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    How to Apply a Lace Front Wig

    Many people love lace front wigs for their versatility and credibility. The lace at the front mimics a natural hairline, allowing you to pull the wig away from your face in a variety of hairstyles. Applying a lace front wig is easy and fast.do you know how to apply a lace front wig? Today we will lead you to learn how to apply a lace front wig. Getting Ready for the Wig 1. Get a skin test. Some people are allergic to the chemicals used to fix wigs. Take a skin test to determine if you are allergic. First, dab a small amount of liquid adhesive or double-sided wig tape over the back of your hand. Next, observe the adhesive for at least 24 hours, and if the skin is unaffected, it is safe to wear the wig. 2.Smooth out your hair. The flatter the hair is against the head, the better the wig looks. You can use gel and hairpins to weave short hair into cornrows or top it on your head. For long hair, start by tying your hair in a low ponytail. Next, wrap the ponytail in a flat bun and secure it with a hairpin. 3. Wear a stocking hat. A long hair cap or wig cap is a soft cap that flattens the hair and helps the wig stay in place. Gently pull the stocking cap and be careful not to disturb the hair. Adjust the cap so that it barely covers the hairline. 4.Prepare your skin. Wash the skin with a mild cleanser and dry with a towel. Next, apply some alcohol to the cotton ball and rub along the hairline. Wearing a wig 1. Test the fit of a wig. Before using any adhesive, you need to make sure the wig is properly secured. To do this, place the wig on your head and align it with your natural hairline. If there is a tension band inside the wig, it may need to be adjusted to fit. If you feel intense pressure around your scalp, the wig is too tight. Loosen the strap a little. If the wig slides when you move your head, it's too loose. Fasten the belt. 2.Trim the lace. Once the wig fits, the lace needs trimming. Use some tongs to pull the hair away from your face. Next, using sharp scissors, trim the lace along the natural hairline. If your lace front wig has almost no excess lace in the front of the wig, no trimming is necessary before wearing. 3.Remove the wig and set it aside. Carefully pull down the wig, keeping all the clamps, and place the wig on a clean, flat surface. Organize your wig so you can easily see what's on your hairline and what's on your collar. 4. Put on a wig band. Cut the hairpiece into small pieces. Next, press the sticky side of the skin to align the hairline with the little tape. Make sure all parts are in contact. Otherwise, the gaps in the hairline can be very loose. If you don't want to use a wig band, use liquid lace glue instead. 5. Wear a wig. Pull the wig on carefully. First, adjust the edge of the wig to match the hairline. Next, adjust the back of the wig so that it hangs naturally over your hair. Finally, press the lace of the wig into the adhesive or wig band. 6. Set your hair. If your wig is made from human hair, use a regular brush, heat setting tools, and hair care products. Adjust your hair by using a wide-toothed comb or hairbrush. We believe you have mastered the above skills and methods, why not buy a lace front wig, and try it? Any need or questions contact us firstly. We will serve you all the time. Do you want more wigs styles wigs for women, come online site www.tinashehair.com
  2. Tinashehair

    How to Dye a lace front Wig

    Wigs are becoming more and more fashionable, and many people like wigs of different colors. As you who love wigs, do you know how to dye them? Today we will lead you to understand how to dye your hair. Unlike artificial wigs, lace front wigs can be dyed relatively easily. You can use the same hair dye as normal hair, and even use the same tools to dye the wig. Just mix your dye and gently apply it directly to the wig. Wash the wig after dyeing to keep it clean and shiny. l Mixed the dye 1 Choose ordinary hair dye. You can use any hair dye at the pharmacy. But remember, you should only darken human wigs. Do not try to brighten your hair, as the bleach used in light hair will weaken the hair on the wig. Do not use fabric dyes on human wigs. Use only hair dye. 2. Find a 20-roll hair developer. Lower volume may be too weak. A 20-fold volume of developer allows you to change the color by one or two shades, while a 30-fold volume of developer allows you to make your hair darker. In most cases, a 20-volume developer is sufficient. 3. Put on rubber gloves. Gloves protect your skin from irritation and stains left by the dye. After that, please do not use rubber gloves. 4. Mix the dye and developer in a plastic bowl. Read the instructions on the dye to understand how much dye should be mixed with the developer. Mix with a plastic spoon. If the dye seems to light up, please be assured. As time goes by, it will become darker. If the wig falls below your shoulders, you may need two boxes of hair dye. Do not use metal bowls or spoons to mix dyes. The metal oxidizes the dye, causing it to change color. l Applying the Dye 1. Test the dye on several hairs. Use your fingers or a small brush to apply the dye to a small portion of hair. This should not be easy to see. Wait thirty or forty minutes. If you like the color, apply it to the rest of the wig. If you don’t like this color, try using other colors of hair dye. 2. Soak the wig in the dye. Put the wig in a bowl filled with dye. Gently scribble the dye onto the wig by hand, and then spread it on the wig layer. Be gentle. Try not to rub the dye roughly into the wig. 3. Distribute the fake on the wig rack. After wig dyeing will keep the shape and style of your wig intact. Give the fake on the shelf as if you were wearing it on your head. Use a T-pin to fix the wig on the shelf. The dye may drip from the wig. To prevent any stains on the furniture, you can put a towel or plastic tarp around the wig rack. 4. Brush your hair. Use a comb or wig brush to dispense dye throughout the wig. Make sure to apply the dye evenly throughout the wig. This will help the dyed hair look more natural. 