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    What you have to know about 370 wig

    360 wig is very popular among black women who favor ponytail and updo styles and not unfamiliar with people. Recent year a new word ”370 wig” pop out and catch the attention of the public immediately. Most of them are curious about its name based on the acknowledge of 360 wig and do not know what exactly 370 wig is.Today’s blog will uncover the mysterious veil of it. What’s 370 wig? 370 wig is actually the combination of 360 wig and 13*6 lace frontal wig, which is a upgraded version of both type of wigs. It perfectly joints the advantages of them to fulfil more needs of people on one wig. Same as 360 wig, 370 wig is also composed of a loop of hand-stitched lace with hair knotted to it around the circumstance and a machine-made top with hair extension stitched.The difference of them lies in the measurement of lace. As we all know the lace area for 360 wig is 22.5*4*2 inches. While for the other, instead 4 inches, the lace frontal depth is stretched into 6 inches. It aims at allowing wig wears not only to do freestyle parting as their will , but also expose deep parting as 6 inches. Is 370 wig better than 360 wig? It seems that 370 wig are more versatile than 360 wig. Yet as an old saying goes well,”Every coin has two sides”, so does the larger lace space. The more portion of lace taking up the whole wig means the less space left for machine-made section, which, meanwhile, indicates that fewer bundles could be added to it. Therefore, even if in the same density for same hair textures in same length, 370 wig will not look as full as 360 wig. People who pursue a very full hair effect may prefer to choose the latter one, although the hair amount on 370 wig is enough to create a natural hair volume. Then come to one of topics that all people won’t neglect, the price. As mentioned above, the lace part for 370 wig is larger, so more time of handwork has to be devoted into one wig. No wonder, the cost of it will be a little bit higher than 360 one. In other words, price for 360 is more favorable. Which one to choose? It’s hard to judge which one should be chose, as both of them has its own advantages. We have to know about them clearly before purchase, and weigh our needs and budget, then seek a balance between them. No matter 370 wig or 360 wig, or other type of wigs, all of them are available on Wiggins hair website. August crazy sale started, never miss the chance! Know more details, check :https://www.wigginshair.com/
  2. Wiggins Hair


    NO LACE for summer? And a real human hair wig? We hear you! U part wig comes out,which is made of 100% human hair, gives us most natural and comfortable feeling! As well,we have few color options available! The following is more details! Stay watch! U Part Wig is wig sewn on a u part cap with clips and adjustable straps on the back. A U-part wig allows you to blend your own hair through a specific u-shaped opening at the top of the wig; thus this opening gives you the chance to blend your own part exposing the scalp for a better natural looking hairline. Size: 2’’x4’’ lace part Type: regular wig and bob wig Texture: straight hair,body wave,loose deep wave, deep wave,natural wave,curly wave,kinky curly wave Color:#1B/99J,#1B/613,#1B/4,#1B/27 Parting:left,right,middle Uses: 1. Prevent hair loss 2. Not affect hair growth 3. Flexible hair placing and hairstyles 4. Secure and fixed 5. Fuller and natural hair look 6. Comfortable using experience 7. Easy to install and take off 8. Adordable price The above is all about wiggins hair upart wigs updates!Wiggins Hair has big sale for them now.More details,kindly check Wiggins Hair website or INS DM for what you want! Instagram:wiggins__hair What’s number:+8617703997280 Email: tg@wigginshair.com
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    How to make your beauty easier?

