent quality, service Intimate. Do you can get your favorite wigs that look real and are affordable. 30 Days Return No worry about inventory restocking. 30 days no reason return for wholesale clients. The returned items should be in the original package and condition in order not to affect the second sale. We will refund your account in 1-3 working days after receiving the returned products. Interested in more about wiggins wigs? Watch this video about wiggins human hair wigs for women, learn how to install wig to get a natural look, transform just in 5 minutes. Faq About Wigs That Look Real What are the most realistic wigs? For the most natural-looking wig, opt for one made of human hair. There are two types of wigs: human hair and synthetic. As you might guess, human hair provides the most natural look, Because it's real, it falls and swings the same way natural hair does. High-quality wigs tend to last longer. Human hair wigs last longer than synthetic wigs. What kind of wig looks most natural? Lace cap fronts are commonly combined with monofilament caps. This combination is the most expensive kind of wig, but it creates the most natural look, has the appearance of a scalp and a hairline, and can be easily styled while maintaining the appearance of a natural head of hair. Do synthetic wigs look realistic? Synthetic wigs are not real human hair, they are synthetic. It may look as natural as possible but the reality is that they are not made out of real human hair and over time, the hair quality and fibers are going to change making the hair look unnatural or synthetic. Can wigs ever look natural? Today's human hair wigs are designed to look completely natural and healthy, so don't worry about whether people can tell if you're wearing a wig because they almost definitely can't.
  12. For ladies who love a glamorous look and want to protect their natural hair, there’s no better way to go than a wig. There is much speculation on how long a wig can be kept in. The great thing about wigs is the better you take care of them, the longer they will last. Today, we’re going over the question of exactly how long can you keep a wig on and covering some simple things you can do to lengthen their lifespan. How Long Can You Keep A Wig On? The long answer to this question is that it really varies based on the type of wig you use, the skill of your hairstylist, how fast your hair grows, how closely you follow human hair wigs care guidelines and a few other factors. But the quick answer is: it depends on the chemical composition of the adhesive you use. Some adhesives are short-term, while others can keep a glued wig for several weeks (4-6 months). You should choose the right glue, or it will damage your edges. Usually:A lace front wig can be left on for up to six weeks with long term adhesive. The length of time a lace front wig can be left on is really defendant upon what method and products were used to apply the wig, as well as body chemistry. I do not recommend to keep a glued wig on for such a long time because your hairs need attention; wash and moisturize them regularly. Wigs are a good way to enhance your beauty, but they cannot replace the original healthy hairs. The chemical makeup of the adhesive will dictate its hold time. Removing Glue: There are many wig remover sprays are available in the market. For example, C22 spray glue remover can dissolve the glue so as to take off and change your wig. Medical alcohol that is 90% alcohol or higher is also a good choice. The lifespan of a wig totally depends on how you care for the wig or hair system. A top quality wig if worn daily lasts around 4 months if it is cared for.What the wig or hair system is made of also greatly influences the lifespan of the wig. Tips To Make Your Wig Last Longer 1. Wear Your Wig Less Often If you wear an wig everyday, you may need to consider buying two wigs and rotating them. The less you wear your wig, the longer it will last. Besides that, rotating will allow you to care properly for your wigs on “off” days. 2.Take care of your wigs If you are combing the wig after use, cleaning it with right shampoo and hair conditioner, and following all the usage guidelines shared by top wig suppliers and designers, then, your wig will have a long life. 3.Styling your wig When using heated styling products such as straighteners and curlers, we recommend using the lowest setting possible, using plenty of heat styling protection products and not using the styling products anywhere near the root of the hair. It is always better to style wigs when wet, using rollers, rather than using heated styling products – this is the best way to prolong your wigs life, however it is not always practical. 