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    Cap Screw Factory Production Technology

    The wire used for roof bolts is 45 # steel and so on. When the screw is heat treated, it is hardened by C1035. The hardening method used in Cap Screw Factory can generally reach 22--32HRC high strength. For this roof bolt, grade 8.8 corresponds to grade 8 nut and grade 10.9 corresponds to grade 10 nut. Many people will ask why the use of nuts is lower than that of screws. There is a reason for this. In order to protect roof bolts and prolong their service life, there will definitely be some wear during the process of continuous disassembly. When the hardness of the Grade 8 nut is relatively low, the screw can be effectively protected. In the use cost of such fasteners, such matching is reasonable, just as the hardness of the wrench is the highest when compared with the hardness of the wrench. It can be said that the production of Roofing Bolts has a very high level. Now roof bolts are widely used in industry and automobile industry, and the technical requirements for the production of such screws are also getting higher and higher.
  2. Different Cap Screw Factory have some differences in manufacturing technology, so it would be more reliable to make more comparisons before choosing. Only when the quality is better can more consumers really accept it. If the service is more in place, it will naturally be the basis for seeking good service and certainly for obtaining better benefits. The high-strength Roofing Bolts with good reputation is more reliable in quality and more considerate in service, so it is necessary to choose better. At least it can be accepted by more users in service level, which is convenient for good performance in service. Therefore, better choice will be more reliable and will naturally have good performance.
  3. vickyyihui

    Roofing Bolts Rust Solution

    Roof bolt is a device that can fix objects, and we will decide which type of roof bolt product to use according to the weight of the required fixed position. The acceptable load-bearing condition of roof bolts is still ideal, but usually roof bolts are made of iron. Naturally, there is a possibility of rusting. What should we do once we find that roof bolts rust? Next, follow the Cap Screw Factory to have a detailed understanding. Rust on roof bolts will have a great impact on their fixing effect. If they reach a certain degree, they will fall off. Therefore, we can drop gasoline or kerosene on the rusty screws, because rust will cause difficulty in screwing. So this is mainly to play a lubricating role, and it will take only a few minutes to board. Another is that we can choose to use screws smaller than the specifications of the rusty roof bolts to drill holes on them a little bit, and then clean up the residue in the gaps, so that the rusty Roofing Bolts can be screwed and replaced conveniently. In fact, this kind of work is very complicated, so we try our best to avoid humid environment before use, otherwise we will regularly use some products similar to rust remover for cleaning.
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    DIN 603 Standard For Product Dimensions

