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  1. What is the difference between height adjustable desk and traditional computer desk? Compared with ordinary computer desks, the biggest functional difference of height adjustable desk is that height adjustable desk has a lifting function, which can adjust the height of the computer desk very well, so that it can meet the living habits and needs of different consumers. The height adjustable desk is mainly composed of computer desk frame, lifting table legs, computer desk desktop, intelligent lifting control system, etc., through the intelligent lifting control system to control the raising and lowering of the computer desk lifting legs, so as to achieve the height of the computer desk Change, raise to meet the standing position to use the computer office, lower to meet the sitting position to use the computer office. Features of height adjustable desk: 1. The height adjustable desk rises and falls freely, and you can stand and use the computer alternately. Standing alternately does not interfere with the busy affairs at hand. 2. The height adjustable desk is easy to operate, it can be automatically adjusted to the specified height by just pressing the button. 3. The height adjustable desk has a memory storage function: that is, users can adjust the function keys to a fixed position according to their own suitable height, which is convenient to use. 4. The height adjustable desk has a simple and generous appearance, which is in line with international office trends, and is different from the dull and difficult-to-move style of traditional computer desks. 5. The height adjustable desk is beneficial to the physical and mental health of office workers and can increase work efficiency. Aodeke is a smart office furniture company that produces smart height adjustable desks. Specializing in the production of height adjustable desk, electric lifting desk, manual lifting desk, intelligent child lifting desk and other healthy and intelligent lifting desk furniture. Shaoxing Contuo's electric standing desk can provide personalized and high-quality ordering services according to the different needs of customers. Your order is welcome.
  2. I still remember the sit stand desk that everyone talked about a few years ago? It is said that this kind of table can burn calories, treat obesity, relieve physical discomfort, improve blood pressure, and can concentrate and improve work efficiency. Is this really the case? Sit stand tables are good in some ways, but researchers say they are not as magical for health as many people expect. At the time, it was said that this table could burn calories, treat obesity, and instantly stimulate vitality. Nowadays, many white collar workers have used it for several years, and it is well documented whether this kind of table is really so amazing. They analyzed the effects of the table from six categories: behavior (such as sitting and standing time), physiology, work performance, psychology, discomfort and posture. Researchers have found that the biggest use of a sitting stand table is to relieve physical discomfort. People use this table to relieve discomfort and pain. Various studies have shown that it is effective not only for people with back pain, but also for obese adults and healthy people. The advantage of a sit stand table is that it encourages users to move, because this is what the human body needs. Whether it’s changing the center of gravity from one foot to the other while standing, or alternating sitting and standing throughout the day, it’s important to avoid standing still for long periods of time. Contuo is a professional stand up desk manufacturer, welcome to contact us.
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    The Working Principle of TV Lift

    Motorized Tv Lift have various shapes and sizes, but the functions of the lifts are similar. The main function is to raise and lower the TV. If the TV lift is located in the cabinet, the lift is usually designed to be lifted with the press of a button TV, press the button again and the TV can be lowered back to the TV cabinet. If you want the TV to be lowered from the ceiling to watch, the elevator is usually designed for reverse movement, that is, when you need to watch TV, the TV opportunity From the ceiling down to the viewing position, when you do not need to use it can rise back to the ceiling. Most TV lifts are now equipped with a remote control, which can remotely control the lift, which is very convenient to use. If the remote control of the elevator is accidentally lost, most of the elevators are also designed with a backup device that can be manually operated. You only need to press the button with manual operation to control the rise and fall of the elevator. The sizes of lifting mechanisms on the market are different. Lifts of different sizes can support the rise and fall of TVs of different inches. The size of TVs that can be supported by a TV lift is usually determined by the weight and material of the lift. The elevator has vertical and horizontal mounting bracket design, the vertical bar can be adjusted to the height of the TV, and the horizontal bar can be adjusted to align with the mounting hole on the back of the TV. If the TV is within the maximum size and weight that the vertical rod of the elevator can support, the TV elevator can function. In the years of rapid development of TV elevators, the design of the elevator has been very advanced, and even a TV elevator that can rotate is designed. With the continuous development of the technology of the Lifting column set in these TV elevators, this TV lifting column is accepted by more and more people and is becoming more and more popular.
