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  1. yolissahair

    Winter Hair Knowledge For You

    Winter will pass by, but do you have any hairstyles in Winter? Our original hair and the wig's hair (like headband wig--headband half wig, half wig, and curly wig) are at the top of the risk in winter. But it is not worth worrying. We provide some solutions on how to achieve and maintain hair in good, healthy, and lustrous. Guarantee your hair is dry before out-door activities: The dry and cold air outside can lead to loosening from hair roots and damage of hair. If you had the habit that goes out with wet hair, you should change the habit in the winter season. Wash hair at night before sleep. It will prevent the need for blow-drying of your hair, also it will work out if you are in a heavy rush in the morning period and would not take time for drying of hair. Please make sure to cover your head and tuck your hair under your scarf or cap while going outside to guarantee hair is less exposed to the cold and dry environment. The less you expose them to the bad circumvent more you are protecting them. Refuse heat styling instruments As we all know, styling instruments working on heat are likely to damage hair and cause the breaking of human hair wig. In winter, human hair wigs are easy to become fragile, if we use heating instruments, the hair will tend to break very easily. Heat represents the hair weakness and takes out the moisture from hair, it will make hair dry and lacking luster. Keep trying to protect the natural texture and luster of your hair by air dry instead of blow dry, it will protect your hair from getting dry. You can add few drops of hair oil to control frizz. If you would like to get curly hair, we suggest you select cold curl, or you can always prefer styles like twists, buns, and ponytails. Reduce the hair wash frequency It's time to change your schedule if frequent washing of hair is part of your routine. In the winter, your hair is already facing the challenge of dryness, multiple times washing in a single week only leads to the removal of essential oil required to keep your hair lustrous and shiny. Retainment of oil and moisture is particularly most important in winter than in other seasons due to dry air. Make sure the interval of hair washing, if regularly you wash the hair every day then in cold try and make it after two days. If your hair is not luster then you can extend these washing periods up to three days like the middle part bob. For an alternative in the market, dry shampoos are available on giving freshness to hair and cover smell. If your hair falls in the dry category and lacks natural oil then use the mildest shampoo or even a baby shampoo to cleanse them. Do not forget to apply a good quality conditioner. Stop the static lifts of hair on the head: As a scientific experiment goes haywire, these little streaks on hair lifting from the head are a vital signal that your hair is going through dryness. A better recommendation for dry hair is to use a standard anti-static laundry dryer sheet with you in your bag to escape a static mess. Always loosely and enjoy your instant, static-free hairdo, the option is just a temporary solution. Instead of the temporary fix, we know it's time to do hair care in the dry winter season, find a good quality conditioner, and give back your hair its original beauty such as the blonde water wave wig. Keep the weekly frequency using a deep conditioning mask : When we face dry, damaged human hair, weekly hair care masks will make a huge difference, just like a weekly face mask is essential for safe, flawless skin. The hair mask not only counteracts the symptoms of dryness but an ideal protective measure to ensure that your hair is covered over the year and at an optimum level of health. Hair masks are quickly but highly powerful, powerful ways to add loads of health benefits to your hair in less than 20 minutes. Accept hair masks such as high-power hair conditioners, offering nourishment to your hair such as softening and moisturizing, improving growth, adding shine, and even battling scalp infections. You will want to go the extra mile and hydrate your hair the whole night with hair oil or serum if you notice that your hair is already too dry during the winter, even weekly treatments. An overnight serum can work itself deep into the hair strands, hydrating from inside, equivalent to night cream for your scalp. An inexpensive overnight treatment is coconut oil, which you can add from root to tip to your scalp and hair. As the oil moves into dry hair more quickly than wet hair, please make sure to apply the oil to dry hair. Before calling it a night to stop a mess, place a towel on your pillow, and then wash your hair in the morning. Instant effects will show.