5. Leave the wig and fix the color. Read the packaging on the dye to understand how long it should be kept. In most cases, this will be thirty or forty minutes. If you cannot find this information, please check your wig every ten minutes. When the color reaches the correct color, you can clean it. If there is no wig stand, please leave the wig in the bowl. Cover it with plastic wrap. l Washing the Hair 1. Shampoo lace front wig. Use color-safe shampoo or special wig shampoo. Place the lace front wig under warm water to remove excess dye, then use shampoo to foam the lace front wig. Rinse out the shampoo after finishing. 2. Apply conditioner to the lace front wig. This will make your wig shinier. Avoid using any conditioner near the roots of the wig, otherwise the hair may fall. Rinse the conditioner with cold or warm water. 3. Dry your hair with a towel. Use a towel to gently pinch the wig to remove excess water. Put it back on the wig rack to dry. Colored lace front wigs are becoming more and more popular. When you have mastered how to dye, why not try your wig? If you think dyeing is more troublesome, we can recommend several colored wigs for you, we believe you will be more beautiful after wearing it. red human hair lace front wigs : https://www.tinashehair.com/product/red-13x6-lace-front-wigs-straight-hair/ colored lace front wigs: https://www.tinashehair.com/product-tag/colored-wig/
  3. If you want to wear a 100% human hair frontal wig with glue, you need to use the suitable glue. In order to prevent your natural hair from the installation, suggest you using a silk base wig cap before the installation. And a scissor and a wig clip are also needed. In order to protect your natural hair, your natural hair should be braided to small tidy braids, which need to be rounded your head. You must make sure the natural hair is flat under the wig cap. The second step, please using a cotton cloth or Q-tips with water to clean your forehead before install the lace wig. The third Step, please using some liquid on your head scalp to protect your skin from the using of glue. The fourth step, usually there are two clips inside the wig cap. Before installing, please fix the clips. And ensure the wig on the right place on your head. Next step, please cut the extra lace on the front of the wig. One time only cut a little part of the lace to make sure that you are not hurt. Be carefully when you are cutting the lace, do not cut more. At last please keep a little bit lace which is less than one inch. If the wig had cut the lace by the wig vendor, you can neglect this step. The fifth step spray the glue directly or apply some glue on your hairline using a plastic spreader. After do this, please using a blower make the glue be sticky. Press the lace on your hairline where using the glue, until the lace fixed on your head tightly. Before wearing, your natural hair need be braided around your head and pure a silk cap on your head to protect your natural hair.
  4. The bob wigs originated from the Second World War and represent the independence, freedom, and rebellion of working women. So far, it has been extremely popular in the fashion and beauty industry. You can choose the cool, sexy, and elegant fabulous wigs. And many people prefer to choose the bob wigs because it is more convenience in summer. In the hot summer, sweat is everywhere, and short wigs is more annoying and difficult to take care of. Wearing a wig is extremely hot and easy to become dusty, even easily to be tangled. Therefore, here are some tips on how to take care of bob wigs in summer. If you do not know anything about how to wash the bob wigs, then we should figure it out that does not need any exquisite wig products. Your human hair bob wigs can be treated with the same product as your hair. Your regular shampoo and conditioner can work normally. The time between cleanings depends mainly on the frequency of wearing. Frequent wear and tear require cleaning every two weeks. Otherwise, you should clean it at least once a month. Human hair bob wig needs to be washed every 10 times. Synthetic hair bob wig is about 15-20 times. Excessive cleaning can also damage wigs and shorten hair life. Before starting the wash, place it on a wig rack and dilute the shampoo with warm water in a bowl or jug using mild water. If the water is too hot, it will damage the bob wig and make sure the shampoo is spread evenly through the bob wig. When washing, please make sure that the water in the washing process to the same direction to avoid the serious shedding of the bob wigs. Be careful not to put the conditioner on the root of the bob wig, because it will damage the lace of the wig. Do not soak the human wig with hands tied for a long time, as this may cause tangles. When washing your wig, treat it as carefully as your own hair. After using the shampoo, you need to rinse. This is where you should be careful. When rinsing, make sure the water flows in the same direction. Otherwise, the water will entangle the bob wig. If you want to have a silky-smooth wig, you can consider using a conditioner. It keeps the hair shiny and can also use leave-in conditioners. After washing, please pat gently after shampooing and press the hair with a soft towel to remove excess water to avoid tangling, shake vigorously, hang upside down to dry (usually overnight) Do not blow dry the wig. Do not brush your bob wig when wet. Please store the bob wig on a cool and dry wig rack or dummy head to avoid extreme temperatures, mold, and dust, which will help maintain the shape and style of the bob wig. When buying bob wigs, you can choose the best quality human hair made, it not only will be light, cool, and comfortable but making hair care easy to care for, women of any age can wear it. Maybe you can try Tinashe hair. We believe you will not regret it.
