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  1. Pwnguin

    Show us something from your country

    I'm from the US. *posts the entire internet* You should know that even though the internet was invented in USA, the World Wide Web was invented in the UK. And the internet is empty without the WWW.
  2. Pwnguin

    Show us something from your country

    Here's another vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZzvJqx4gOU Great comedy, I bet you would laugh if you could understand it.
  3. Pwnguin

    Show us something from your country

    How do you include a video? Seems like it's not working in comments... Only when you do a new post. I guess so, but you can still post a link right? Now let's see if I'm not the only one who's not from USA.
  4. Pwnguin

    Easter Egg in Christmas Lights? (Maybe NSFW)

    Turned out to be fake though.
  5. Pwnguin

    Happy New Year's!!!!!!

    Yes, happy new year. IMO 2012 was a lame year. Or you could say it was yolo iphone 5 gangnam swag style cool.
  6. Pwnguin

    Ask the person below you ANYTHING

    You forgot to ask a question and broke and almost broke the entire universe. However, I will attempt to save it by asking the first question of 2013: Would you eat a dog?
  7. Pwnguin

    Mozilla is making an OS? What?

    A little off-topic but why does this only have 1 views?
  8. Pwnguin

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I just don't know, I don't even anything
  9. Pwnguin

    Ask the person below you ANYTHING

    Royal blue, I guess.. What's your house like? Do you like it?
  10. Pwnguin

    Ask the person below you ANYTHING

    I guess half full, I don't always think about everything that's negative about stuff and constantly complain about things that are slightly bad. What other forums or bulletin boards do you post on?
  11. Pwnguin

    The New Myspace – Out For (Facebook’s) Blood

    Chat barely works? I use it all the time, especially from my mobile. That's at least not how it is for me and many others: Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 Example 5 Yeah.
  12. Pwnguin

    Games you are looking forward to?

    Project Zomboid. Most zombie games as I know of are shooters, but this one is an RPG, and it's unique. I really like it in many ways, the music, the art, the animations, the gameplay and the story. And there's still only a small (not really small, but the finished game will be much bigger) preview of the game.
  13. Pwnguin

    Introduce Yourself!

    Since we are talking about gifs: I have no idea what that is, but you might find it funny.
  14. Pwnguin

    The New Myspace – Out For (Facebook’s) Blood

    If Myspace improved, I wouldn't mind giving it a chance, because I'm really tired of Facebook. The chat barely works, nothing is interesting, lots of spam from bad game requests and so on. I wish people would've given G+ a chance too.