  2. yolissahair

    Tips to make your wig comfortable

    Very often, when looking for a new wig, we tend to overlook the comfort part that a wig has to offer us and focus instead on other factors such as the price, colour or material. And yes, wearing a wig can feel uncomfortable if you are a newbie, but with the choice and size in place, you can easily overcome this challenge. Our today’s article focuses on the most comfortable choices available out there that you can choose from. The Most Comfortable Wigs Available Full Lace Wigs This is the most comfortable option since they are 100% handmade, meaning all the pieces that make up the wig are made by hand. Additionally, this type of wig will also offer you a more natural look, regardless of the hairstyle or colour you choose. It also takes a few days to finish a full lace wig and this is done by skilled craftsmen to ensure they achieve the best outcome. One of the biggest strengths of the full lace wigs is their features. You can move your wig hair freely, just like your own natural hair. On top of that, it is soft and has low density that looks natural. It is also light and does not feel uncomfortable. HD Lace Wigs HD Lace Wigs are another type of wig that can be classified as extremely comfortable. It is designed with sheer lace that covers the entire hairline and it creates the effect as if the wig hair is coming from your own scalp. This will offer you a look that resembles natural hair and it will be almost impossible for other people to notice that it is not your own hair. Lace Front Wigs This type of wigs--frontal wigs human hair are half machine-made and half handmade, however, it does not cover the whole scalp of your head. This is the most in demand wig cap at the moment. It guarantees the wearers an undetectable hairline in front of the head. This is also easy to be styled and there is no need to worry about the wig edges being noticed. This is especially a great solution for women experiencing hair loss or thinning problems from their front hairline. They usually come pre-styled and it is the only wig that can solve the front hairline all issues. Headband Wig This is a great choice since it is less dense and provides a good ventilation system and almost don’t notice it throughout the day while wearing it. Women who have undergone chemotherapy could find this a perfect option as it offers adequate air circulation. However, although it is affordable and comfortable, you can not style it according to your own wishes. That is why you need to choose the style when buying it. Tips to make your wig comfortable Wash and dry thoroughly It is important to wash your wig regularly because factors such as oil and dust can give your wig an unwanted appearance and can also weigh on its weight. On top of that, it can make it itchy, hence it will not be comfortable to wear. Washing your wig and letting it dry will ensure you avoid the above issues like 13x4 lace frontal wig. Lighter colors Going for a lighter color can make you feel more comfortable, especially during the summer, when the weather is very hot. Choosing this option means you are less likely to struggle with heat and itchy hair. Once you feel more comfortable, you can then opt for bolder tones like 613 hair color. Hair accessories Hair accessories are a good choice when it comes to wigs because it helps us style sections of hair that may feel out of place. However, you should be careful and ensure that you don’t rip the base of the wig while using various accessories.
  3. What does wig density mean? Is there a best wig density? How to choose the correct hair density? Have you ever meet these questions when you choose your wig? If yes, well, let’s start by looking at the basics of wig density today. Hope this blog can solve all your doubts about wig density. What does wig density mean? It always takes some time to choose the best wig, especially when you want to invest in a high-quality unit. Wig density is one of the important aspects of the wig like lace front wigs with baby hair. The density is expressed as a percentage that tells you how much hair is actually on your wig but does not refer to the texture. In Yolissa Hair shop, density percentages range from 150% density to 200% density. Sometimes, we also can customize the 130% density and 250% density. For the higher density percentage, the wigs will look full and thick, but the thinner density, the hair will be thinner. Here is a picture of different wig density. Is there a best wig density? 150% density is a nice density for ladies who want their hair to look natural with a little added fullness. 180% density is for the customer who desires a full and voluminous hair look. As for 200% density, it’s usually for the beauty who want their hair to look extra glamorous. But what I want to say is that the hair density is really based on personal preference, what you feel like, and compliments you best. There are many influencing factors, like hair texture, hair length, season and etc. Typically, the long straight wigs usually require a higher density to look full. Whereas a wavy unit can be less dense and will still appear full. That is also why same density wigs but differ in fullness. So to be precise, there is no perfect density. If you order a short length wig, like less than 18 inches like body wave bob. Well, actually, we do not very recommend choosing a heavy density, that will appear too thick. How to choose the correct density for yourself? It’s never easy to choose a suitable density. Here are some tips to help you select your own correct density. (1) When you want to blend your hair with your own natural hair, you should pick the density that looks so much like your hair. (2) If you want to look younger, thicker density will be a good idea. (3) Heavy density is not really suitable for wavy wigs, but for straight hair, higher density will be nice. Maybe you can try honey blonde bundles with closure.