4.Storing your wig When you’re not wearing your wig, it should always be stored on a wig stand away from excess heat, damp and direct sunlight. If you need to travel with your wig, use a wig stand and wig box to ensure it doesn’t become damaged or misshapen during your journey. Here are somethings you should nenver do when you wear your wig. Washing and Conditioning Your Human Hair Wig Rinse with cool to luke warm water. (Water should be at room temperature or slightly warmer.) ▪ Apply a very small drop of high quality mild shampoo to the wet hair (avoid the scalp area). Do NOT rub the hair or scalp as you would with your own. ▪ Comb the shampoo through the hair from top to bottom using gentle downward strokes one section at a time. Do not scrub the hair. ▪ Gently apply some of the soapy water to the inside of the cap. Do not scrub the cap. ▪ Rinse again with cool to luke warm water from the top down and from the inside of the cap to remove excess shampoo. ▪ Gently blot hair with a towel. ▪ You may now apply some conditioner to the damp hair. Avoid the scalp area as the conditioner can loosen the knots. ▪ Flush out some of the cool cap conditioning only allows a small amount of hair left in the interior of lukewarm water. Prevent entanglement of your wig ▪ Occasionally, the wig may be entangled or nape (neck), because the back and shoulder region of the friction junction upward. Thinner hair more likely is that it will gather - this is completely normal. ▪ Prevent tangles, the best way is to brush a wig and a small drop of oil used each time to complete each day. It really is very important to maintain a healthy wig and prevent dry hair and struggle, because it does not receive the natural oils from the head. If you are interested,you can watch the video to get more detal information of how to take care of your wig. Although human hair wigs are more expensive then the synthetic varieties, but human hair wigs allow for a more natural appearance.Meanwhile,how long it last is depend on your care.The better you do,the longer it will last. This is the reason why should take care of human hair wig.There are things you need to do to protect your investment and allow the wig to look good for years. If you don’t know where to buy good wigs online, maybe you can try to search the wiggins hair online, you can choose human hair lace front wigs, full lace wigs,360 lace wigs, transparent lace wigs, and other trendy wigs in any texture and color on sale now. Buy from wiggins online wig store, The wigs are natural and the price is competitive, it is an online wig company which has been in the hair business for years. Their hair quality has been approved by lots of Youtubers and at the same time, as an OEM factory, you will be assured to get your human hair wigs of great quality at very affordable prices.
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    How Long Can You Wear A Sew-In Wig?

    Wigs continue to storm the world of hair and beauty. They have become the most popular hairstyles among women, especially black women. Wigs not only protect the natural hair, but they also enhance a woman’s look. Additionally, wigs allow women to try out several different hairstyles. There are many ways you can put your wig on. You can either use wig glue, wig tape, wig grips, adhesive, pins, combs, or you can just sew it on. Each of these methods has its pros and cons. Generally, wig wearers choose the method according to their time, skin issues, and preferences. It doesn’t come as a surprise that some ladies still prefer the sew-in method over gluing. If you want to wear the same wig for a week or more, if you didn’t already know, sewing the wig into place using a weave needle and thread is the most secure way to go.The sew-in method is typically an easy and safe way to combat the downside of using wig glue and can work with oily and sweaty skin ideally. It also helps you to get more breathability as the wig fit is somewhat loose. Today we will talk about thing you need to know about sew in wig? What You Will Learn From This Article: 1.What is a sew-in wigs? 2.The advantages of sew-in wig 3.How long can you wear a sew-in wig? 4.How to take care of a sew-in wig or weave? 5.How to revome a sew-in wig? What Is A Sew-In Wig? Sew-ins is where the hair is braided into cornrows and the wig is sewn onto the cornrows. This technique favors women who have sensitive skin and cannot use glue. That’s because the glue has some chemicals that some women may react to. The sew-in method is also more secure compared to glue or tapes. This technique is particularly a great option for people who accumulate a lot of sweat in their hair or hairline area, which may make the glue get washed, eventually causing the wig to fall out. The Advantages Of Sew-In Wig It is usually cheaper compared to other techniques because it is a long-term choice. It allows you to experiment with your wig in different ways. For instance, you can curl it one day and then straighten it the next day. Sewing in your wig helps you to protect your natural hair since it gets adequate rest to grow stronger and healthier. It also protects your hair against sun rays, dust, dirt, etc. It is less damaging to the hairline, especially if you don’t know how to apply and remove wig adhesives. Sewing in your wig will make it look more natural and feel like your natural hair. For those people who want to or are planning to get their wigs sewed on, their main concern is how long the wig will last. Actually, it is quite hard to say how long a sew-in can last due to several factors. The first important factor is where you bought the wig, then how you take care of the sew-in wig. For example, if you bought your wig from a reliable store, it will definitely be of high-quality, and you