  5. Many people wearing wigs for the first time worry that their wigs look unreal, while others will know that they are wearing wigs. However, this is not the case if you are buying a high-quality wig, install the hair correctly and spend some time to take good care of the wig. If you want to make your wig looks natural and real, here are a few points you need to know. 1. You should master the knowledges about good quality wigs. Here is different quality hair among the hair market, such as synthetic hair, non-Remy hair, Remy hair and virgin hair. Let’s start with synthetic hair first, it is not human hair, which usually used in cosplay shows, in daily life, few people wear it to attend important events and parties, because it shows informal and cheap. Next, let’s talk about non-Remy hair, in the past few years, non-Remy was very common in the hair market. Non-Remy hair is inferior in quality than Remy hair, but it with the excellent price, most people can afford that. That’s why non-Remy was the first choice of most people in the past few years. As people's pursuit of life quality is getting higher and higher, many people don't mind paying a little more to get better hair, so Remy hair is still popular today and in a great demand. It is because Remy hair has higher quality than non-Remy hair, but lower price than virgin hair, it can meet most people’s need. Finally, let’s talk about virgin hair. It is very expensive, similarly, the quality is also very good. But don’t forget this point, if Remy hair can meet your needs already, why choose to spend more money? But if you don’t mind how much will you spend, just want the best hair, then you can choose virgin hair, it will not let you down. We sincerely suggest you that the Remy hair is good enough for you to choose, you can choose the 10a grade top quality hair, believe you will definitely love it. 2. After knowing the hair quality, you need to know where to choose a good quality wig. Here are some recommendations: https://www.tinashehair.com/product-category/wigs/ Our Brazilian lace frontal wigs is hot selling and popular now, here are 5x5 closure wigs, 6x6 closure wigs, 13x4 frontal wigs, 13x6 lace frontal wigs, 360 frontal wigs and full lace wigs. All of the wigs are free part wig, you can part it as middle part, side part and three parts, the wigs are easily to be restyled, it is also pre plucked with the natural hairline. If you are a light skin lady, you can also choose our transparent lace wig, the lace is invisible, which can suit your skin very well. The hair style, hairline and lace color determine whether your hair is natural and real, as long as you choose the correct hair and find a professional hair stylist does the hair for you, it will be perfect!
  6. The Wig as a kind of decoration, which have a good trade between China and foreign countries. The customer is generally like the pursuit of fashion and personality of the gens.For example, the famous World Cup games, carnival fans wearing most of the wig is made in China. From the current living habits of foreign customer to consider, the wig foreign trade in the past, is mainly in Europe and the United States. now the market scope of B2C about the wig has been further expanded in the foreign trade, have a good market environment. Of course, foreign trade sellers want to do a good job in B2C wig trade, but also pay attention to market analysis. according to the needs and characteristics of the customer to produce and manufacture wigs, following the American market as an example, specifically talk about how to make wigs in B2C trade according to market demand. Each kind of product faces the customer of the market may be have the different user group, basically divide into: upscale market, medium upscale market and low-end market. Different user groups also have big differences in the brand and quality requirements of wigs, so what is the difference? How should B2C foreign trade sellers deal with it? 1, The upscale market demand of the United States accounts for 20% of the entire market demand of the United States, which has a great influence. Whites are especially demanding of wigs. They are very demanding in terms of wear, and they also very precise in making them. Long wave shapes were still very popular in the American market. And wigs among blacks was in high demand in terms of big waves, small hairstyles, and curls. 2, high-grade spring market, the requirements are stricter. White and black groups generally demand need more this wig. One of the Jews very taboo Chinese hair, generally use pure Indian hair. When making these high-end products, you should ask your customers who they are serving abroad. In this way, the selection of materials and production can better serve customers. 3, high-grade wig user personnel are the most densely populated, ratio of average person hair products in 3 to 5 files, the ratio of prices are high and low range, domestic manufacturer is in manufacturing this kind of product. the product price is also the most headaches, because this block is recognized for consumers in foreign markets, so the demand is relatively larger. Therefore, B2C sellers in foreign trade should weigh the situation, consider the cost leadership strategy, and win by volume. 4, The main wig products in the low market are: hair products, hair and chemical fiber products, hair and human hair products, chemical fiber and human hair products and low-end human hair products. Demand also accounts for about 20% of the market, chemical fiber market for 30-40%. This piece of domestic manufacturers need attention. Domestic manufacturers in product development to keep up. Next, the quality dispute of inferior product is bigger, goods and sample should agree, maintain product consistency even. Buy high-quality virgin human hair hd lace closure wig: https://www.tinashehair.com/product-tag/transparent-lace-wigs/
