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  1. Buy Disney Gift Cards Knievel is seeking unspecified damages totaling more than $300,000 on allegations that also include false endorsement and unjust enrichment.The Caboom character is described by Disney Pixar as a 1970s motorcycle-riding toy based on “Canada’s greatest stuntman,” according to the lawsuit.Photos in the court filing put Caboom side-by-side with Knievel who became an American icon after his near-fatal 1967 Caesars Palace crash. The only other animated film currently in the line up is Disney-Pixar’s Soul starring Jaime Foxx but that is still set to be released in theaters in November of 2020. Raya and the Last Dragon Bob’s Burgers and Ron’s Gone Wrong were all also originally slated to be released in 2020 but due to the shutdowns surrounding the pandemic were pushed back a year. The original concept for Disney's Animal Kingdom was that in addition to the actual animals on the property and the prehistoric dinosaurs that once roamed the Earth being part of the park fantasy animals would be included as well. Many of the new lands would be focused on real places Sell Disney Gift Cards like Africa and Asia but one would be given to dinosaurs and another to those fantasy creatures and it would be called Beastly Kingdom.
  2. Myer eGift Cards“Our annual Christmas shopping spree begins with the Myer Christmas Shopping Event night,” one shopper said on Facebook last night.This year the 12 hour sales event to kick off the department store’s Christmas campaign was held on Tuesday but customers said despite having received their voucher by this time in years prior they were still yet to see their cards and were stressed about missing out the ability to shop the sales. Myer e Gift Cards“There is no sign of our Myer Christmas Club Gift Card! So so-so disappointed. Tried several times ringing the helpline. They reply “it’s being processed”. Very very vague. We have now missed the shopping event night and therefore missed out on the discounts offered that night. Will not be using the Myer Christmas Club ever again so disappointed and completely lost faith. Next year we’ll be going to David Jones.” Hunter comes from almost ten years as executive creative director at advertising firm MediaCom where she led content strategy creative production SEO social and data analytics teams. “Myer is a loved and respected brand and I can’t wait to join the inspiring team,” Hunter said.