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  1. The inside of the part wig you should get an elastic band attached to, and two combs on the front by the temple and another comb in the back with adjustable straps. As for the material on the cap, it’s like a stretch mesh material so that’s really good for you ladies that have a big head this week the stretch on your big head alright. Like other types of lace front wigs for sale, they need our care. Fortunately, care is relatively easy and you don't have to go to a professional hair salon. This article will teach you three tips to care for your lace part wigs at home. It not only saves time but also saves money, which is good news for students, so follows me to learn! 1.Use the right products The products you use in your wig maintenance routine play a huge factor, in the end, result in your wig condition and its ultimate look. A large number of products sold in at your local beauty supply or drug store have a very high alcohol content which encourages tangling by creating a high alkaline pH. For ideal lace front wigs for black women unit care, you will need to invest in products that have an acidic pH balance; this makes the hair optimum for styling and in turn easier to manage. Do not risk damaging your hair just because products are convenient. Ensure the longevity of your wig by viewing the ingredients before you purchase. 2.Wrap it up Gently comb out your unit before bedtime and carefully tie a silk or satin scarf and your head to prevent the tangling, breakage and shedding that happens after a night of tossing and turning. There is nothing worse than going to bed with a spectacular and tangle-free hairstyle only to wake up with the most frightening, and not to mention matted, head of hair. If you are loathed to ruin a hairstyle or have difficulty wrapping the curlier kind of hairstyles, invest in a satin cap or a satin pillowcase. Not only will it enable you to sleep without the worry of tangles or breakage, but you will also maintain the moisture that cotton made pillowcases strip from your hair. 3.Do not use a hairdryer The temptation to bombard your freshly washed wig with a bout of heat is completely understandable, especially when you are in a rush or attempting to maintain some sort of style. However, excessive heat is just as bad for your wig with part health as it is for your natural hair; air drying your wig can guarantee that your hair is as dry as possible and prevents any damage, breakage or shedding that heat can encourage. If you feel like putting heat in your hair even after you are done air drying, then invest in a quality heat protectant, this will protect your unit from the worst of the heat and limit the amount of damage that is done to the unit. If you're looking for 613 hair bundles with parts, west kiss wig has a wide selection of parted wigs to choose from. At westkiss you'll find one of the best selections of wigs with parts available on the web. We have a great variety of colours for you look through so you are sure to find a perfect match for your natural colour or a fun neon colour if you like. Find a style that will make you feel fabulous and gorgeous with our wide selection of different style parted wigs. So, get to shopping on west kiss hair wig for stylish wigs with parts now!
  2. 1. Pay attention to ingredients When we buy a human hair wig, we must pay attention to the ingredients. Want to see wig qualitative material is installed insecurity, generally speaking, the wig that dye is harmful to human body big, because you do not know what dye hair agent chooses is good or bad. If you're unlucky enough to buy a man hair wigs with long bundles that use inferior dyes, prolonged exposure can cause cancer. National standard wig formaldehyde content should be lower than 75 grams per kilogram, reducing the condition does not allow decomposition of aromatic amine in raw materials, the aromatic amine may cause cancer. This is the most serious harm of wearing a wig, we must take it seriously. 2. Don't wear them too often It should not be worn frequently, because when wearing it, it is necessary to bind the virgin hair which will cause pressure on the original scalp. Long-term tying of hair will make the hair that grows naturally appear sick. If you wear a wig on a regular basis, you may find that your hair problems, such as hair loss, split ends, dry hair, etc., are getting worse. In addition, wear for a long time, so that the head is stuffy in the hair net inside, very easy to perspire, perspire if the scalp will be uncomfortable. Another thing to note is that some people may be allergic to synthetic hair. They should avoid wearing synthetic hair wig. You can wear a 100% human hair wig by shopping with free west kiss tracking, which suits you better. 3. Pay attention to fire prevention Our hair is inflammable, full lace wigs are the same, the current market 613 lace wigs silk is low-temperature silk, low-temperature silk has flammability, so full lace wigs need fire prevention. The protein silk wig flame retardant, but a bit better wig is relatively expensive but wear at ease. 4. Wear them correctly The biggest danger of wearing a wig is that they can cause hair loss. If the method of wearing a wig is not appropriate, the original hair has a pulling force, and cover the scalp, it is very easy to cause external hair loss. Therefore, we must wear wigs correctly To sum up, these are tips for wearing fake scalp wigs and I'd like to share with you, you must know! Wear a wig and hair loss compared to, there are many advantages such as wigs can change their hairstyle at will, also have more choices on the appearance, wearing a good wig will not feel very fake. The human hair wig has many benefits, but the dangers of wearing it can not lightly, wearing a wig can meet our pursuit for beauty in shape, but from the point of view of health harm wig also has a lot of, to be reckoned with, so you must pay attention to when wearing a wig, as far as possible to eliminate the dangers of wearing it.
