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  1. Today we will talk about the maintenance and operation of the lifting platform. If you are interested, let's read on. 1. The main content of mechanical maintenance is cleaning, tightening, adjustment, lubrication and corrosion protection. 2. The mechanical department of each project must strictly perform various maintenance tasks in accordance with the maintenance manual and maintenance procedures of the mechanical equipment in accordance with the specified period, reduce the wear rate of parts, eliminate hidden dangers of failure, and extend the service life of the machinery. Need to do the following: (1) Routine maintenance: Routine maintenance focuses on cleaning, lubrication, inspection and tightening. Routine maintenance should be carried out as required before, during and after each shift. Routine maintenance is done independently by the mechanical operator. (2) Regular maintenance: According to the maintenance requirements of various mechanical equipment, after reaching the specified working hours or specified mileage, corresponding regular maintenance must be carried out. If you want to know more, please contact us: hydraulic freight elevator.
  2. Why are home elevators becoming more and more popular in the market? Below, WEBSTAR will give you a brief analysis: In the past, we only saw elevators in high-rise communities, but we also started to see home elevators in ordinary villas. Therefore, the demand for elevators in the market has also increased significantly, and the sales volume in the market will increase significantly. What is the main reason? Reason 1: The number of rural villas and urban villas continues to increase, so the demand for customized home elevators will increase significantly. Once installed, it is often more convenient to go up and down the floor. Therefore, it is more practical and reasonable in cost. Reason two: the improvement of the quality of life has significantly increased the demand for home elevators. As long as the process of selling in the market, you will find that the sales volume of various brands in the market will also increase significantly, and the direction of choice for customers will become more and more extensive. Only in the course of competition can it be seen that the advantages and characteristics of the elevator brand will be more significant. For specific product details, please click on the link below: villa elevator.
  3. Hydraulic freight elevator is a cargo elevator driven by a hydraulic system; it is used for the straight line transportation of goods between two or more points on the floor. The function is roughly equivalent to the elevator, and different from the passenger elevator, the hydraulic freight elevator is only used for cargo transportation. It is strictly forbidden to take seats. When purchasing hydraulic freight elevators, factors such as price and configuration are more important. However, customers should first understand the service objects, transport capacity, work performance and civil design requirements of the hoistway, engine room, etc. of the hydraulic freight elevator, so as to be more helpful in choosing the right one. Your own elevator can be used as a reference specifically from the following aspects: 1. Actual condition of the hoistway: The hydraulic freight elevator must be installed in a closed hoistway environment. The actual condition of the hoistway determines the final specifications and dimensions of the hydraulic freight elevator. It includes the width and depth of the hoistway, the situation of the pit and the engine room, etc. 2. Rated load. The elevator load (Kg) specified by manufacturing or design is the main parameter of the hydraulic freight elevator. Generally, there are 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg, 3000kg, 5000kg and other specifications to choose from, or customers can put forward non-standard requirements. 3. Rated speed. The elevator speed specified by manufacturing or design, in m/s, is the main parameter of the elevator. Hydraulic freight elevators generally have speeds of 0.25m/s and 0.2m/s, and can be designed to no more than 0.5m/s under special circumstances. 4. Car size. The car size of a general hydraulic freight elevator can be understood as the outer net size and the inner net size, expressed in width * depth * height, but the former is more used by customers, and the latter is more used by hydraulic freight elevator manufacturers. The reason is that customers are more concerned about their own use effects, and it is more convenient for hydraulic freight elevator manufacturers to calculate the size of the hoistway, so customers must confirm which car size they need to be quoted. 5. Lifting height. The hydraulic freight elevator runs from the bottom ground to the height of the top ground. It must be accurately measured, because the lifting height determines the length of the hydraulic cylinder, and the price of the hydraulic cylinder is relatively expensive. 7. Top level height. The height of the car elevator running from the bottom end station to the top end station is also very important, because the height of the top floor must meet the national acceptance standards. 8. Number of stops, hall doors and car doors. Has a considerable impact on the price. If you want to know more, please contact us: freight lift manufacturers.
