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    Threaded Rods And Eye Bolts Application Note

       Considering the current need to disassemble and connect Threaded Rods And Eye Bolts, it is a bolt necessary for the installation, use and processing of many mechanical equipment, but it has a high yield strength, but it will not corrode after long-term use. will happen. To maintain stud bolts, strengthen the maintenance and use of bolts, choose an appropriate warehouse, maintain ventilation, pay attention to weather changes, avoid rain and impurities, please use the product as soon as possible.       The currently known studs are manufactured by professional stud manufacturers, who choose to use high-quality metal materials. In addition to the characteristics of ordinary stud bolts, it is also manufactured by stud bolts. According to the manufacturer’s understanding, most of the most commonly used bolt types are used with nuts and are widely used for mechanical parts that have strict requirements for corrosion protection. In practical applications, manufacturers of stud bolts need to use a very important structure and dynamic load structure of the bearing, and the available bolt potential can be used as a safety spare part, thereby saving costs.       If it is necessary to use pressure type stud bolts for connection to ensure good performance, the stud bolts belong to the high-strength grade of ordinary thread. Manufacturers of commonly used high-strength stud bolts provide services for the manufacture and use of stud bolts. Therefore, the manufacturer provides high-quality stud bolt products and is now a professional China Stud Supplier. Provide very complete ancillary services.
  2. weigaofasteners

    Knowledge Of Bolt Factory Production

       Double-head bolt manufacturers introduce the basic knowledge and maintenance of double-headed wire    The production of China Nut requires fixed equipment and machine tools. Of course, the processing procedure is relatively simple. The main processes are as follows: First, the material needs to be drawn. After this process, the next process can be carried out. The next process is to use a cutting machine to cut the straightened long material into the length required by the customer. This completes the second process, and the third process is to The cut short material is placed on the thread rolling machine to roll out the thread; the ordinary stud bolts are processed here. Of course, if other requirements are required, other processes are required.       The commonly known bolt refers to a screw with a larger diameter. According to this statement, a screw has a much smaller diameter than a bolt. Stud bolts do not have a head, and some are called studs. Both ends of the stud bolts are threaded, the middle is not threaded, and the middle is a polished rod.       Stud bolts are used on large equipment such as reduction racks. In actual use, the external load will vibrate and the influence of the temperature will cause the friction to become smaller, and the threaded connection will relax and fail over time. Therefore, it is necessary to do the maintenance work of the stud bolts in normal times.    Stud bolts or anchor bolts will have problems under the action of mechanical friction for a long time. When there is a problem, the engine oil pan should be removed, and the use of the engine bearing bushes should be carefully checked, and the gap between the bearing bushes should be checked. Whether it is too large, if the gap is too large, replace it in time.       The connecting rod bolt should be replaced when the stud bolt is replaced. Some large equipment such as nail making machines should be stopped for inspection in time if the engine is not running very stable or abnormal noise occurs during normal operation, so as to avoid bigger problems.    In every repair, the newly replaced studs and other newly replaced accessories must be checked. The focus of the inspection is on the head and the guide part of the stud, and each part of the thread must be strictly checked. No cracks or dents, but also check the tooth shape of the stud to see if there is any change.       Check whether there is any abnormality in the pitch, and if there is any abnormality, it must not be used again. The torque wrench should be used when installing the connecting rod cover. Must be tightened in accordance with the prescribed standards, the torque must not be too large or too small, but also pay attention to the choice of Bolt Factory studs and studs.
  3. weigaofasteners

    Solution Of Bolt Factory Equipment Defects

    1. Caused by the mechanical equipment of Bolt Factory. For example, there is an eccentricity problem. This error is usually caused by a problem during the second installation, or by an error in the mechanical adjustment. 2. Tilt the head. Encountering this situation is the most unacceptable. The main reason is that it cannot be adjusted when the die is first punched. 3. The head is not round. This problem must be caused by a problem on the chip. 4. Cracks and double layers, that is to say, due to poor work done during the forming process, cracks appear in both layers. 5. There are burrs on the surface of the anchor bolts. This is because the gap of the die cannot be grasped well when the die is punched. If the head of the anchor bolt breaks, it means that we made a mistake in selecting the material. In the process of processing and production of anchor bolts, the problem of surface defects must be faced. When the surface defects of the bolts are found, the related reasons should be found and resolved. This can avoid problems on the surface of China Nut. Therefore, we must not ignore the small details in the production process. If the bolt is too short, it can be extended by hot forging; if the position does not match, please use the bending method to correct it.
  4. weigaofasteners