    1. DIN 603 product size standards: specify the content of basic product size; Products with threads also include the basic dimensions of threads, thread ending, shoulder distance, relief groove and chamfer, end dimensions of externally threaded parts, etc. 2. DIN 603 Standard for Technical Conditions of Products. Mainly includes product tolerance, mechanical properties, surface defects, surface treatment, product test standards and the corresponding specific provisions. 3. Standards for inspection, marking and packaging of screw products: specify the qualified quality level and sampling plan of spot check items when products leave the factory for acceptance, and the content of product marking methods and packaging requirements. 4. Standard Parts, DIN 603, Marking Method Standard for Screws and Screws: Specify the complete marking method and simplified marking method for products. 5. DIN 603 standards for other aspects: such as DIN 603 terminology standards, DIN 603 product weight standards, etc. Judging from the stress characteristics, the Round Head Bolt exerts pre-tension and transfers external force by friction. Common bolt connection transfers shear force by bolt shear resistance and hole wall bearing pressure. The pretension force generated when tightening nuts is very small, and its influence can be ignored. Besides its high material strength, high-strength bolts also exert a large pretension force on bolts, causing extrusion force between connecting members, thus causing a large friction force perpendicular to the screw direction. Moreover, pretension force, slip resistance coefficient and steel type all directly affect the bearing capacity of high-strength bolts. According to the stress characteristics, it can be divided into pressure-bearing type and friction type. The two calculation methods are different. The minimum specification of high-strength bolts is M12, and M16~M30 are commonly used. The performance of super-large bolts is unstable, so they should be carefully used in design.
  5. Stainless steel is generally "stainless" in the atmosphere. The so-called stainless is a relative concept. Its corrosion resistance is conditional. Under certain conditions, stainless steel will also corrode. At present, there is no stainless steel with non-rust and corrosion resistance in any corrosive environment. Local corrosion is the most serious corrosion form of stainless steel DIN 603. This includes stress corrosion cracking, pitting, intergranular corrosion, crevice corrosion and fatigue corrosion. 1. Impact of Environmental Media Certain types of corrosion usually occur under some specific environmental conditions, pitting is easy to occur in media with special ions; Crevice corrosion may occur in the crevices where the solution stagnates or in the blocked surface, the joint of metal or metal and nonmetal, and the contact with rivets, bolts, gaskets, valve seats, loose surface deposits and marine organisms; The necessary conditions for the occurrence of stress corrosion cracking are tensile stress (whether residual stress, external stress, or both) and the presence of specific corrosion medium, etc. The environment affects the corrosion resistance of stainless steel round head bolts. Taking pitting corrosion as an example, the composition, concentration, pressure, temperature and PH value of environmental medium all affect the corrosion resistance of stainless steel round head bolts. Stainless steel is prone to pitting corrosion in media containing halogen anion CI-, Br-, I-. It is generally believed that pitting corrosion can only occur when halogen elements reach a certain concentration. The pitting potential of stainless steel round head bolts is related to the concentration of halogen elements, etc. Anions such as OH-, SO42- and the like in the medium can inhibit pitting corrosion of stainless steel round head bolts, and the effect decreases as follows: OH->NO3->AC->SO42->CIO4-。 At the same time, temperature, PH value and flow rate in the medium all affect pitting corrosion of stainless steel Round Head Bolt. As the temperature rises, the pitting potential of stainless steel round head bolts decreases and pitting is more likely to occur. When pH > 10, the pitting potential increases, but when pH is less than 10, the effect is very small. Generally, the flow rate of medium increases and the pitting tendency decreases. For stainless steel round head bolts, the flow rate favorable for reducing pitting is about 1m/s. If the flow rate is too large, erosion corrosion will occur.
  6. vickyyihui

    Welding Of Square Bolt

    1. DIN 603 shall conform to the specifications and design requirements. If there is rust, it must be derusted before it can be used (especially DIN 603 head and large head must be free of rust and dirt), and DIN 603 with serious rust cannot be used. 2. DIN 603 welds shall be free of moisture. 3. During construction in windy days, welders should stand in the limelight to prevent spark damage. 4, pay attention to the welder's safety protection, especially when welding peripheral beam, more careful. 5, Square Bolt welder to master the performance of the welder, welding torch, do a good job in the maintenance of equipment. When flash, ablation or slag splashing occurs on the welding torch fixture, timely clean or replace the fittings to ensure smooth construction and welding quality.
  7. vickyyihui

    DIN 603 Bolt Anti-corrosion Precautions

    DIN 603 Precautions for bolt anticorrosive maintenance layer DIN 603 bolt protection shall meet the following requirements: 1.Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high hardness, 2. Tight structure, no defects and small pores. 3. Strong separation and good adhesion from the base metal. 4. Spread evenly and have a certain thickness. The protective layer is generally divided into two types: metal coating and non-metal coating. Metal coating refers to the use of a metal or alloy with strong corrosion resistance to form a protective layer on a simple corroded metal surface. This coating is also called plating. There are many methods and types of metal plating. Among them, electroplating is the most common method, followed by molten metal dip plating (hot dip plating) and chemical surface treatment. Non-metallic coating refers to the use of organic polymer materials such as paint, and inorganic materials such as ceramics to form a protective layer on the surface of metal equipment or parts.The protective layer can prevent the base metal from being separated from the environmental medium and prevent the base metal from being corroded by touch. Corrosion in the medium of stainless steel gauge parts. If you are looking for a professional and reliable manufacturer of Square Bolt, Haiyan Yihui Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. is a good choice for you. Welcome customers to leave messages and inquiries.