  4. In the current social life, the use of elevator lifts are inseparable for many fields and places. Due to the needs of cargo transportation and loading and unloading, auxiliary loading and unloading equipment is indispensable. As a vertical elevator, elevators are very convenient to transport goods. Transport between floors. Therefore, the elevator equipment has a wide range of applications and great social contributions. So how do we choose the elevator that suits us? Here is the editor to share with you: 1. The scope of use of elevators Choose suitable lifting equipment according to your actual needs, such as: where to use, what is the environment, how much the equipment requires to lift, size, rise, rated load and other factors to comprehensively consider and screen. Choose an elevator that suits your job level requirements. 2. Working environment of elevator Many customers have different needs and types of elevators. Nowadays, there are many kinds of elevator equipment, which can be customized according to their needs. Therefore, the key to choosing which elevator equipment is to use there, such as: some customers For indoor use, the environment is required to be clean and tidy, no pits should be dug, and protective nets are required. At this time, you can choose which type of elevator and guide rail elevator. Some customers choose to use it outdoors. There is no strict requirement for cleanliness. You can dig a pit or add a protective net. Many people choose to dig a pit, and the usual fixed scissor elevators will naturally increase. 3. Types of elevators Nowadays, with market demand, manufacturers produce lifting platforms of various models and parameters, such as: fixed lifting platforms, scissor lifting platforms, automobile lifting platforms, hydraulic lifting platforms between floors, guide rail lifting platforms, crank arm Various types of equipment such as elevators. Customers can choose the type that suits them according to their needs. 4. Lifting elevator supplier It's not wrong to choose the one that suits you, and it's even more right to choose the manufacturer that suits you. Good equipment and after-sales service are to guarantee your own legal rights and guarantee the huge benefits of the equipment you purchase. Therefore, choose regular manufacturers with complete production qualifications, and those who have obtained product quality certification and award-winning enterprise manufacturers are the greatest guarantee for their rights and interests. It is important to choose high-quality manufacturers. WEBSTAR is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, installation, modernization and maintenance of elevators and escalators. The technical part of WEBSTAR elevator products deeply adopts many advanced German technologies, thereby optimizing the world’s most cutting-edge Webster products. Technology. For details, please contact: elevator supplier.
  5. Passenger Elevator is a very important facility in the construction of a variety of property supporting facilities, and it plays an increasingly important role in the lives of owners and residents. In recent years, the frequent use of elevators and the increase of various problems in management have caused elevator accidents to occur frequently. This has also sounded the alarm for elevator manufacturers, elevator maintainers and elevator daily managers. So from those aspects should we pay attention to and prevent the occurrence of elevator accidents? Where is the danger of elevator safety hidden? As an indispensable means of transportation in high-rise buildings, elevators have attracted more and more attention to their equipment stability and safety. For high-rise buildings, the configuration and selection of elevators are directly related to whether the entire building structure is reasonably used. When selecting elevators in high-rise buildings, what aspects should be considered to meet the actual needs of high-rise buildings? 1. Speed. High-rise buildings often reach 200 meters, 300 meters or more in height. Choosing high-speed elevators is conducive to quickly transporting people during certain peak hours. For example, a direct sightseeing elevator with a speed of 8 m/s can quickly send passengers to the 72nd floor (the actual floor is 59). Basically, it takes more than 40 seconds to reach the desired floor, even if there are many visitors. It will delay passengers' time. For example, the fire-fighting elevator has a speed of 7 m/s, which can ensure that firefighters can reach any floor from the negative 4th floor within 2 minutes, which provides very favorable conditions for fire fighting. Passenger elevators generally take the elevator to reach the floor from the first floor, and it is more appropriate to control it within 5 minutes. 2. The size and number of elevators. The size of the elevator car and the number of elevators need to be matched reasonably. Using elevators with large cars (that is, passenger elevators with a large load) can reduce the number of elevators and save building area and elevator costs, but the average interval time increases and maintenance is inconvenient; while the number of elevators is small but the number of elevators With many elevators, although they occupy a lot of building area and the elevator cost is high, the transportation capacity is greatly improved, the average interval time is shortened, and elevator maintenance will not affect the normal use of passengers. It is recommended to choose an elevator with a load capacity of 1 ton, and more elevators are better. In general office buildings, the number of elevators required for each 100 people is between 0.3 and 0.5, and 0.5 is better. 3. Elevators for different purposes have different requirements. Passenger elevators require speed and quantity, but for freight elevators, we have found in our operations that the frequency of use of freight elevators far exceeds that of passenger elevators. Not only are they used by property managers during the day for cleaning, inspection, and garbage collection, etc. It is used for moving or transporting materials at night. The quality and management of freight elevators are also very important. For the choice of freight elevators, you must choose the first-line brand in the market, which has a good reputation, durability and good quality. 4. After-sales service. It may only take one or two years to construct a building, but it takes decades to use the building, and the elevator has to be used for a long period of time. The elevator maintenance work has been closely related to the property management work since the delivery of the building. Having an elevator maintenance unit with services that satisfy the owners will bring great benefits to the property management work. Webstar is a professional elevator supplier, you are welcome to come and order.