    To achieve a flawless finished wig look, it usually takes a lot of time for wig wearers to do a set of preparatory work before installing a wig like plucking, bleaching and wear wig cap so no,and embellishing work such as apply conceal or foundation after installation,which is not only time-costing but also needs skills. For beginners, it means to much work and requirement for professional technique will be a big challenge for them. So here is fake scalp wig invented benefiting for beginners as well as “lazy girls”. A large amount of work is pre-done and subtly incorporated into this wig by factories to let you do nothing for it while just throw it in and go out. What’s fake scalp wig? Fake scalp wig is a upgrade version of regular lace wig. It’s very similar to lace wigs but yet delivers a more natural looking by creating an illusion that hair just grows out from your own scalp . There is breathable &thin fake scalp material embed underneath the layer of lace on regular lace wigs to place the same function as wig cap, and also mimic the color of human skin. Therefore, it gets rid of the need for a stocking cap or gluing the wig cap down between your lace wig and natural hair. More details of fake scalp wig from wiggins hair 1. Wiggins hair fake scalp wig collection are made from premium human hair. 2. Multiple Fake scalp space available for 4*4, 5*5, 6*6 and 13*4, 13*6 are for your more requirement and selection. 3. Soft and thin swiss lace contributes to a more easy and seamless meltdown. 4. There are three combs and adjustable strap to ensure a comfortable and snug fit. 5. Pre-plucked front part makes your hairline look more realistic and also save your time to pluck again. 6. Pre-bleaching design serves as a core of fake scalp wig, emitting your hassle of appearance of grid on your exposed parting line. Welfare for new wig wearers & “lazy girls” 1. No plucking needed 2. No bleaching needed 3. No wig cap need 4. No foundation needed 5. No fake scalp needed 6. No cornrow needed Fake scalp wig, definitely a beginner friendly wig. If you just start wearing wig, ready to try wig, or struggle wearing lace wigs by sophisticated process. As a perfect replacement for lace wigs, it’s highly recommended as it not only delivers a flawlessly realistic look, but also requires your effortless work. Make your beauty easier, don’t hesitate, check now!
  4. Are you a member of people who needs wigs but do not like to wear wigs for you are a “glue-weariness” people? You may be troubled by messing up installing wig without using glue properly,just dislike your scalp covered by sticky feeling of glue,or even say no to glue as you are allergic to it? How to solve these problem for those wig demanders? U-part wigs opens the door of hope for them. What’s the U-part wig? U part wig unit is constructed by sewing extensions to a U-shaped wig cap without top portion covered with combs inside the wigs to help fix wig on head. It allows a small portion of natural hair leave out to blend with wig hair to add your hair volume conveniently. Unlike the regular lace frontal wig or lace closure wig , there is no lace section in the wig, so there is no need to use glue to melt lace when install. You may ask will wig fall down easily without glue?No worries, as you can see there are six clips scatter to vital spots to help secure wig safely. Three of them set along the track U-Pattern opening. There are two on both sides above the ears. Last one is fixed at the back of the wig. Besides, adjustable strap at the bottom of wig could be adjusted the cap size to fit your head proper. How to install a u-part wig? Gluless-install u-part wig could save your much time. There are 6 steps for you to reach a flawless hair goal within 3 minutes. 1. Leave out the space of your natural hair to match the width of u-part size (2*4inches) 2. Braid rest of hair and the left-out part individually. 3. Secure the u-part crown with clips inside the wig tracing the border of left-out seamlessly. 4. Untie the braid of the hair for parting space 5. Use style iron to style your natural hair to mimic the hair texture of wig. 6. Use edge control to make your hairline more natural. Features of U-part wig 1. Very affordable price 2. Convenient &time-saving installation for beginners 3. Lower maintenance than lace wig 4. More breathable for scalp 5. Keeping you from damaging glue and sew-in method 6. More natural parting space and hairline 7. 100% easily removable Where to find best u-part wig? Wiggins hair always views the quality of hair as our most fundamental core of our brand. All of hair products here are made from selected high quality 100% human hair, U part wig, of course, won’t be an exception. Here are 7 types of hair textures of it for your choice(Straight, body wave, curly, loose deep wave, deep wave, natural wave and kinky straight). Three U-Part opening directions as below picture are designed to meet your daily parting demand. As a new promotion product, there is big discount for our U-part wig. If you are looking for this kind of wig, do not miss the chance to enjoy bottom price now.