  4. I believe that in addition to cosmetics, there must be one artifact on woman's dressing tables today-wigs. Wigs can not only increase our hair volume, look more energetic and beautiful, but also protect our natural hair from ultraviolet rays and cold air. But I guess if your wig is left unused after it is used up. Watching it dry day by day until it gradually disappears from its original shape, do you start to dislike it, and even choose to buy it again when you need a wig What about a new one? What I want to tell you is that you must never treat your human hair lace wig like this. The wig needs maintenance like our own hair. Even if your wig is a little dry, it can be remedied. Now I will share with you how to take care of your old lace front human hair wigs. Introduction of Lace Front Human Hair Wigs Human hair lace front wigs are currently very popular wigs. This wig has not undergone any bleaching, dyeing, or other chemical treatments, giving you the most natural and safe appearance. How to Take Care of Lace Front Human Hair Wigs? You can style the human hair lace front wig at any time, including curling, perming, straightening, or dyeing. Its appearance feels very natural as if it was cut from human hair. If you carefully maintain the human hair lace front wig, it can be used for more than one year under normal circumstances. Human hair lace wigs are very delicate. To keep our wigs natural luster, we need to clean and deep-care the wigs regularly. Here is some knowledge of protecting wigs to share with you. 1.Cleaning the wig. After soaking the wig, apply a small amount of high-quality shampoo to foam and rinse gently. Then use the wig special conditioner to deeply nourish the wig hair and make the wig smoother. Gently comb the wig with a wide-toothed comb to clear the knots. Finally, use a dry towel to absorb some moisture from the wig, and place it flat on the table to air dry. Here are some things you need to pay attention to:Do not use a hairdryer to dry because the overheated temperature can cause irreversible damage to the wig that has just been washed. Be gentle during the cleaning process to avoid hard rubbing or twisting to cause hair damage. Not all shampoos and conditioners have the same effect. It is recommended that you use toiletries designed specifically for wigs. At the same time, the conditioner should not be applied to the hair roots, because the conditioner will loosen the hair roots and cause the wig to fall off. 2.Be is careful not to wear the same wig many times for a long time. If exposed to ultraviolet rays or cold air for a long time, the original color of the wig will gradually disappear, and the hair quality will become worse and worse. To reduce the wear of the wig and prolong the life of the 13*6 lace front wig, it is recommended that you replace it with several wigs and let the wig Take a break. 3. Don't wash the wig often. Under normal circumstances, the wig will only be contaminated with some dust in the air and does not need to be cleaned frequently, because it may cause the wig to dry and break, losing its original luster. If you don’t wear a wig often, it is recommended that you wash it once a month; if you wear a wig every day, it is recommended to wash it once a week or two. 4.Do not sleep or swim with a wig. During sleep, you will turn your body unconsciously, and the 613 full lace wig will rub back and forth on the pillow, causing the wig to become tangled or even the hair strands to be broken. The water in the swimming pool contains chemicals such as chlorides. These irritating substances may change the color and texture of the wig and cause permanent damage. Where You Can Get Lace Front Human Hair Wigs? I believe that if you maintain the wig correctly according to the above method, your human hair lace front wig can be used for a long time, and the shape of the wig will be maintained very well. After all, wigs are not cheap. You can save a lot of money through the careful maintenance of wigs. It will be great to use the money to buy other types of wigs in other colors. Come to join the big promotion--buy one get one free wigs.
  5. At the beginning of the New Year, people need to find something new to add to their shopping carts. Today’s article will recommend special elegant hair wigs - loose deep wave wigs for all customers. 1. What Is Loose Deep Wave Hair? The name of the loose deep wave hair is similar to loose wave and deep wave. Actually, the names of these three hair textures do sound similar. But in appearance, they are totally different curls. Some people always confuse the loose deep wave with body wave, they think these two hair textures look similar. But in fact, the curls of loose deep are fuller and tighter. Yolissa Hair Store can help to find your favorite options. 2. Typical Loose Deep Wave Wigs Recommendation 1) Loose Deep Long Lace Front Wigs This loose deep long lace front wig is normal but classic. As lace front wigs are normal in all lace wigs, every lace front wig has a 13-inches wide lace that can cover people’s forehead from ear to ear. Then lace front wigs always look natural and real. The following are the product information of a loose deep long lace front wig for your references: Hair Length: 24 inches - 40 inches Hair Density: 150%, 180%, 200%, 250% Cap Size: Small, Medium, Large Lace Color: Medium Brown, Transparent 2) Loose Deep 4x4 Lace Closure Wigs The main difference between lace closure wigs and lace front wigs is the lace size. The lace width of a lace closure only 4 inches, so a lace closure wig is easier to install, even don’t need to use glue. And especially at the price, it is also more competitive and affordable. Here are the product information of a loose deep lace closure wig: Hair Length: 10 inches - 30 inches Hair Density: 180%, 200%, 250% Cap Size: Medium Lace Color: Medium Brown 3) Loose Deep Bob Lace Wigs Different from the above two long hair wigs, loose deep bob lace wigs have a very different feel. A short loose deep bob lace wig can make people look lively and active. And as the hair length of a bob wig is shorter than a long hair lace wig, it will be easier to maintain. For more product information please check below: Lace Size: 13x4 Lace Frontal, 6x6 Lace Closure, 4x4 Lace Closure Hair Length: 8 inches - 14 inches Hair Density: 150%, 180% Cap Size: Small, Medium, Large Lace Color: Medium Brown 4) Loose Deep U Part Wigs These loose deep U part Brazilian wigs are totally different from the above three lace wigs, as U part wigs don’t have lace. Every U part wig only has a U-shape open at the top, customers can choose their preferred directions of the opening U-shape. Checking below product details before shopping: Hair Length: 12 inches - 30 inches Hair Density: 150%, 180%, 200%, 250% Parting: Right, Middle, Left For coupons, you can click"yolissa hair coupons".