    Introduction To The Use Of Bolt Factory

    Bolt Factory's combination screw refers to a combination of a screw with a spring washer and a flat washer by rubbing the teeth to fasten the assembly together. The two-component screw refers to a two-component screw with only one spring washer or only one flat washer. If so, it can also be equipped with a two-component with only one tooth. Electroplating of composite screws Generally, the electroplating of composite screws generally refers to the electroplating of iron composite screws. Electroplating is divided into environmental protection and non-environmental protection. Commonly used combination screw electroplating colors are environmentally friendly color zinc, environmentally friendly blue zinc, environmentally friendly white zinc, environmentally friendly nickel, red color, white zinc, white nickel and so on. The purpose of cross recessed combination screws, hexagonal combination bolts and self-tapping combination screws is the same as that of the corresponding cross recessed screws, hexagonal head bolts and self-tapping screws. The main feature of these combination screws is that they are equipped with corresponding washers, which is very convenient to use. High-strength large hexagonal head bolt combination screws for steel structure, mainly used for railway and highway bridges, boiler steel structures, industrial plants, high-rise civil buildings, tower mast structures, hoisting machinery and their steel structures require friction-type high-strength bolt combinations In the case of screws. It is characterized by a bolt, which is called a dodecagon at the end of the bolt. When installing, you must use a special electric wrench with two socket heads on the top and bottom, one is sleeved on the hexagon of the nut, and the other is sleeved on the decagon of the outer hexagonal screw. When tightening, apply a clockwise torque to the nut and apply an equal counterclockwise torque to the dodecagon of the bolt, so that the connecting neck between the end of the China Nut and the dodecagon is subjected to torsion shear until the neck is cut. , The installation is over. This torsion-shear type high-strength hexagonal screw is a one-time use screw, and generally cannot be removed after installation.
  5. weigaofasteners

    Iron Padlock Dirty Cleaning

    Ash, filth, and greasy often enter our iron padlock. However, the two enemies of the lock are paint and grease. The reason why paint can enter the lock is usually because the painters are too careless. First wrap the lock body and wheel hole with something, and then paint directly on the lock. As for the oil entering the lock body, most of them are those who don't know much about it. They think that all the metal parts that can move should be oiled to them for lubrication. However, the mechanism of the lock is a kind of thing that must be cleaned, and no other objects are attached, so that it is easy to use. If you think they need lubrication, then the only thing that can be used is a small amount of graphite.   If the locks are really dirty and need to be cleaned, only soak them in gasoline or petroleum spirits to dissolve the paint and oil in the locks. After soaking, take it out and let him dry thoroughly, and then spray a very fine mist of graphite into the long shackle padlock hole. Corrosion and rust are also removed by the same method. However, for rust and dirt, many locksmiths have found that using a good quality penetrating oil is more effective than using gasoline or petroleum spirit, but after using penetrating oil to remove the rust, After that, gasoline must be dropped to remove the resulting dirt, because the penetrating oil has an corrosive effect on metals.
  6. weigaofasteners

    Bolt Factory Reasonable Hot Processing

    The so-called open-hole China Nut is also a hole in the screw portion or head of the bolt, which is a relatively special bolt, which typically requires the use of nuts and a flat washer for use, mainly for large mechanical equipment, bridge arch structure, Construction engineering and other places. What is the effect on the bolt after the heat treatment? After the opening bolt is hardened, it can improve its mechanical properties, thereby satisfying the tensile strength than a predetermined value. The heat treatment process has a great influence on increasing the internal quality of the opening bolts. In order to produce high strength, high-quality bolts, bolt manufacturers should have heat treatment technology and equipment. In particular, those enterprises that produce bolts, their heat treatment equipment should meet production capacity, and heat treatment hot spare requirements have a high degree of automation. Open bolts are cleaned, heat, quench, cleaning, tempering, decolorization, and coloring, etc., can provide a good foundation for heat treatment, because the bolts will be removed in the production work, decarburization can lead to mechanical properties Falling, unable to meet the needs of fastening, and even shorten the life of the use, therefore the annealing is not properly, can cause the raw material demarcal carbon layer to deepen, in order to avoid this, in the process of manipulation and tempering heat treatment, you need to add some Some oxidant gases. Bolt Factory's processing process specification through reasonable setting of heat treatment, so that the performance of the opening bolts can be enhanced, increasing its service life.
  7. weigaofasteners