  5. Wiggins Hair

    How To Wear A U part Wig In Few Minutes

    Part 1: What Is Upart Wig Part 2: How To Wear It Part 3: Wiggins Hair Upart Options Part 1: What Is Upart Wig The U-Part wig is a kind of half-wig which is blend with your natural hair,difference from real clip in,it is a whole part of one hair piece connected with the braid we made previously by clips. Our natural wave hair restyling is the finishing touch to a painting. Since we need to leave out a part of our own natural hair,so it is very important to select the right texture and color to suit ours. Normally straight,body wave,kinky straight are the most popular textures for black ladies. Part 2: How To Wear It Step 1: Braid for preparation Try on the u-part wig first to choose the hair quantity we need for the middle of upart wig,leave the side part we need for forhead,then part our own hair and finish the left braids Step 2: Wear and flat the upart wig down Put the wig on from the center of upart wig,and clip in the clips wherever they should be,making sure the wig suit our head very well. Step 3: Release your own hair and restyle Release our own hair and restyle the suitable style to the u part wig. As well,make sure the side of upart wig can be covered by our own hair. Step 4: Make a baby hair for a natural look As we mentioned before,for the side of hair we left,the use is to make wig naturally, normally we can make a baby hair of we just cover the wig side part. We may need iron,comb,glue to complete this part,which is very easy to manage. Part 3: Wiggins Hair Upart Options Wiggins hair upart for hot sale,following is the detail: Texture: straight,Body wave,loose deep wave hair,deep wave, natural wave,curly wave,straight curly wave Hair length: 12 inches-30 inches Hair Density: 150%,180%,200% Part Type: Middle part,left side part,right side part The above is all information about the affordable U-Part human wig,any interest trying one? Wiggins Hair has big sale for them now, as well wiggins hair coupons available! More details,kindly check Wiggins Hair website or INS DM for what you want! Instagram:wiggins__hair What’s number:+8617703997280 Email:sns@wigginshair.com
  6. In famous Disney animation The little mermaid, there is a little mermaid princess named Ariel who is well known to have an a pair of lake-like green eye with impressive wine-colored micro-rolls smooth hair. A lot of girls dream of having the same beautiful hair as hers. Today it's not only a dream for them any more, as supernova hair company has introduced 99j burgundy hair to make it come true. To better meet the preference and match the skin tone of customers, our company have introduced two colorways light 99j and dark 99j for selection as below pictures. 1. Which 99j color is better for you? As there are two colorways for 99j wigs, which color to choose will be a question. Generally choosing a hair color close to skin tone will not fail. So for 99j burgundy color, we recommend women with light skin choose light 99j which will reflect your complexion more bright and look vivacious, and for dark 99j which seems with more black shade could be more suitable to who with dark skin. On the contrary, there will be a strong contrast, if the hair color is too bright for their skin tone. Below picture are examples of those who are choose right color. Of course, about this question, everyone have their own opinions for it, please be free to advise. 2.What’s the construction of the 99j wig? The front of the 99j burgundy wig is composed of swiss medium brown lace closure or frontal. Apart from 99j lace forntal wig,99j lace closure wig (4*4,5*5 and 6*6) and now even 99j lace front wig is available. To make the hairline more natural and realistic, baby hair is pre-cut and plucking is pre-done . And it will save your time to do that again. Inside of the wig there are three combs scattered in both sides and front for you to better fix the wig, and adjustable strap at back could be used to adjust cap size to properly fit your head. Except for pre-made wig, there are lace closure and frontal with bundles provided on our website for you to make a wig yourself. 3.How many hair textures for 99j hair? Now six kinds of hair textures are available for 99j burgundy hair including straight, body wave, curly, loose deep, deep wave and natural wave. So there are many choices for you to perfectly match your feature, body shape and personality. Moreover, different textures allow you to create diverse styles, and show your muti-faceted temperament. For example, 99j body wave may better present your elegance, curly make you look fashionable, 99j straight short bob adds more to your loveliness. There must be a texture you prefer. All in all, welcome to Wiggins hair to try 99j burgundy hair,and be the little mermaid you want to be.