  6. yolissahair

    Transparent 13x6 Lace Front Wigs

    Hello: Today, I will introduce 13*6 lace front wigs online. Most of our customers are ready to get the news about long 13x6 lace front wigs. And this is the main hair information I’m gonna talk about today for sure. Please read this article in full patience. It helps to know the market situation. 1. Introduction of 13x6 Lace Front Wigs 1) What is the 13x6 lace front wig? The 13x6 lace front wig is made by 100% human virgin hair bundles with a 13x6 lace front covers on the forehead from ear to ear. 2) The differences between lace frontal wigs and lace closure wigs The biggest difference between lace frontal wigs and lace closure wigs is the lace area. The lace area of a lace frontal is bigger than lace closure, especially in width. The width of a lace frontal always can reach 13 inches. And the longest width of available lace closure in Yolissa Hair is 6 inches. For this reason, normally lace front wigs are lighter and more breathable than lace closure wigs. The wider lace frontal can help 13x6 lace front wigs fit the human head well, and it also has a 6 inches deep part space which can help people make more hairstyles. It also can offer people a more real wig look, other people even can’t realize that you are wearing a wig. As the width of a lace closure is not as wide as a lace frontal, the installation of cheap closure wigs are more convenient than lace frontal wigs. During the installation, people don’t need to use glue, only need to secure the wig with combs and an adjustable strap. Obviously, lace closure wigs could be easy and fun for new wigs’ players to learn. Besides, it is on the pricey side, but many users say that it is totally worth it for the workflow. Although the price of a 13x6 lace frontal wig is a little more expensive than a lace closure wig, you will likely agree that they are worth the price after receiving it. 2. Current Availability Of 13x6 Lace Front Wig There are six available hair textures of 13x6 lace front wigs in Yolissa Hair now, including straight, body wave, water wave, deep wave, loose deep, curly. Since long 13x6 lace frontals were out of stock in the market some time ago, most 13x6 lace wigs only can be made by 10-20 inches bundles with shorter frontals, the longest lengths of 13x6 lace front wigs are 16 inches. But don’t worry, all the long 13x6 wigs will be restocked soon!! 3. When long 13x6 lace front wigs can be restocked? The long 13x6 lace front wigs can be restocked in the coming week and a half months, including transparent long 13x6 lace front wigs. You can make a preconception appointment with the number +8615803834514. Come on to join the big promotion now! Merry Christmas to you!
  7. yolissahair

    Come To Color Human Hair Wigs

    Hello: Ladies and gentlemen! Do you want to have a colored wig just by yourself? Colored wigs are the ultimate way to spice up your look and have fun with the trend. Celebrities from Jennifer Lopez to all the Kardashians are all experimenting with fun colors in their hair. Tired of wasting time and money on professional hair coloring? Coloring your wig at home is easy with our tips. This blog will show everything about how to dye your human hair wig by yourself. Follow these steps and you can learn how to pull off a professional-looking DIY dye job. What You Will Need. Dye brush, Wide-tooth comb, Dye, Bleach, A glass bowl for mixing, Wig head, Wig How To Color Wig Step By Step? Below are the basic tips about how to color a Human Hair Wig like transparent lace front wig. Step 1-Before dyeing your cheap lace front wig, you should wash it to remove any product buildup or oils or dirt. Allow the wig to air-dry while blow-dry may cause a fizzy and tangle problem. Step 2-Then, Separate the Human Hair into several sections with a wide-tooth comb. Comb the Human Hair Wig gently to get away the tangles working from the end and upwards to the roots one step by step. Step 3-Next, Mix the color mixture in a plastic bowl or add system contents to the bottle provided. The process is not complex: Just follow the directions of the dyeing products. Usually, you must combine a colorant to a color developer and an after-color conditioner for the Human Hair Wig will also be needed. Step 4-Mix the content thoroughly. Then put on the gloves which can protect you from dyeing when you dye the Human Hair Wig. Open a window for ventilation before you start. Settle the Human Hair Wig on a mannequin head. Pull down the Human Hair Wig to secure it to the mannequin head. Step 5-Start to add color at the top of the wig. Apply from the top and move around the crown of the Human Hair Wig. Once the crown is covered, move down each section, working your way to the ends of the Human Hair. Then move to the next section. Step 6-Allow the dye to sit for no more than 25 minutes. Human Hair is subject to breakage, drying, and the loss of sheen. Avoid over-processing the Human Hair Wig when you dye the Human Hair Wig. Step 7-Apply the light conditioner to the hair for 3 minutes. Allow the Human Hair Wig to air dry and then style the Human Hair Wig as you would like. If you are interested, here is a video of how to dye a human hair wig(Black to Ash Blonde Brown), Slayed By Jordan shows you step by step how to color a human hair wig. You can use the technique she shows to dye the wig and knows the regular routine about taking care of your wig. Enjoy the videos you love. Yolissa Hair 613 you can have a look. FAQ About Dying Wig Can I Color a Human Hair Wig? Yes, you can dye your human hair wigs. You will