will not have to worry about the wig’s lifespan. But if you buy your wig from an unreliable store, it may not last long. How Long Can You Wear A Sew-In Wig? Generally, it is recommended to wear a sew-in wig for one or two weeks. Whether the wig is made from human hair or synthetic hair, you will need to wash it in order to maintain it. Wash it after every 10 days, or any time you sweat a lot, such after an exercise. But you can wear it until you start feeling uncomfortable. For example, when you feel itchy or the braids become too loose, making the wig fall off, then you can take it off. It’s worth noting that some people wear sew-in wigs for about 2-3 months, so how long a person wears a sew-in depends on an individual. But generally, it is not recommended to wear a sew-in wig for a longer period because it can give one a thinning hairline and hinder the growth of your natural hair. How To Take Care Of A Sew-In Wig Or Weave? Proper maintenance is key to ensuring that your sew-in wig lasts longer. Here are some of the ways you can take care of your sew-in wig: Always comb your wig/weave For a proper maintenance wig, you must always comb or brush out the wig to prevent it from getting tangled. Always comb it gently starting from the ends towards your scalp to avoid pulling out hair from the wig. Sleeping with wet hair can also make it tangle. That’s why you should dry your hair properly before you go to bed. Additionally, you can wear a satin cap at night to keep the hair from tangling. Keep your hair clean Cleaning is also vital when it comes to taking care of your wig. Before you sew in the wig, ensure that your natural hair is clean. After the wig is sewn in, you should wash the hair once a week to keep it clean. Of course, dirty hair will damage the hair, decreasing its lifespan. You should wash your hair according to the directions Washing hair also requires following the direction. Do not use hot water, you should brush hair smooth before washing, use non-irritant shampoo, and then dry your hair with a clean towel. Do not use a powerful hairdryer. How To Revome A Sew-In Wig? Usually, the process of removing a sew-in wig is more tedious than installing it. That’s why many women prefer to go to a hairdresser or stylist to take down the wig so that they don’t cut their natural hair by mistake. You should proceed with caution when cutting the thread out of the hair if you opt to do it yourself because it is quite difficult to see the back of your head. Final thoughts Now that you have read about sew-in wigs, their advantages, how to take care of them, and how to remove them, would you still choose this technique to install your wig? But if you didn’t know, this technique is the most secure way to go. If you have spent a lot of money buying a wig, it is right that you get the most out of it. Having your wig sewn in by a specialist will make you get value for your money. Additionally, this technique is easy and safe, unlike the glue which may react with your hairline. Sew-in wigs also promote breathability since the wig fit is somehow loose.
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    Is 150 Density Good For A Wig?

    If you are new to the world of hair, there are plenty of terms you may have never heard before. You will encounter several new words such as hair density, hair extension, hair volume, wigs, and many more. Are you looking for a thin or thick hair wig? Or maybe you don’t know or you have never thought about it. Generally, a too thick hair system is not suitable because it makes the hair look unnatural. The ideal hair selection is medium hair density. In this article, we are going to talk about 150% density human hair wig, and whether it is good for a wig. Before we delve into the main topic, it is better to have a better understanding of hair density. Hair density refers to the overall thickness of hair strands on the head. Basically, it means how close the hair is held together on the head. Many people don’t usually get the difference between hair density and thickness. In fact, they think that they are the same. But this is not the case.They are absolutely different. Density is the number of hair strands on the head, while thickness is the width of the hair strand. What You Should Know About The Density Of Hair? Many women nowadays focus more on the density when buying a hair extension or hair wig. The most popular dense levels for the hair system include 130%, 150%, and 180%. 130% [light density]: this level of the hair system is ideal as it brings a natural look. It imitates the appearance of natural hair. However, it is not very thin. It is perfect for a full lace wig. You can also style the wig according to your needs. 150% [medium-light density]: this level, as mentioned, has a medium density. Many wig wearers prefer this level when buying their wigs. It also offers a natural look, hence making it difficult to detect. 180% [medium density]: this density is very popular. It is preferred by young people who want to have beautiful tresses. Wigs with this density are easy to wear and very comfortable. 