  7. It’s a common scene that someone buy a so-called real human hair wig, but other people tell her it’s a synthetic wig.People who encounter this scene will feel embarrassed.So knowing how to distinguish the real human hair wig and synthetic wig is significant. It’s well-known that the fundamental difference between real human hair wig and synthetic wig is the fibre. As what they are called, human hair wig is made of real hair from human beings. Based on where hair is collected, human hair wig is divided into different types, some popular types are Brazilian Hair,Peruvian Hair,Malaysian Hair,Mongolian hair.While synthetic wig is composed of synthetic pieces.These two kind of wigs are invited to cater to people’s various demand. For a short-time wearing for fun or some particular occasion, the less-cost synthetic wig is no wonder a good option. And there will be some people who like to wear wigs everyday and prefer to buy real human wigs to looks like her own hair. We summarize several core features to help you discriminate them. 1.Appearance First of all, from the appearance, it may be a little difficult to notice the difference at first sight. But after you take a little closer look, hair on synthetic wig looks much more stiff than that on real human wig. If observed carefully under light, synthetic hair will reflect light very intensively and give people a sense of plastics. Yet real human hair will show natural luster. 2. Hand feeling Touching is an indispensable way, just like we differentiate many of other other objects. When touch, you could know what watching could not. The difference is more obvious when you use your hand to feel. Synthetic hair feels a little hard, very dry,unlively and rough. While real human hair feels hydrated, very smooth and bouncy and like our own healthy hair. 3.Hair quality As for hair quality, in fact, synthetic hair itself is not hair, so there is no hair quality to speak of.Anyhow its fibre quality is unable to be on a par with hair quality. When you use comb to detangle it downwards,the comb will easily get stuck in the middle,and it will cause more shedding.Yet above problem is not for real human hair, it is smooth and easier to detangle, and also shedding is less. After a few times’s wearing, synthetic hair will become very frizzy.But real human hair could last longer in good condition especially under same care. 4. Chemical way Another way is to cut off a strand of hair and burn it with fire.Their smell and the state after combustion is completely different. Real hair will become powdery after burning, pinch it with hands, there is nothing left.Its smell is normal smell of burning hair. But synthetic hair will shrink into a very hard black lump under fire. The smell is also very unpleasant like burning plastics. Are you searching for good quality human hair products? Wiggins hair is a hair company specialized in 100% high end human hair products for 23 years. A variety of hair products are designed along the hair fashion trend for your selection. Highly skilled mater workers and advanced technology ensure you have the best hair journey. Our 2020 top 1 selling product: loose deep wave 3D 13*6 lace frontal wig Welcome to have a try!
