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  1. The applications of PVC cabinet board: 1. Advertising industry-screen printing, engraving, advertising signs, exhibition boards, sign boards. 2. Furniture industry—bathroom furniture, various high-end furniture boards. 3. Construction and decoration industry-building exterior wall panels, interior decoration panels, residential buildings, offices, public building compartments, commercial decorative frames, clean room panels, ceiling panels. 4. Transportation industry-ships, airplanes, passenger cars, train carriages, roofs, box cores, interior decoration boards. 5. Industrial applications-chemical industry anti-corrosion engineering, thermoformed parts, cold storage plates, special cold insulation engineering, environmental protection plates. 6. Other uses-formwork, sports equipment, breeding materials, seaside moisture-proof facilities, water-resistant materials, art materials, various lightweight partitions. If you are interested in UV print pvc board, welcome to your come and purchase!
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    You Can Choose 4x8 Pvc Foam Sheet

    The 4x8 pvc foam sheet and plywood are widely used for making cabinets and other items for the house or office needs. They are mostly used for kitchen remodeling. Although both PVC and plywood has equal role and importance to play in any renovation or remodeling works, the PVC boards are broadly used when compared to the plywood. There are certainly a few reasons to validate this. Here are a few facts that make PVC a better choice than plywood: PVC foam board consists of materials like thermoplastics. This is the combination of wood fiber and PVC and thus also termed as Wood-plastic composite. This material may also contain some filler materials, which are inorganic. Whereas plywood’s are mostly two or three wood boards glued together. We know that kitchen is an area that is most exposed to moisture and heat. Perhaps at such circumstances, plywood may not efficiently sustain both the conditions. If you expect the longevity and durability of the materials to sustain moisture and heat, then PVC will be a perfect choice When it comes to shaping, PVC is very flexible compared to plywood. You are absolutely flexible to cut or shape PVC however you want it, but it is not possible to do the same with plywood PVC never needs any polish works before it is to be installed. Whereas plywood should certainly be polished to get a complete look after installation and completion of all works In the case of plywood, it may split when the atmosphere is moisture or hot. But in the case of PVC foam sheet, there are no such worries for you, as this material is resistant to heat and moisture If you are more worried about environmental impact of material you are using for kitchen interiors, then PVC will be a perfect choice. Since PVC is made of recycled waste plastic and wood, there is absolutely no need to cut trees, whereas if you want plywood then you need to think of deforestation. The application of PVC is wide and huge when compared to plywood. You are flexible to use PVC plastic Sheet for various decorative purposes and you are never limited by its usage. You can design your dream design without any limitations by using PVC, whereas this may not be possible with plywood. This may cause some limitations in your designing works. It is not only these factors that may influence your selection process, but also the price of PVC is comparatively less than plywood and thus becomes affordable to all. The PVC celuka board is also one of our products, welcome to your come and purchase!