    Pay Attention To The Production Of China Nut

      What is China Nut? As the name suggests, its thread is a triangular tooth shape, and its application is quite extensive. Even many customers will customize it according to their own occasions. But what should be paid attention to when customizing? The technicians of Risheng Fasteners said that when customizing triangular screws, customers need to clarify the product's tooth type, major diameter, middle diameter, minor diameter, number of threads, lead, and direction of rotation. Only these elements are consistent. Under the circumstances, the triangle screw can play its due role. Let’s talk about these elements in detail below:   1. Thread profile: On the profile of the thread axis, the specific shape of the thread is the profile. The angle between two adjacent profile sides is also called the profile angle, and the general profile angle is sixty degrees. 2. Major diameter, minor diameter and medium diameter. The major diameter refers to the conical surface where the top of the external thread of the triangle screw overlaps the bottom of the internal thread. As for the small diameter, it refers to the top of the internal thread and the external thread. The conical surface of the tooth bottom coincides with each other, and the pitch diameter is the distance between the major diameter and the minor diameter.   3. The number of threads, this is easier to understand, the thread number of the triangular screw thread, but pay attention to distinguish the thread thread is single thread or multi thread.   4. Lead, on the same thread line, the distance between the two points corresponding to the pitch diameter of two adjacent teeth is the lead, so the lead is closely related to the line and the pitch.   5. Rotation direction, this refers to the direction that the triangular screw needs to be rotated in use. Standing and rotating in a clockwise direction is a screw thread, otherwise it is a left-hand thread.    At present, the production of triangular screws has been standardized. The standardized production standards include metric and imperial systems. If customers want to customize, they need to determine various elements with Bolt Factory, and provide design drawings if necessary.
  8. weigaofasteners

    Treatment Of Passivation Parts Of Bolt Factory

    1. Cleaning and polishing: If damaged, it should be polished, especially scratches and splashes caused by contact with carbon steel parts, and damage caused by cutting slag. It must be carefully and thoroughly cleaned and polished. 2. Mechanical polishing: Use suitable polishing tools for polishing, and require uniform treatment to avoid excessive polishing and re-scratches. 3. Degreasing and dust removal: Before pickling and passivation of the stainless steel China Nut, oil, scale, dust and other debris must be removed according to the process. 4. Water spray treatment: According to different treatment requirements, choose different micro glass beads and different process parameters to avoid overspray. 5. Pickling passivation: The pickling passivation of stainless steel parts must be passivated in strict accordance with the process requirements. 6. Washing and drying: After pickling passivation, neutralization, washing and drying should be carried out strictly according to the process to completely remove residual acid. 7. Protection: After the surface treatment of stainless steel parts is completed, protection should be done to avoid secondary pollution caused by personal contact, oil, dust and other sundries. 8. Bolt Factory avoids reprocessing: After finishing the surface treatment of stainless steel parts, avoid reprocessing the parts or products.
  9. This word is usually used in the United States. The original configuration of China Stud Supplier’s hexagon socket screws does not maintain a consistent relationship between the nominal shank diameter, head diameter and inner hole size throughout the available size range. This limits the performance potential of certain sizes. In the 1950s, an American manufacturer of hexagon socket screws conducted extensive research to optimize performance based on geometry, fastener material strength, and application. These studies have produced consistent size relationships across the entire size range. In the end, these relationships were accepted as industry standards, and the year of acceptance (1960) was used to determine the optimal design. The term 1936-series was chosen to determine the old style required for replacement. Advantages of socket head cap screws -Compared with ordinary fasteners, hexagon socket screws of the same size can achieve the same clamping force in one joint. -Since fewer screws are required for a given job, fewer holes need to be drilled and tapped. -Since fewer screws are used, the weight is reduced. -Since the cylindrical head of the Hexagon Socket Head Bolt requires less space than the hexagonal head, and no additional wrench space is required, the weight will be reduced due to the smaller component size.
  10. weigaofasteners

    China Nut Is Indispensable

    China Nut is actually a nut. Generally speaking, it is screwed together with bolts or screws, and it is a kind of fastening part. It is an indispensable original when we produce machinery. The locknut tightly connects the mechanical equipment through the thread on its inner side, and only nuts and screws of the same specification can be connected together when in use. The locknut itself has a strong anti-vibration performance. After we tighten it, even if there is a large vibration, it will no longer cause the bolt to loosen, thus ensuring our use. It is precisely because of its use that the various equipment of Bolt Factory can work continuously for a long time and ensure the efficiency of work.
  11. weigaofasteners