  8. 1. Youtubers testing 2. Point they have 3. How to choose and order 1. Youtubers testing TOP1: Loose deep wave 13x6 lace front wigs Loose deep wave wig is the hottest sale in Wiggins Hair,many customers know Wiggins Hair because of loose deep wave texture! they are very willing to accept and try the first time loose deep wave long wig was updated on website. The following picture is from a youtuber who is a very professional hair stylist, Slayedby Jordan. He tests the hair for us in the video and shows us how pretty and low maintenance the wig is! TOP2: Deep wave 13x6 lace front wigs Deep wave texture has a very tight curl pattern. This type of curl is great for that tropical look. Wiggins Hair has much reviews about this texture,which is the second acceptable weave around. The following picture is from a youtuber names HairByHypnotic, she is very pretty model who are working for hair fashion and close fashion for long time,has very great taste at fashion things, there are much value we can get from her youtube channel,i promise! TOP3: Blonde color straight lace front wig Blonde color is kind of dream color,the color itself is very pretty enough,and we can also add different colors on it like doing a artical work! The following picture is from a youtuber names Challan Trishann,she said that is her favorite blonde wig never ever before,soft and easy maintenance! Very impressive review she gives,which makes us want give it a try immediatly! TOP4: Straight 13x6 lace front wigs Straight hair is very pretty option,which is never out of date! There is a research about the texture the hair extension users tried,straight gets the top 1 without a doubt. We can feel the love to straight hair from the customers clearly! Wiggins Hair has much types of straight hair products! The following picture is from a youtuber names Alfred Lewis III,he is the first person tried Wiggins Hair 40 inches wig, longest wig and best quality to him! He also gets the video which has the most viewers over all of his youtube videos! TOP5: Deep wave 6x6 lace closure wig People may get confused about the texture with curls,water wave,loose deep wave,curly wave as well deep wave. Wiggins Hair has very Highly recognizable deep wave texture,tighter and neat curls are much popular with the curl-lovers! The following picture is from a youtuber names kheumani Stevenson,she is very professional hair reviewer as well a cloth reviewers,she has her own aesthetics and standards for hair and cloth, she sticks on wearing the healthy and natural look hair,which are low maintenance,she treats the demand of customers for the first place! Earnest is the reason why she does great jobs on every part she works. 2. Point: Up to 40 inches 6 inches deep part for styling Pre-plucked lace for low maintenance Transparent lace&medium brown lace suit skin very well Thin&strong lace for natural looks making 3. How to choose and order? The above is all information about the highly Recommend Long Wigs From Wiggins Hair,any interest trying one? Wiggins Hair has big sale for them now, more details,kindly check Wiggins Hair website or INS DM for what you want! Instagram:wiggins__hair What’s number:+8617703997280 Email:sns@wigginshair.com
  9. When I ask my friends use human hair bundles conditioner or not? The answer, surprisingly, was never to use conditioner at all. When asked about the reason, they feel that the use of conditioner is not effective, but also need to clean the hair again that feel the trouble. In fact, this is wrong. Conditioner is used after shampoo, it is the 2nd step of clean hair, it can clean hair not only twice, still can moisture and restore hair, secreted essential oil, keep hair healthy, soft, free from dirt and damage. So, when we wash our human hair wigs, we must use conditioner. Virgin Hair also need extremely careful and meticulous care, the use frequency of human hair wig and life, and nursing method are closely related. Correct management of human hair wigs care and maintenance, not only can make the human hair maintain soft gloss, and can prolong the service life of the wig. How to use conditioner to care for our human hair wigs? 1.A wig should be used before applying conditioner, must wipe the hair to do not drip, protect hair element on daub next. Same reason, the more concentrated protect hair nutrition product, for example elite fluid, hair film and so on, the dry degree requirement to the hair is a few taller. If there is too much water in the hair, the conditioner won't be absorbed effectively 2.Apply hair conditioner, if it is a blonde bob wig, from bottom to top comb, from the tip to the root, avoid pulling to the bottom of the wig net. In addition, when combing, to segment to comb, avoid a comb to the pull hair, the action to be gentle.Distribute the conditioner evenly and gently carding. 3. If the human hair wig quality is dry, when using conditioner, a few drops of olive oil mixed use better, it can let the hair get deeper curing. After evenly applying, wrap the wig in plastic wrap and leave it on for at least 15 minutes before rinsing off. 4. Retention time of conditioner After using conditioner, do not knead wash, like that conditioner does not have what effect at all. Let conditioner to stay on hairpiece 10 minutes, because the effect that conditioner is short-term, it can undertake nutrition supply to hair silk only inside certain time actually. So, we don't need to leave the conditioner on for too long. Finally, if you are buying a human hair wig, you need to care for it. Professional maintenance of high-end wigs on a regular basis has the best effect, which can improve the vitality of hair and keep beautiful wigs soft, bright and easy to manage.