130% Vs. 150% Hair Density Generally, the 130% density wig is the standard level for all wigs, while a wig with 150% is slightly fuller. But both of them provide a natural look; not too thin or thick. There are also other less-density levels for hair systems such as 90%, 120%, 200%, etc. Usually, the hair manufacturer will create a wig according to customers’ requirements. They will customize your hair wig to the level you want or the best that fits you correctly. Is 150% Good For A Wig? As mentioned above, this density level suits all wig users, for both women and men. It is neither too thin nor too thick. It is worth noting that hair density can affect the base design of the wig. That’s why hair manufacturers have to use the right base that holds the density correctly. Some Of The Great Benefits Of 150% Wigs Include: They are not heavy They offer great comfort They are easy to wear Their density allows them to look natural They offer great breathability, so your scalp can easily breathe. If you are planning to purchase a curly hair wig, 150% density wig is the best option. This wig density not only makes the wig look more natural, but it also makes the natural hair to look more thick than usual. If you are experiencing excessive thinning hair, this density is the best option for you. Factors To Consider Before You Buy A 150% Density Wig When buying this wig density, there are essential factors you need to consider first so that you pick the right one that will fit you perfectly. These factors include: 1.Your natural hair density What is your natural hair density? Is it thick or thin? You need to know your hair density, especially if you are going to wear a wig with your natural hair underneath. If you have thick hair, this density may not be a perfect choice as it will make the wig look quite bulky and unrealistic. The 150% wig density is ideal for people with thinner or the same hair density as the wig. 2.The length of the wig If you love long hair, you can choose long wigs. 180% wigs are long, making it the perfect choice for people who love long wigs. You can choose hair length between 16-20 inches. That’s perfect. It’s recommended to use medium-light density instead of the extra-heavy one. You can choose a longer bob hair wig because it’s trending and can make you look quite young. 3.The texture The texture of the hair affects the density, that’s why you should choose the texture carefully. For example, if you want a straight wig, then you should choose a medium or heavy density. For curly hair, choose a fuller wig. There is a wig density chart that can help you pick one that suits your needs. 4.Base material The durability of the wig is based on the material it is made of. Swiss lace is suitable for the 150% density wig and not 200% wig. That’s because it is fragile and thin, and it won’t make a 200% wig last longer. You can use French lace, despite the density of your hair. It is also more durable. Swiss lace is also perfect for a 150% density wig as it brings naturalness. Conclusion Now that you have a better understanding of the 150% density wig and hair density in general, you can know whether the 150% density wig is a good wig or not. But generally, the 150% density wig is good. That’s because it suits anyone. It is not too heavy. It is easy to wear, so even if you are new to wig wearing, you will still find this medium-density wig a perfect option. Lastly, this wig is also very comfortable and easy to maintain. So this type of wig definitely makes a good wig!
  15. There are many different classifications of wigs. Do you really understand? Today let’s learn from the knowledge of the classification of wigs to know how to choose the most suitable wigs for yourself. 1.According to the material of hair There are chemical fiber and human hair according to the different materials. The wig of chemical fibber is made with chemical fibber, fidelity is poor, after wearing, you will have the itching feeling, and it is easy to react with your scalp. For the advantage, chemical fibber with better shaping effect. The wig of human hair chooses to process the pure human hair to make it have a higher verisimilar degree, And the knots are not obvious. You can bureau, dye, and perm the human hair, it is very convenient to change hairstyle. All of our hairs are human hair in Wiggins, with good quality and favorable price, if you are interested you can make the order from our website directly. 2.According to the products There are human hair bundles, closure, and frontal, hair wigs. For the hair wig, it is very easy to wear, firm, large coverage, and wide application. Compared with the hair wigs, human hair bundles, closure, and frontal can be customized according to different needs into different shapes, many kinds with high fidelity, good air permeability. 3.According to the production method Woven hair(made by the machine) and hand hook hair by an extension(handmade hair). Woven hair is made by machine. Generally, it is mass production. Price is low but the authenticity is not ideal, and it is heavier with poor permeability, very easy to make hair follicles blocked, easy to knot. Hand hook hair is made of pure hand hook, it has higher fidelity, better air permeability, which is comfortable to wear. Of course, the price is higher. For Wiggins wigs, to ensure the best quality, all of our customized wigs are handmade hair.