do something with wigs human hair that you simply can do to your natural hair. This includes coloring, cutting, heat styling, and chemicals process your human hair. several weave wearers dye wigs to induce an explicit match to their color. Is it safe to color your wig at home? Yes, it is generally safe to color your hair at home as long as you follow the directions on the product's packaging. Dyeing a human hair wig can be trickier than it seems. It is very easy and convenient for us if you follow the right way to do it. It's not only about how to dye a wig but the after-dyeing process is ... Furthermore, coloring your wig at home can save money and time. How to Choose The Correct Hair Color? Dark-skinned users with dark skin, it is best not to select a black color. Instead, select a maroon color so your face will look a lot of white. You can dye all the long hair maroon so that your skin color will look bright and translucent immediately. For users with a dark complexion, the most appropriate hair color is maroon, and low-key, inconspicuous maroon can simply conceal the dark complexion. Meanwhile, you should pick a Color to Show Off Your Personality. Should I wash my wig before dying it? If the wig is smeared, you need to wash the wig for several days before coloring it to remove any modeling product buildup. Do not hold too much force when shampooing, and Do not apply conditioner or styling product to the wig before coloring. Allow it to dry completely before coloring. How long does it take to dye a wig? This should be somewhere that is not easily seen. Wait thirty or forty minutes. If you like the color, apply it to the rest of the wig. If you don't like the color, try a different shade of hair dye. How many times can you dye a wig? In short, you can certainly dye your human hair wigs more than once or even three times if you wish, but it's difficult to do so without damaging your wig. Can you dye a wig twice? Experts advise that you don't attempt to dye non-Remy hair weaves. These hair extensions have been chemically treated, stripping the strand to its weakest. They are generally not strong enough to be dyed. It may take multiple applications to lighten your hair extensions. Now that you know the basics of dying, it will be easy for you to start dying. All the measures and precautions that you need to take are mentioned above. This will help you to dye your wigs properly. Maybe you can get a wig like hair color 27, honey blonde bundles. For promotion, you can click"wigs buy one get one free".
  8. Come to read my article. I will introduce some human hair wigs tips. Today I will offer some shopping tips to help you choose a perfect hair wig: 4 factors you need to consider before buying the wig. As many of us might have witnessed, more people are buying hair products. Wearing a hair wig not only can protect your own hair from damage but also can upgrade your fashion rating. 1. Buy Human Hair Wigs The materials are the foundation of all kinds of hair products, so it is essential to choose the right hair materials before purchasing a hair wig. The materials of hair wigs can be divided roughly into two parts: synthetic hair and human hair. The quality of human hair wigs will be better, and it also looks more natural and real than synthetic wigs. The raw materials we used are all 100% human virgin hair, the quality of which is reliable and stable, so you can rest assured that all hair wigs in Yolissa Hair are superior. 2. Check The Wig Construction Wigs construction is another important part while selecting a wig. There are advantages to each wig, I can't say which kind of wig construction is the best, so I will suggest you choose the most suitable one. 1) Cheap Lace Wig Most people will always choose lace wigs, lace wigs including lace frontal wigs, and lace closure wigs. The difference between these two kinds of lace wigs is the size of the lace area. The lace area of a lace frontal normally is bigger than lace closure. The bigger the lace area of lace wigs you choose, the more real looking you will get. Lace wigs can get closer to your scalp, offer a natural hairline, and fit your head more perfectly. That’s why lace wigs are always the top-selling. 2) New Arrival Wigs Besides the lace wigs, there are also various new arrival wigs in our online shop: invisible wigs, lace part wigs, headband wigs human hair, U part wigs, PU skin wigs. These kinds of hair wigs most have less or no lace, so the installations are more convenient and easier than lace wigs, and the prices also are more competitive and affordable for most customers. 3. Measure Your Head Size No matter what you buy, clothes, shoes, hair wigs, etc... choosing the right size is important to everyone. Incorrect sizing can reduce your comfort and affect your shopping experience. You should measure your head size before buying a hair wig. How to measure the head size and choose a suitable wig? Yolissa Hair is providing a wig cap size chart and measuring method in product details, you can please kindly have a check or you can check the below insert a picture directly. 4. Find The Vendor To Buy Suitable Wigs Not trying to brag, but only showing that Yolissa Hair can actually offer all kinds of hair products you need. If you can’t find the hair products you want, you can please contact us, we also offer customized service. With years' experience and professional knowledge, we are confident that we can satisfy your requirement. We will always be your best vendor and support you all the time. Hope you can get your own human hair wig in Yolissa Hair.