    The Choice Of Bolt Factory

    The China Nut industry is currently valued at approximately US$30 billion in the United States and covers dozens of different types of screws, nuts, and bolts. With so many available fastener options, it is very difficult to determine which one is best for the job at hand: should you choose to order custom screws or buy in bulk, cheap or expensive, plastic or metal? Although the tools required for each project (and budget) are different, there are many misunderstandings surrounding plastic fasteners and their applications in high-stress situations—even the fact that NASA uses plastic microscrews in its satellites It is enough to prove that their strength is trustworthy. So, what are the advantages of plastic fasteners? Here are some of the benefits of choosing plastic fasteners instead of metal. They will not rust. With few exceptions, metal fasteners are prone to degradation and rust, especially when exposed to salty or wet conditions. When they corrode, their strength will be weakened, increasing the probability that they will break completely. However, plastic fasteners will never rust or corrode; some plastic fastener options (such as PVC, Isoplast, and PET) are even very suitable for salt water conditions because they are very heavy, do not absorb water, and are not corrosive Material influence. They are affordable. Compared with metal screws and bolts, plastic screws and bolts are widely used in the automotive industry because of their economical benefits. If your project requires a lot of fasteners, plastics are the best way to save money; if they are strong enough for the car, you won't even notice the difference. They are versatile. In applications where weight, thermal, environmental, chemical, and electrical properties are important considerations for the end use, plastics are the first choice. They can meet a variety of design requirements according to the needs of the project, and can even simplify it: sometimes a single plastic fastener can replace multiple metal parts. They have any color. In addition to standard sizes, plastic nuts, bolts and screws can be used in almost any color imaginable. Therefore, they are perfect for projects where nails or screw heads are exposed; although metal fasteners need to be painted or coated (which easily fall off over time), the plastic will never be noticeably scratched off. Bolt Factory's process of finding the right fastener options does not have to be laborious and expensive: with plastic screws, nuts and bolts, you will be able to handle any work you encounter.
  12. weigaofasteners

    Bolt Factory Safe Application

       Bolt Factory's bolt mechanical parts, cylindrical threaded fasteners with nuts. A fastener consisting of a head and a screw (cylinder with external thread). Nuts are required to connect the two parts with the through hole. This type of connection is called bolt connection. If the nut is rotated from the bolt, the two parts can be separated, so the bolt connection is a detachable connection.    There are many ways to call bolts, and everyone may call them different. Some people call them screws, some people call them screws, and some people call them fasteners. Although there are many calls, but the meaning is the same, but bolt is a general term for fasteners. A bolt is a tool that uses the physical and mathematical principles of oblique plane rotation and friction to fasten various parts of an object step by step.   China Nut is indispensable in daily life and industrial manufacturing. Bolts are also called industrial rice. It can be seen that bolts are widely used. The application range of bolts are: electronic products, mechanical products, digital products, electrical equipment, electromechanical products. Bolts are used in ships, vehicles, water conservancy projects, and even chemical experiments. There are many other places where bolts are useful.    Especially precision bolts used in digital products. Miniature bolts for DVDs, cameras, glasses, watches, electronics, etc.; general purpose bolts for televisions, electrical products, musical instruments, furniture, etc.; engineering, construction, bridges, large bolts, nuts; transportation equipment, airplanes, trams, automobiles, etc., used for large Small and small bolts.
  13. weigaofasteners

    Introduction To The Use Of Bolt Factory Products

    Salt water is great for swimming, but it presents a wide range of corrosion challenges for industry, from ships to desalination plants and even offshore oil. The good news is that several materials perform very well in these environments. This newsletter compares their salt water corrosion resistance and high strength capabilities. preservative China Nut is the first choice for use under chloride and salt water conditions. Because it can quickly regenerate its passivation layer in the presence of oxygen, titanium is hardly affected by stagnant water. Monel ranks second and has extraordinary corrosion resistance to fast-moving salt water, which makes it the preferred solution for ships. Compared with titanium, the only disadvantage of Monel bolts is that they will appear pitting and cracking in stagnant water. When the salt water environment is polluted by other corrosive substances, AL6XN is also an excellent choice for them. AL6XN bolt is a good medium corrosion resistant alloy, which can handle medium acid applications that titanium cannot handle. Strength ability When it comes to strength, titanium bolts are again the key-but only grade 5 titanium, which is alloyed to increase strength (138 KSI). Age-hardened Monel K500 bolts are also preferred. Compared with its sister alloy Monel 400, Monel K500 (110 KSI) has higher strength. Another option is Super Duplex 2507 bolts (125 KSI UTS). Super Duplex is an alloy steel that not only has good strength, but also has the ability to resist chloride pitting, cracks and stress corrosion cracking. When moderate strength and chloride corrosion are required, super duplex bolts are the ideal choice—all at an economical price point. Bolt Factory reminds not to forget Hastelloy Although Hastelloy is usually used in extremely corrosive environments, it also acts as a salt water resistance. When other harmful pollutants such as sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid are present with salt water, Hastelloy bolts are the key. It is also ideal for high temperature applications.
  14. weigaofasteners

