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  1. The main feature of heat transfer label is that the transferred image has bright colors and rich layers. Its effect is not only comparable to ordinary printing, but also the thermal transfer ink can be sublimated by heat at high temperatures, penetrate the surface of the object, and form bright colors. Image. Therefore, the heat transfer product is durable, and the image will not fall off, crack and fade. Thermal transfer has a wide range of applications, from fabric printing to leaflet printing, ceramic, metal, glass and other handicraft surface printing, various labels, barcodes, and self-adhesive printing, especially in label printing. In summary, heat transfer label has many advantages. (1) A small amount of various printing, no waste, even only one sheet can be printed. (2) Using the advantages of bar code and using it with a scanner can reduce manual processing time and reduce costs. (3) Various graphics can be printed as required, especially the company's logo and certification mark. (4) Serial number can be printed to track products. (5) It can connect to the company's database data, quickly extract data and print. (6) It can be used in the production line to track the production of products at any time to avoid excess materials. (7) It can be used in warehouse management to keep abreast of the latest inventory. (8) Tickets or various bills can be printed, with fast speed and high quality. (9) According to the needs, choose the label printing with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance or strong adhesion. (10) The printing speed is fast, up to 15cm/S. (11) It can be cut immediately after printing, which is ideal for tickets. (12) Computer editing, printing content and printing effect are not inferior to printing. (13) Use system integration solutions and use barcode labels as media to comprehensively improve the management systems of procurement, production, warehousing, logistics, and sales. With the maturity and popularization of label printing technology, the prices of thermal transfer printers and consumables have been greatly reduced, and the cost of label thermal transfer printing has fallen below the ordinary printing cost, greatly enhancing the competitiveness of label thermal transfer. If you are interested in heat transfer machine, welcome to your come and purchase!
  2. The heat transfer machine is a machine that is using heat and pressure in order to transfer an image/artwork onto an imprintable object such as T-shirt, plates, cap, mouse pads, coffee mugs, handbag, puzzles, and more using transfer products. (With some exceptions and fabrics working better than others). Once done transferring the image to the end product, it’s become an excellent customised gift that can be use and distributed during special occasion or as a way to get extra income. There are many types of heat transfer machine in the gift industry. For instance, you can’t print an image onto mugs and cap using the same machine. Not just selecting the right heat transfer machine is crucial, but you also need to know which types of paper and inks suitable to use in heat transfer printing. In the table below, we share an example the different printing methods for personalised gift printing business. You must also know the procedures to use the heat transfer machine and heat transfer paper in order to making a gift product. As mention above, not every gift product share same machine, inks and paper. This also applied to the combination of the heat and pressure. Every instruction must be followed carefully to ensure you can successfully transfer the image onto the product. Otherwise, you need to re-do again and it will increase to cost of productions. Basic instruction for heat transfer printing are as follows: Preheated the heat press machine. Set the machine according to the instructed pressure: low, medium, or high. Place and positions the transfer paper accordingly Pressed and heat follows the guidelines time given When it is removed from the press, according to the guidelines you can peel it carefully. If you are interested in heat transfer label, welcome to contact us!