  9. yolissahair

    An introduction to u part wigs

    Hello: ladies and gentlemen. Due to the impact of the epidemic, many lace wigs are in short supply, especially the popular transparent lace wigs. Businesses are looking for more possibilities for wigs. Today, we will introduce a new kind of wigs:U Part Wigs. What Is A U Part Wig? U part wig is a wig with U part opening at the top or side of the wig. It could be the middle part, the left part, and the right part. The middle part means the U part opening is in the middle; the left part means the U part opening is on the left side when we wear the wig, right part intends the U part opening is on the right side. There have two kinds of u part wigs with different lace parts on the Yolissa website: 1*4 u part wigs and 2*4 human hair u part wigs human hair. You also can find u part bob wig on the website. They are 100% human hair wigs can be restyled and wet. Also, it is a convenient and time-saving piece. Why Choose U Part Wig? 1. U part wig can easily be worn and removed. It doesn’t need to be glued to the front of the lace or sew-in the human hair to your natural hair. The glue can damage your scalp and the hair follicles on your scalp, also cause permanent hair loss after a long time. U part body wave wig can protect your scalp and natural hair by avoiding glue and sew-in technique. U part wig as a protective style for the majority of your hair is braided and concealed underneath the wig, which can give you the same effect as sew-in or glue wigs. More importantly, u part wig is complete access to your hair than the sew-in or glue wigs. 2. U part wig is friendly for the beginner and lazy girl. 3. U part wig can give you a supernatural looking. It can display your natural front hair, which blends your hair by several combs and conceals the traces of wig cleverly, and it leaves you with a hairstyle that looks as it grows out from your scalp, what perfect! U part wig helpful to protect your scalp and your daily hair care. U part wig blends with your natural hair by several combs inside, and it avoids pulling your scalp like other lace wigs such as water wave blonde wig. What’s more, you do not need to have tight braids with a lot of tension on your edges, because you can take the wig on and off every night. It's easy to wash and take care of your hair daily. 5. Money-saving and time-saving. You don't need to go to a professional salon to sew in, and you only need to spend about ten minutes to put on the wig. While wearing a lace wig will take 1-2 hours. Compared to wearing a lace wig, you do not need much time on wearing the human hair u part water wave transparent wig. How To Wear U Part Wig? 1. Leave out u part area on the top of your front hair to match the u-part width size, and braid your remaining hair back in rows. 2. Hold the hair on the reserved u-part area in a place with a bobby pin. 3. Choose u part wig with proper part size. 4. Put your u part hair on your braid, secure the wig with combs inside. 5. Blend your natural hair with a wig by the combs inside. 6. Put down the hair on the reserved u part area, and part it according to the middle, left, or right parting wig you have chosen, and use a flat iron to style. 7. Use edge control to make the edge more natural. How to Wash U Part Wig? You need to wash and use conditioning the hair just like protecting our natural hair. Also, you could use sulfate-free cleaners or conditioners. A simple wash with mild shampoo can keep a wig in good condition. Where To Buy it? If you want to get cheap wigs and high quality 100% human hair U Part Wigs? Now there are promotions on one of the best hair websites-- Yolissa hair website, and get a discount! Come to have a look. You will be happy about it.
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    Sort and Analyze popular wigs

    Could you analyze the popular wigs in recent years? Recently, almost all the beauties and stylist should hear more information and introduction about the headband wig or lace frontal part wig, even though there is much analysis to these kinds of wigs, and some of the article or blog from profession stylists or companies, can you clearly distinguished the recently popular wigs? For example, lace frontal wig and lace frontal part wig. The kinds of several recently popular wigs Except for the 13*4'' lace frontal wig and 4x4 closure wig, lace frontal part wig and headband wig are more and more familiar to us because the wigs are easy to installed and the lower price. Meanwhile, our website keeps the product update and enlarge different customization color range per customer request, without any exaggeration, almost of all the regular color could be applied for the lace frontal part wig, such as the shine and bright burgundy color hair wig, or dignified #8 brown wig. There are hot-sale lace frontal part wig combinations that included the kinds of color. Last but not least, we have good news, our website 13*4 HD lace wigs are available now. Maybe hundreds of our loyal customers are waiting for 13*4 HD lace wig, so far, our website HD lace front wigs have 5*5, 6*6, and 13*4, as for the 13*6 HD lace, there is no exact back into stock now. What's the difference between the lace front wig and lace frontal part wig? Normally, the lace front wig means the wig has 13*4 lace, 13*4'' is lace size. Almost all the wig's users are familiar with the 13*4 lace frontal wig. It's a classic kind of wig. The advantage of the 13x4 lace front wig is the multiple parting styles, the lace front wig could be three partings, middle parting, and free parting. Regarding the lace frontal part wig, the lace width still is 13'', deep is 4'' as well, but the 4'' deep lace only in the middle part of the frontal, in another word, the wig's lace part isn't a square like lace frontal wig's, the lace part is a 4'' deep line, others are breathable cotton material cap. So the lace part wig only could be middle parting. How to select a suitable wig? Why is it so hard to get suitable wigs? Is it hard to process hair? Yeah. After all, the professional stylists with the license are careful to bleach or dye hair. Even so, they couldn't guarantee 100% success. So if you would like to unique and suitable hairstyle, it's risky to ruin the hair. Is it complex to get the correct cap size wig? No! It only needs minutes of patience and a ruler. Here we listed the method per our website information. We have listed the size information and every exact size data, using a ruler to measure the head's size as the following image showing: It should be the most complex part to get the six data, suggesting you find a friend or relative to help you to get the exact data. Then refer to the following image to select the correct size wig. Attention: Every company may have a different size data reference chart. Above are several simple tips to get the favorite wigs, when you are ready to pick out and purchase a wig, Yotissa always is patient to provide the best professional service and highest types of human hair for you.