  6. Today WEBSTAR tells you how to choose passenger elevators? What kind of passenger elevator has higher safety features? When selecting home elevators, safety is the condition and basis, and safety cannot be ensured. You will also feel uneasy during the process of use in the future. Faced with various manufacturers on the market, how can we choose one to be more assured Elevator company. Before purchasing a villa elevator, you must make a serious investigation to truly know the specific conditions of these manufacturers. In some places, the methods of using elevator purchases are actually the same, and you can truly understand the various methods of purchase. For us in the future In fact, it will be more effective, so in the selection process, anyone should not just pay attention to the price, but better understand the quality of the elevator. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people rely on cars when they go out and use elevators up and downstairs. Elevators have become an important part of our lives. However, elevator incidents continue to emerge in daily life, which greatly increases our attention to elevator safety. How to choose elevators with higher safety functions has also become a highly important issue. 1. Whether the elevator can be installed as required: There are many problems in the elevator, which are directly related to the quality of the installation and the subsequent maintenance, especially the quality of the installation is dangerous, it is difficult to adjust, and the subsequent protection adjustment is more difficult. Therefore, whether the strict process installation can be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the elevator manufacturer is also a detail of the elevator brand to improve the elevator safety function. 2. Choose a good passenger elevator brand: When purchasing, you must choose a good elevator brand. The technical advantages of a good brand are more significant, and the maintenance ability is more trustworthy. So how can we define a good brand? It can be evaluated by combining the ideas of some industry experts and the application status of the products, installations, post-maintenance and customer reputation in the market. 3. Whether it can provide perfect services: However, in any case, the safety of elevators is affected by many aspects. First of all, elevator manufacturers must guarantee the quality of their products. For more elevator related information, please continue to pay attention to us: elevator factory.
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    With the advancement of science and technology, the level of design, manufacturing, installation, inspection, repair, maintenance, and use of passenger elevator technology and management has been continuously improved, and the reliability of its operation has increased significantly. But in the maintenance, there are still some typical elevator stop failures, among which the failure of the safety circuit causes the elevator to fail the most. 1. The elevator stops due to phase failure When the three-phase power supply is out of phase, the phase sequence relay will act to cut off the safety circuit and stop the elevator. This kind of failure is mostly caused by elevators controlled by relay logic. Because it is an old-fashioned elevator, the power switch is mostly knife-type, and the current of the elevator running and starting is very large. After a period of operation, if the maintenance personnel do not check in time, the fuse and the screw connection are easily blown, and the elevator loses the phase, causing the elevator to stop, ranging from shutting down the person to the accident. Maintenance personnel should conduct frequent inspections, find suspicious points, and repair them in time. If there are hot and sparks, they should be replaced immediately. It is recommended that the user replace the knife switch with an air switch of equivalent capacity. The elevators currently designed do not have power limit switches, and the safety circuit can be slightly modified, that is, add upper and lower limit electrical switches in series in the safety circuit, and remove the original limit switches. 2. Such failures require maintenance personnel to frequently check the door lock contacts, gaps, whether the hall door wire rope is stretched, whether the door connecting rod is loose, and whether the door lock block hook is deformed or damaged. Find problems and eliminate them in time to reduce unnecessary elevator shutdown failures. In reality, the elevator stops running and people are locked in the car from time to time. As the elevator was shut down, the people in the car panicked, kicked and clashed randomly, causing damage to the elevator or personal injury or death. Therefore, reducing Passenger Elevator Factory stop failures is a very important issue for manufacturers.
  8. As an indispensable means of transportation for ordinary people, in addition to safety, reliability and comfort, elevator supplier have attracted the attention of the public. Intelligence and even technology and fashion are becoming a quiet trend, whether in our villa elevators or commercial passengers. elevator. If you want to choose a villa elevator, it depends on whether the hoistway is reserved. The hoistway is easy to handle, the size of the hoistway, whether the pit has been dug, whether there is a reserved machine room, the passenger elevator is divided into two types: machine room and machine-less room. , And civil engineering, etc., to design your villa elevator, the factory will give you the elevator drawings, and the construction will also follow the elevator drawings. Elevators are special equipment. The country has a series of standards for elevators, and relevant departments of the country must check and accept elevators. To test your elevator, firstly, whether the product design is qualified, and secondly, whether various indicators meet the national standards. After passing the inspection and acceptance by the state agencies, a quality report will be issued, and then a safety acceptance certificate will be issued to the owner before freight elevator can be used.