  10. Wiggins Hair

    How to care for your human hair wig?

    Many girls who love beauty choose SuperNovahair wigs , full lace wigs also need us to care it carefully, human hair wigs have a set of wig care skills, how much do you know?Today I'm here to share some tips on human hair lace front wigs care. 1. Put the human hair wigs on the bracket The wig should not be thrown away when it is taken off. It should be placed on a stand. 2. Put them in plastic bags when not in use If there is a period of time not to wear human hair wigs, will put away the wigs, it not to be exposed to the air is best, easy to dust or messy, we should put the real hair wigs to the original use of wigs, or received in plastic bags. 3. Wash your hair wigs regularly Pay special attention to the cleaning of wigs,it can not be washed with hot water, it will destroy the quality of cheap wigs, and can not long soak in the water, we need to wash it with warm water, after cleaning, leave it to dry naturally in a ventilated place. 4. The conditioner keeps it bright and lubricated When cleaning human hair wigs,do not using rubbing with hand when you see some hairpiece knots, also do not want to pull,we should use protect hair element to keep smooth gently , and use protect hair element, then human hair wigs can return bright beautiful, be like just bought. 5. Comb your hair wigs with a wide tooth comb When brushing the hair wigs, use a soft bristle brush or use a smooth-edged wide-toothed comb start at the ends of your hair wig and gently work your way up, in this way it avoids tangling and pulling damage. Always brush in a downward motion and do not brush harshly. 6. Curly hair wigs should not be combed If you buy wigs for black women, do not use a comb to manage the curls. You can just use your hands to gently manage the curls. 7. Wet towel for crooked wig If the straight hair becomes curly ,you must not use the hand to pull straight, it can easy to break hair.If you're too lazy to clean your wig, you can wet it with a towel and let it air dry to straighten it. 8. Care for human hair wigs with non-oily lotion Human hair Wigs used for a long time will not be as beautiful as the beginning of purchase, in fact,every day wearing a wig with non-oily maintenance fluid spray on the wig a few times, human hair wigs can not only prevent static electricity, restore the original appearance, lubrication.
  11. Before wearing human hair wig, we’d better clean our lace front wigs, although strict control of the hygiene standards of the production of human hair wig, but the production technology of human hair lace wigs is higher, in the process of production after more procedures, we should wash human hair wig in wear. Why Should you wash your human hair wig before wearing it? Human hair wigs are divided into virgin hair,remy hair and non-remy hair For virgin hair,virgin hair is the best hair,the same as the hair on the human body, hair will breed bacteria, because of many reasons, such as: the weather, people and so on .it will produce stains, to keep the beauty of the hair to make yourself more attractive, so need to clean the virgin human hair wig before wearing For remy hair, remy hair is the processed human hair weave,which will be accompanied by chemicals in the processing. For a small number of people,there may be discomfort during the wearing.Therefore, it needs to be cleaned before wearing. For non-remy hair,non-remy hair is collected from various channels,with low cleanliness and chemical treatment, so the experience will be worse than that remy hair. Therefore, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned before wearing. See here, I believe that someone will buy virgin hair,the human hair wig sold in SuperNova Hair mall are guaranteed to be 100% virgin hair, and we will clean and disinfect the hair many times to ensure the health of customers,if you need cheap and good quality virgin hair,please enter our mall to choose the hair product you like.