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    Common Mistakes in Wigs Care

    Do you have a wig? Maybe you can read the article. Wig beginners very often face the tough question of how to make their wigs look as natural as possible and how to avoid basic mistakes that ruin other people’s experience, especially taking into account the price tag. Based on answers from experienced wig-wearers, today we are bringing you the top mistakes that you should avoid when starting your wig journey. 1. Not implementing the basics It is very important to be aware of the basics you need to follow when starting your wig journey. The glue, elastic bands and combs are part of the basics that is implemented for a positive experience. Some lace wig human hair will require you to use the amount of glue while with the clueless ones, you will need to use the available combs to secure it. And also, don’t forget to use the strap used to adjust the cap size and flatten your hair. 2. Over-plucking your wig The wig beginners end up in over-plucking their wig, which ends up in ripping the lace. When you pluck is uneven, meaning some parts of the deep wave hair look as if they have holes in it. To avoid this mistake, we recommend ordering a pre-plucked hairline lace instead of plucking it by yourself. 3. Choosing the wrong size Choosing the right size is extremely important and you should be careful about this aspect. Choosing a smaller size than you need would leave marks around your head and can also cause headaches. On the other side, choosing a wig bigger than needed may end up feeling too uncomfortable and even slide back like 30 inch full lace wig 613, meaning there is a risk of showing your stocking cap. 4. Leaving your underneath hair fluffy It is crucial that you take care of your natural hair and ensure that it is in harmony with the wig. If you don’t flatten it enough, it will be visible even under the wig and may even look as if you have road bumps on top of your head. This being said, you need to get used to this habit and take into consideration how your own hair could affect the wig you are using. 5. Cutting too much lace off Cutting your lace front wigs cheap is pretty simple, but it is important to also have the tools. Tools like clips, wig head and measuring tape could be your best bet. It is important that cutting too much lace cannot be fixed hence you would need to pay great attention to this detail. When you need to do it, cut the lace carefully and ensure that you do not cut the lace with single knots along the hairline. If you have any questions about hair, you can go to yolisaa hair. It will give you the best service.
  12. Are you a wig beginner? Do you know how to make your wigs look more natural? Wig beginners very often face the tough question of how to make their wigs look as natural as possible and how to avoid basic mistakes that ruin other people’s experience, especially taking into account the price tag. Based on answers from experienced wig-wearers, today we are bringing you the top mistakes that you should avoid when starting your wig journey. 1. Not implementing the basics It is very important to be aware of the basics you need to follow when starting your wig journey. The glue, elastic bands and combs are part of the basics that is implemented for a positive experience. Some lace front wigs human hair will require you to use the amount of glue while with the clueless ones, you will need to use the available combs to secure it. And also, don’t forget to use the strap used to adjust the cap size and flatten your hair. 2. Choosing the wrong size Choosing the right size is extremely important and you should be careful about this aspect. Choosing a smaller size than you need would leave marks around your head and can also cause headache. On the other side, choosing a wig bigger than needed may end up feeling too uncomfortable and even slide back, meaning there is a risk of showing your stocking cap. 3. Applying too much glue It is needless to say that glue is very important in the overall process but too much of it may bring you trouble. So you try headband wigs human hair. This is especially important for beginners as many tend to apply too much glue just to ensure that it won’t slide off. Different wigs have different directions, it is important to follow the direction of the glue you use. 4. Over-drying or over-bleaching Just like with our own natural hair, bleaching and over-drying can cause the hair to fall. Both these processes make the hair knots fragile, meaning you may lose quite a bit of it. It is best to use products that contain protein before and after the bleaching process. Avoiding this mistake could literally save your wig from getting wasted. Have you found best hair weave websites? I recommend Yolissa Hair Store. It will give you the best service. Anything about coupons, you can click“yolissa coupon code”.