    Introduction To Bolt Factory Acceptance

    First of all, Bolt Factory must check the packaging to see if the box has strong moisture resistance. The box should be a combination package of high-strength bolts. Different high-strength bolts cannot be mixed together according to regulations. The mass of each box shall not exceed 40 kg. As for how to divide the packaging box, it is entirely up to the manufacturer to choose. On the outside of the box, there should be the name of the manufacturer, the name of the product, the standard number, and the batch number specification and quantity of the product. If it is stricter, there should be obvious marks such as gross weight. When inspecting the goods, check the product quality inspection report and the certificate of conformity provided by the manufacturer on a batch basis. When leaving the factory, it needs to be tested in accordance with the batch. The same performance level and material of the high-strength bolts are the same batch number as the furnace number and thread specification length. The bolts of mechanical processing, heat treatment process and surface treatment process have the same batch number. One thing to note here is that the maximum quantity of the China Nut connection pair supplied with the guaranteed torque coefficient is 3,000 sets.
  15. weigaofasteners

    China Stud Supplier Solves Product Problems

    1. The natural color, that is, there is no treatment on the surface, this situation is easy to rust   2, cold galvanized, this is the most commonly used surface coating for U-shaped bolts, which is characterized by economical benefits and general corrosion resistance   3, Dacromet, moderate corrosion resistance   4, hot-dip galvanizing, this kind of coating has a thicker zinc layer and is characterized by corrosion resistance. This kind of coating is often used in general electric power construction or outdoor construction   5. Multi-alloy co-permeation, which has the advantages of high bonding strength, high coating hardness, no hydrogen embrittlement hazard, good coating thickness uniformity, simple process, and raw material saving.   It has good adhesion, extreme pressure resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and at the same time, it can prevent surface damage and corrosion of the workpiece. The wear-resistant coating is placed on the surface of the Hexagon Socket Head Bolt by a special processing method, and heated and sintered to form a dense and uniform dry film lubricating layer with strong adhesion.   1, improve the torque coefficient of fasteners    Wear-resistant coating can effectively improve the torque coefficient of fasteners. According to customer needs, adjust the torque coefficient to 0.09-0.13 or process fasteners with specific torque coefficients according to customer needs.   2, solved the problem of anti-seize and anti-seize of fasteners   The lubricating coating formed by applying molybdenum disulfide paint on the thread or surface of the fastener, after the fastener is used, it is not easy to rust, seize, and seize.   3, solve the problem of ultra-high temperature and ultra-low temperature lubrication of fasteners   Abrasion-resistant coatings can be made according to the needs of customers' actual working conditions to produce coatings with different temperature requirements of -270°C and 380°C. That is, the surface coating of fasteners at this temperature will not be embrittled and still have lubricating properties.   4. Solve the problem of wear resistance and self-lubrication of fasteners   Based on the excellent performance of EUBO wear-resistant coating materials, the wear-resistant coating has good wear resistance and self-lubricating properties. Fasteners can be loosened and locked repeatedly, the threaded teeth will not be damaged, time and effort are saved, and costs are saved.   5, solve the problem of rust and corrosion of fasteners   The wear-resistant coating forms a dense and firm lubricating film on the surface of the threaded tooth or the surface of the fastener, the film thickness is about 10 microns. The film cuts off the contact between the metal substrate and the air, and it is not easy to cause the substrate to rust. If it is used in conjunction with hot-dip galvanizing or other anti-corrosion coatings, it will have a better anti-rust and anti-corrosion effect.   6, China Stud Supplier solves the problem of maintenance-free fasteners In some specific environments, the lubrication system of the working environment that cannot be maintained (such as the field environment), is inconvenient to maintain (ultra-high and low temperature, toxic environment, etc.) or the maintenance cost is high, the solid lubrication dry film form can be eliminated maintain.