  12. Part 1: Details about burgundy color lace wig. Part 2: Details about wiggins hair burgundy lace wigs. Part 1:Details about burgundy color lace wig. Burgundy color (99j color)is also called red wine color normally because it has close color to the red wine. And in the past years,ladies colored their own hair from natural black color to red ones deliberately. Around the types of the reds they dyed,burgundy color came out and was producted a lot recently!! This color matches with the skin color of black women very well which is the biggest reason why it gets so popular in a very short time! They are everywhere now! Same time hair vendors support many option about the bundles,wigs,clip in and so on! More and more ladies could enjoy the convenience from the “better service” from hair sellers. Part 2: Details about wiggins hair burgundy lace wigs. Type 1:lace fron wig: 4 type of lace parts option: 13x4 lace front wig,4x4 closure wigs,5x5 closure wigs and 6x6 closure wigs 2 color options:light one and dark one 4 texture options:loose deep wave,deep wave,body wave and straight. Type 2:lace bob wig: 1 texure option: straight 2 color options: light burgundy color and 1B/light burgundy color The above is all information about the burgundy color wig which is the best color wig choice of 2020,any interest trying one? Wiggins Hair has big sale for them now,more details,kindly check Wiggins Hair website or INS DM for what you want!
  13. Human hair bundles gains its popularity and still keeps it very well today. Even tough there are many product emerging with similar function or even more. It couldn’t be totally replaced. Today’s blog will provide analysis, which starts from what’s human hair bundles. What’ human hair hair bundles? Human hair bundles are a collection of hair extension wefts which are rolled up neatly and tied by rubber bands wrapped by ribbons. And according to the sources of hair, they are usually divided to several types: Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair and so no. Hair textures There are 6 most popular hair texture type available on website of wiggins hair. In top human hair quality they are designed as straight, body wave,loose wave, loose deep wave, deep wave, water wave, curly to satisfy a variety of demand of market. Different hair textures could show you various temperament, there must be one or more kinds that cater to your taste. Features of human hair bundles There are three main features for human hair bundles. Realistic looking Human hair bundles blend very well to your own hair, as it’s just made from real hair full of healthy and natural lustre. While synthetic counterpart could never replace flawlessly. As synthetic one just give people a “synthetic ”sense. Without or with styling or dying if possible, they could seamlessly merge to your own hair. It will be hard for untrained people recognize the additional hair out. Variable styles Is there a moment that you have to change your hair style for a special occasion or just a momentary impulse to transform your hair color to follow the trendy color this year. But at the same time, you are worried that chemical products and heating or styling tools will damage your own hair. Human hair bundles could not only keep this hassle away from you by allowing dying, curl or perm as our own hair, but also make some seemly impossible hope to realize like you wish your hair “grow very long magically after one night”. The longest length now is 40 inches help you to make this dream come true. Welcome to have a try. Less cost Compared with lace frontal wig, bundles as one part of wig accessories, the cost of which is much less. One or two bundles will be enough for you to add your hair volumes or for a cute ponytail and bun hairstyle. During summer season, ponytail and bun hair styles are more favorable as you could expose more of your neck or back in the air for heat dissipation. So human hair bundles are no wonder a great choice. Wiggins human hair bundles are made from top quality human hair with double wefts which could better fix hair and avoid shedding. Therefore,why do you hesitate?Choose wiggins hair, and 8A hair quality under rock-bottom price waits for you. Give us a chance to bring more cool to you in this hot summer.