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    Slick Up Your Wig Into A High Bun

    If you want to pull your wig up into a high bun, it’s best that your wig doesn’t have an adjustable strap in the back. Like a 360 full lace front wig. You can get a natural hairline all the way around and when you pull it up in the back it’ll look natural. So preferably if you don’t have an adjustable strap that like a 360 full lace wig is the best choice to make a high bun. Prepping your 613 hair to put under the wig cap. Make two braids and then criss-cross them in the back so that your hair is pretty flat all the way around. You can also do French braids or something like that just to make your hair really flat. Make the lace wig human hair on. Just crisscross the braids in the back and then shove it into the wig cap. Before we go any further, you should take some rubbing alcohol to clean up the hairline just to make sure there’s no excess oil or makeup or anything like that would interfere with the gel. Must make sure it’s very clean. What you can do next is to take on the stocking cap and pull it all the way down over your hairline and your ears. Make sure that all your yolissa hair water wave wig and your whole hairline is under the stocking cap. Start applying a thin layer to your hairline with the really intense hair gel. You can use a plastic spoon or any tool just help not to use your fingers because it gets super sticky and messy and also the oils from your fingers will degrade the gel. If you want a better-staying power just make a thin layer and don’t need to put too much on. The spoon also can help you deal with that if you had put too much in any area and you can cube it away so that it can keep headband wigs really clean. Using a plastic spoon is very recommended. A plastic knife can help you to spread it on and make a really thin layer so that’s a good tool as well. Make the first thin layer gel around your hairline and then take the blow-dryer on the cool setting to let the layer dry. Does it take a little bit of time so please be patient. It’s the first thing on your stocking cap. Come to yollissa hair to select your hair.
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    Colored Lace Wigs

    Fashion is the symbol of youth. As wigs became more and more popular, more and more people were willing to buy and wear them. Meanwhile, people are no longer content to wear only natural black hair. We can see that more and more people choose different colors of wigs in their lives. Different colors of hair can give people different feelings. Which colored wigs are popular? How do we choose a colored wig that fits us? Today, I’m going to tell you the 2colored lace wigs you need to buy. 1. 99J Colored Wig If you would like to buy your first colored wig, I highly recommend 99j hair color. The color of the 99J is not very bright, which is easy to accept for people trying colored wigs for the first time. And the 99J is divided into two colors, one is light 99J and the other is dark 99J. If you cannot accept light 99J firstly, you can choose dark 99J wig. The Dark99J lace wig will look more mature and elegant. The 99J lace wig will look more stylish. Whether you are a student or an office worker, this color is a good choice. 2. #27 Honey Blonde wig I know that a lot of people want to try 27 full lace human hair wigs, but they are worried that 613 blonde wigs are too light to suit them. Then the #27 honey blonde wigs is the best choice for you. #27 colored wig is not light as #613 blond wigs, it’s a little darker. But it’s also a color that works for all skin tones. Compared with the bright colors of the 613 wig, the #hair color 27 blond wigs is more elegant and attractive. And if you choose 27 body wave lace wigs, it will give off more of your personality. Where to buy? If you want to buy a high-quality real human wig, West Kiss is your best choice. West Kiss has long sold human hair in a variety of colors and types. We have the 10 years hair factory and reliable customer service team. From 9.3 to 9.25, West Kiss is running an anniversary promotion. The discounts are so great that you can not only get good hair at a very low price, but also have the chance to get free wigs! Here are The following is the specific coupon code of this anniversary sale: Each Day First 10 Orders Get $20 Off Code ☛“ANNIVERSARY” HD LACE WIGS GET FREE STRAIGHT U PART WIG 12INCH LIMITED WIG DEAL: BUY 1 GET 1 FREE WIGS 3 WIGS ORDERS GET 10% OFF Code☛“WIG10” 2 WIGS ORDERS GET 7% OFF Code☛“WIG07” ALL WIG ORDERS GET 5% OFF Code☛“WKWIG” In addition to the above discount, we will draw ten lucky customers every day, and the order of these ten lucky customers will be free of charge! Come and buy your favorite hair at West Kiss!
  15. Human hair wigs care lotion is important to human hair wigs. When you run out of the first bottle of wig lotion, you have to buy a second bottle, a third bottle... This is not a small cost. It would be nice if you could make the care lotion to your own lace closure wig. You can use it as you like. So, how to make human hair wigs care lotion? Here to learn more about the use of human hair wigs care lotion and self-made and other related knowledge! Self Made Method Of Human Hair Wigs Care Lotion The Use Of Human Hair Wigs Care Lotion 1. It is usually sprayed every 2-3 days apart 2. Before washing, use a thick toothed soft brush or a thin toothed wooden comb to gently comb from top to bottom to clean the dirt and dust. 3. Put the full lace wigs into the warm water with detergent (water temperature 25 ~ 30 ℃), soak for 10 minutes, and then rinse the lace wig gently by hand. When rinsing, comb can be used to remove the dirt on the wig. The Function Of Human Hair Wigs Care Lotion 1. The hair care lotion contains protein nutrients and active hair care formula, which can effectively prevent the hair from the knot and static electricity, and make the hair more smooth. 2. After using, the human hair lace wigs are smooth, more natural, restore luster and elasticity, and prevent fuzziness. 3. After using the 99J hair care lotion, it can make the wig easy to comb, prevent static electricity, and prolong the service life of the lace wig. Westkisshair is a big hair shop, and welcome your coming.