  7. You may like all kinds of good-looking clothes, choose the one that suits you, and dress yourself beautifully. Have you ever thought that hair can also be DIY, yes, now wigs are also applying for this fashion trend. Bring a personalized wig and stylish clothes, do you feel like you are a new person, different, full of personality and full of vigor. Wigs and clothing complement each other. Here's how to wear a wig: 1. Put the hair net from the top of your head to your neck. 2. The side of the hairnet with an elastic band is facing down and the other side is lifting upwards. 3. Press the hairline where you have elastic bands. Don't let your real hair run out. Lift the other side up and flatten your hair in the hair net. Don't pile it up to avoid wearing a wig. Will be uneven after. 4. After the hair is evenly spread in the hair net, the top mouth is good to hang on the head, no special fixing is needed. If you feel that the hair net is down, you can also use a flat hair clip or a small steel clip to fix it. 5. Wear the wig from back to back and adjust it. There are two size adjustment buckles on the inner back of the wig. There is a cloth strip in the middle of the two buckles. There are several small grids on the cloth strip. Please adjust according to your head size Just buckle in. 6, bangs can do it naturally 7. Find two small protrusions on the two sides of the wig. This is to check whether the wig is in the right position. Hold it with your thumb and forefinger, pull down and adjust the wig position appropriately. 8. After wearing, you can grab the wig top with your hand for a fluffy effect. Now online shopping has become a fashion choice for young people, and online shopping wigs are one of the most important ways of beauty MM, so what issues should pay attention to online shopping wigs? Please see what I bought for your explanation 1 How to find a good seller, how can you judge the seller? You can read his evaluation. If there are many people who have bought, and many people have written more detailed product reviews, then the seller's credit is still more reliable. Everyone said that his stuff is good, so the quality of the product is still relatively short. Do n’t forget to see how others evaluate it. This is really important for online shopping. 2 It is best to have a physical picture of the product. Of course, it is better to have a real-life wearing effect picture. If it is not the actual wearing effect, it is just a model picture used by N sellers on the Internet. Then I suggest that you better ask the seller to ask Look at the physical map, especially the details of the fake scalp and other parts 3 If you just wear it casually, do n’t pay too much attention to the real effect, and do n’t need to use it many times, then a wig of 20 yuan or 30 yuan can be bought for fun. It is recommended to consider more than 100 yuan. This is a valuable experience, not too greedy and cheap! 4 Wigs generally also need some accessories, such as: hair nets, steel combs, small hair clips, some of these things will be sent by the seller, and some will be bought only, no matter what, the first time to buy a wig of MM, remember to bring these Come back and wear your wigs well, but you need them 5 The last one, whether online or offline, may be of some use: choose a hairstyle that suits your face, do not pursue too long wigs, because too long wigs are really difficult to take care of One more last, huh, the topic of wigs is always endless. It's really the last. Let's see how to choose a wig that suits you: Round face: you can choose something that can cover the cheeks, make the face length, and make its plump face look much smaller Coconut-shaped face: You can choose some fringe forty-six or thirty-seven minutes seam, the overall big wave wig, using smooth lines to set off the forehead, will make the entire face look vivid and streamlined Square face shape: The lady of this face must pay attention to, if you are negligent, you will expose your shortcomings, so try to choose some lower levels on both sides. A slightly non-curly hairstyle will make the face look softer and make women more gentle charming Diamond face: It is best to choose a medium-length hairstyle, and the forehead can be fluffy, and the jaw is fuller, so the overall feeling will be very coordinated Look at your complexion again, and match your wig color Whiter: Although whiter skin tone is a natural beauty, if the color of the wig is not selected properly, it will make you look unhealthy but light brown, reddish and soft color such as light brown will make your face ruddy And angry Yellowish: You can choose darker skin colors such as natural black and dark brown, which will make the yellowish skin look fair. Many people refuse yellow hair, which will make the unsightly skin more ugly. Natural skin tone: This kind of skin is the best, it looks healthy and shiny, and the choice of hair color is wide, such as yellow brown red wine red deep purple deep coffee Darker: The skin pigmentation is serious, which will make the complexion look dull and dull. Use natural black and dark orange to set off your hair color, which will make your face look much brighter.