  3. Have you ever heard of lace part wigs? In fact, it is a kind of lace wig, but the position of lace is different. The following will introduce the way to apply the lace part wig, hoping to help you. The front of the lace part wig comes with no lace to cut. It comes as a middle part. It’s actually not bad at all, but the inside of the human lace front wigs you should get an elastic band attached to, and two combs on the front by the temple and another comb in the back with adjustable straps. As for the material on the cap, it’s like a stretch mesh material so that’s really good for you ladies that have a big head so this week the stretch on your big head alright. Wearing Steps: 1. If the real hair is near the chin, it is recommended to wrap the real hair with a hairnet first, because the elasticity of the hairnet is very good, to avoid loosening in the movement, the edge of the net must be fixed with a hairpin to ensure that the human hair wigs will not fall off. 2. The closing position of the hairnet should be placed on the back of the head, fixed with a hairpin, and then gently patted with the hand to make the real hair more natural. If the real hair is more, you can braid it into a braid, fix it in the back of the head with a hairpin, and then put on the hairnet, which is more natural. 3. After opening the lace part wigs package, hold the lace wig’s inner net with one hand and shake it gently, so that the fluffy effect of the new hair will be better and It's more natural when you wear the human hair wig. Because human hair wigs are packed directly after making out, so the hair will be more neat and comfortable, shaking or use a few times will appear more fluffy and natural. Special reminder: please don't comb curly hair. If you like the effect of fluffy curly hair, you can also comb along with the curl with your hand when shaking. 4. At the beginning of the treatment, there will be some floating hair. These are loose parts of the knitting process, which will not appear after several times of care. 5. After taking care of the lace part wig, first, adjust the adjusting combs behind the inner net of the fake scalp wig. It is recommended to adjust it to the outermost row first, and then wear it to feel the tightness. If you feel too loose, remove the wig and adjust it to a suitable position before wearing it. 6. When wearing, it is recommended to find out the position of the hairline from front to back, and then pull the lower part of the head back. Pull the inner net to the hair root near the neck and wrap all the hairnets. Then adjust the linings on both sides of the ear to ensure that the lace part wig is placed accurately and symmetrically. For hairline, you can cut a little bit of lace in the place where the human hair wigs are positioned, and then make it more appropriate with your scalp. Finally, apply a little liquid foundation to make it look more natural. The method of human hair wigs including headband wig wearing is almost the same, the most need to pay attention to is the usual care and the first time to wear. If you want to try the lace part wig after reading this article, go to West Kiss Wigs to buy it today with a west kiss hair promo code. There are many human hair wigs with different curls and colours. You must choose the one that you like.
  4. Do you still hesitate to choose what style or type of wig to wear? You can take a look at my article and maybe you will find some ideas. The head size includes the following main parts. The size from the forehead to the lower part of the?back?side?of?head. The occipitalis at the point where the back of the brain protrudes. 2. The length from the root of the forehead to the base of the occipital bone. 3. The length of the top end of each ear around the top of the head. 4. The distance between your forehead and temples. 5. The distance between the roots of hair before two ears to wear Brazilian wigs. The Price 1. Chemical? synthesis wigs: This kind of wig is a wig made with chemicals, which costs relatively little. But in terms of comfort, the final effect of the human hair wig is relatively average. The advantage of it is that it saves a lot of manpower and material resources. 2. Human hair wigs: This kind of wigs are made of real hair, which is knitted by the workers, with the relatively high cost and relatively good comfort and sense of use. Now it is more popular in the market. All of these human hair wigs are 100% virgin Remy hair. However, how to buy a wig must see it in your economy ability. The Shape Of The Face 1. Standard face shape Proposal: if you belong to this face shape, you can choose wigs that could increase the head hair quantity appropriately, which may be more perfect. Bang is one of the popular elements this year, you can try to cut some your own hair when wearing one wig, and bangs can add a lively and nifty element. 2.Oval face shape Tip: Just keep it long enough to cover your long face. And have a long hair wig make you more attractive. 3. Round face Suggestion: cheek place is a bit slant round, but the overall outline is very good, accordingly, need to increase the hair quantity of head top only, both sides do natural cover, the face shape is perfect. So you can choose one wig of the length to exceed your face like bob wigs. 4. Long face Suggestion: No matter how you change this season hairstyle, have a common feature is -- loose hair with 40-inch bundles, make the top outline that gives full. Then you should fill the hair quantity on both sides of the top of the head, achieve the goal that decorates facial form. So you can look at the wigs according to this advice. After-sales When choosing lace front wigs for black women in the process, you also need to pay attention to the quality of after-sales service, on our side, many shops can provide us with very good service. No matter what type of store we chose, they made it clear that if we got the finished wig and found that it had quality problems, we could always contact customer service. All of the stores provide us with services, and the aim is to attract? our attention to buying their goods. We are unable to guarantee the quality of each product, but with the after-sale, we can buy it relieved. Therefore, in the process of looking for wigs, it is also very important to choose a good after-sales service.