  4. The height adjustable desk is a kind of lifting desk, which is widely promoted and used in modern office places. The lifting form is mainly through adjusting the height of the desk to meet the needs of people of different heights. Significance: 1. The height adjustable desk makes the office more free and conforms to the trend of the times; 2. Using a height adjustable desk can effectively prevent spinal and cervical lesions, and control the occurrence of obesity and diabetes; 3. Especially for those who want to maintain a good figure, it is an indispensable tool. The height adjustable desk is ergonomic. Whether it is work or physical health, the height adjustable desk can help. With the development of economy, people pay more and more attention to the concept of ergonomics. The height adjustable desk is also chosen by more and more people, especially office workers. Shaoxing Contuo Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in height adjustable desk. We have advanced technology and a high-level team, we will be happy to provide you with the most sincere service. If you are interested in our height adjustable desk, you can contact us at any time. We are looking forward to your visit: height adjustable desk.
  5. From a functional point of view, a stand up desk manufacturer is generally liftable, and you can sit and work. Standing stand is cheaper, easier to operate than portable standing stand, and it is more portable. Whether it is for companies or individuals, it will be more affordable than sitting stand From the point of view of the impact on the human body, the daily exchange of sitting and standing is conducive to good health. The influence of sedentary on the body has gradually been paid attention by people in recent years, and more and more people are beginning to realize that long-term sitting will hurt the body. People spend an average of 9.3 hours a day sitting, which is even longer than sleeping. This lifestyle will increase the prevalence of breast cancer and colorectal cancer by 10%, heart disease by 6%, and diabetes by 7%. Therefore, a sitting-stand desk or standing office stand is indispensable in the working life of modern people. Experiments have shown that standing up for 10 minutes every two hours and standing for half an hour to 1 hour a day can relieve backache. Sit-and-stand desks are generally equipped with liftable devices. Lifting adjustments are divided into electric and manual types. The manual adjustment table is slightly cheaper, about 1,000 yuan, but the operation is relatively cumbersome. You need to adjust four legs at the same time. When there are many things on the table, this is simply a disaster. Once you have tossed it once, there will be no adjustment. Its thoughts. The desk with electric adjustment is very convenient. It can be automatically raised and lowered with one click, but the price is relatively expensive. An electric adjustable desk manufacturers usually costs several thousand yuan.
  6. The fast adjustable desk manufacturers system brings a better experience to the "stand-sit alternate" office, and will become a more efficient choice for smart office in the future. Today, professionals in industries such as financial securities, IT networks, and advertising media are constantly facing high-pressure and fast-paced work challenges, and they pay more attention to speed and efficiency when working. Compared with the conventional lifting table, the fast lifting table system only needs 6 seconds to complete the whole lifting, the user waiting time is reduced, and the working state is uninterrupted. The fast lifting table system uses a powerful motor, which not only runs faster than the previous lifting table system motor, but also has stronger self-locking performance. Combining drive technology and software control programs, it can achieve constant, stable, low-noise high-speed movement. In addition, the fast lifting table system is also equipped with a non-porous and oil-free column, which is more convenient for maintenance and more beautiful in appearance. It can ensure that the lifting table still maintains rapid lifting under the condition of super heavy load, and there is no abnormal sound, false alarm, tilt and other conditions during operation, so that it can run extremely fast and smoothly, and work smart and efficient. The Electric Lifting Column has achieved rapid iteration and technological innovation, and has been widely used in office spaces in all walks of life. More and more workers are enjoying the “stand-and-sit alternate” healthy office method.