  14. Nowadays, wig becomes trendy not just for natural hair issues like hairless, thin hair and so on, but also for fashion purpose. If you are a human hair wigs wearer or one of wig addicts. You will not unfamiliar with two phrases “full lace wig” and “lace frontal wig”. They are usually compared by people, so there is a question that full lace wig VS lace frontal wig , which is better? For this question, today’s blog may help you find the answer. First we have to know the difference of them from construction, which is also the important factor to determine their features and functions. What’s lace frontal wig? Lace front wigs as what is called is constructed by a sheer of lace which cover only the front part of whole wig cap with hair knotted to it, and the rest part is composed of another comfortable and extensible material with hair bundles stitched to it. Lace portion stretches from ear to ear in horizontal direction so it’s also well know as ear-to-ear wigs. And vertical depth are usually in 4 and 6 inches. According to which, there are two types lace frontal wig, 13*4 lace frontal wig and 13*6 lace frontal wig. In Wiggins hair store,they are upgraded to 3D cap to better fit your head than regular flat version. What’s full lace wig? lace wig, from its name you it’s not difficult to understand that it’s constituted by a lace cap which could wrap entire head with hair tied to the lace by hand. Sam e as lace frontal wig there are three combs inside the wig(two on both sides and one at back) to avoid slippage of it. Adjustable band is set at the nape of neck to adjust cap size fit head more properly. Full lace wig VS lace frontal wig From above it could be seen that the most obvious difference lies in the size of lace. It also contributes to their different features and functions. Here will analyze them from five points. 1. Versatility Parting is available wherever lace is, so full lace wig is flexible to do parting anywhere as you like. Meanwhile, various hairstyle are allowed for full lace wig such as high ponytail, braids, bun or any up-dos hairstyles, which benefits from large lace space. On the contrary, hairstyles for lace frontal wig is limited. However, 13*6 and 13*4 lace size is already enough for people who just want hair down or low ponytail as daily hairstyle. 2. Naturalness As the lace with hair crocheted closely mimic scalp of human head with hair growing from it, both of lace frontal wig and full lace wig look natural from the front, and pre-pluck is done by Wiggins hair will make your hairline more realistic.But if for up-dos styles, full lace wig is more advantageous, as the lace also cover the back of head. 3. Breathability Lace instead of other material will allow your scalp to breathe, which is beneficial for reducing the the growth of bad bacteria, and keep your scalp and your own hair healthy. Unbreathable wig cap will lead to more sweat that will produce a more favorable circumstance for bacteria. Therefore, compared with regular lace frontal wig, full lace wigs are a better choice for summer season. 4. Durability Under proper care, lace frontal wig could last from 6 months to more than once year. Full lace wig could be used for longer time if you take good care of it. 5. Cost When it comes to cost, full lace wig will be overshadowed by lace frontal wig. As the former with larger costly lace material and more handicraft cost to crochet the hair is much more expensive. While the later one is more affordable for whose budget is limited. Which one is better? From above it could be seen that the the most obvious difference of lace frontal wig and full lace wig is the size of lace part. If you ask full lace wig VS lace frontal wig, which is better. There is no specified answer. Full lace wig seems more versatile, breathable and has longer usage time, but it costs more. While Lace frontal wig is completely enough as a everyday wig at a affordable price. The answer to this question is up to your needs and budget. Weigh those two factors, then choose the most suitable wig for yourself.
  15. PART 1:What is it?&What is the advantage? PART 2:How to choose? Part 1:What is it? As the name suggests, Fake scalp lace is a lace that imitates the color and shape of human skin,and the purpose is to make the most natural look for users on vision and feelings. They came out meeting the needs of customers and they will be stronger in very short time for sure! As the details of Fake scalp wig of Wiggins Hair, here is a short introduction! 1. Two layer lace with middle fake scalp (Advantage: two thin layer lace to help skin breathing as well avoid touching the bleached lace directly) 2. Already bleached lace part,invisible knots (Advantage: compared with normal lace,invisible knots wig,no any need to bleach,just put some fundation if color is not 100% suitable with skin color) 3. Connected with transparent swiss lace on the front (Advantage: connected with transparent lace on forehead to do a perfect transition since fake scalp wig has 2 layers of lace there) PART 2:How to choose? Wiggins Hair has 3 types of lace part options for fake scalp wigs, fake scalp 13*4 lace wig, fake scalp 13*6 lace wigs, fake scalp 6*6 closure wig. 6 types of texture options,which are loose deep wave, deep wave, natural wave, curly wave, Straight, body wave. You can choose the lace part and texture of wig you want! The longest inches is 30 inches,but we also accept customized length for 40 inches human hair lace front wigs,more details about Wiggins Hair products,kindly check Wiggins Hair website or INS DM for what you want! Wiggins hair official site:https://www.wigginshair.com/ Instagram:wiggins__hair What’s number:+8617703997280 Email:sns@wigginshair.com