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  1. Colorful Bicycles Supplier introduces the maintenance and repair of bicycles: 1. Maintenance of the transmission system: mainly lubrication. The most effective method is to add lubricating oil. What I want to remind everyone is that the chain should always be kept lubricated and sensitive, especially after wading and raining, refueling in time. The moving parts of the front and rear transmissions should also be filled with oil frequently. The oil used for the chain and transmission is preferably anti-rust lubricating oil for bicycles. Ordinary engine oil can also be used, but the effect is poor. 2. Maintenance of the brake system: The brake system is particularly important because it is related to the personal safety of traveling. In addition to maintaining the sensitivity and reliability of each movable part, it is necessary to frequently check the stroke clearance and wear of the brake block. Both sides of the stroke gap of the brake shoe should be kept within the range of 2-3 mm. If the gap is too large, the free stroke value of the brake block will be increased, which will reduce the sensitivity of the brake. If the gap is too small, the brake lever may appear, increasing the riding strength and wasting physical strength. There are more than two grooves on the surface of each brake block. If these grooves are going to be ground or have been ground, they should be replaced in time to ensure braking sensitivity and driving safety. 3. Maintenance of three-axis shaft: There are several kinds of three-axis shaft. It can be divided into ordinary shafts, sealed shafts, bearing shafts, etc. But no matter what kind of shaft it is, it must be maintained regularly. The timing is five thousand kilometers per year, which means that if you run five thousand kilometers, no matter if it is less than a year, you should perform a maintenance of changing the butter. If you run enough for a year, no matter you run less than five thousand kilometers. , But also a maintenance of replacing the butter. At the same time, check the degree of wear of the steel ball and shaft gear and other parts, and replace it in time. Note that do not use engine oil for lubrication of each shaft. 4. Maintenance of brake cables and shift cables: general brake cables and shift cables have motion conduits. Both ends of these conduits will inevitably enter some dust and moisture, and some rainwater will enter in the rain, which is easy to cause the cable. If it is rusty, the thread should be pulled out, buttered around the thread, and then inserted and installed. And every year, no more than two years at most, the butter will be served again. Through the above introduction, China Bicycle Accessories Manufacturer hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.
  2. The kids balance bike is to provide sliding power through the children's feet continuously and alternately pedaling on the ground, thereby exercising the children's balance ability. Many people think that the balance bike is a kind of children's toy that looks almost the same as a bicycle in appearance. The appearance of the balance bike and the bicycle is indeed the same, and there is a relationship between the two. In the beginning, the Germans got inspiration from bicycles and then developed the world's first balance bike, which quickly swept Germany and the world. First of all, balance bikes and bicycles have different ways of exerting force. The balance bike promotes sliding by alternately pushing the ground with both feet. During sliding, the grounding leg is straightened back. In a bicycle, the legs need to alternate up and down to perform a movement similar to drawing a circle. Secondly, the damage to the knee is different. But we need to know that if any kind of movement is improperly operated or engaged for too long, it may cause harm to the body. Balance scooter is no exception, but theoretically speaking, the way the balance scooter generates power is relatively knee-friendly. Third, the age at which the two riders first ride is also different. The riding age of the balance bike is not very fixed. It mainly depends on the height. Different models have different height requirements. Basically, children over one and a half years old can buy a balance bike and ride alone, while bicycles are a bit difficult to handle compared to children who are one and a half years old. Especially for bicycle handbrakes, it is difficult for babies under 2 years of age to control them properly. Therefore, balance bikes are more suitable for young children to ride than bicycles and can be counted as a perfect transition before cycling. As a kids bike manufacturer, Zhejiang Hangyi Bicycle Manufacturing Company Co., Ltd. can provide you with high-quality and high-performance bicycles. If you want to know more, please contact us.
  3. The Southern Hemisphere is gradually entering winter. Most of the cyclists wonder why the mileage of electric bicycles will be shortened in winter. This is determined by the battery capacity. Due to the low temperature in winter, the mileage of electric bicycles will be greatly reduced, and the battery capacity will also be reduced. Therefore, the mileage of electric bicycles has also declined to a certain extent. When the temperature rises, your bike mileage will recover. However, we must do a good job in the maintenance of electric bicycles in winter to keep the vehicles in their best condition. 1. Properly extend the charging time When charging an electric bicycle in winter, you can charge an extra hour after the charger indicator changes color, but don't charge the electric bicycle for too long to avoid damage to the battery. 2. Store electric bicycles and charge them irregularly Some friends like to store electric bicycles in winter and ride electric bicycles next spring. It is recommended to fully charge the electric bicycle before putting it back. It is recommended to charge it every 15-20 days to avoid damage caused by long-term battery loss and other unnecessary economic losses. 3. Keep the battery capacity above 25% When riding an electric bicycle in winter, it is best not to drop the battery power below 25%. If it is less than 25%, it will cause damage to the battery and affect its service life. Please charge your electric bicycle in time. 4. Slow down your riding speed In winter, the temperature is low and the road is easy to slip. Therefore, when riding an electric bicycle, you should keep driving at a low speed in order to effectively control the electric bicycle in time. 5. Pay attention to where you park The battery of an electric bicycle will be affected at low temperatures, which will naturally affect the battery life of the vehicle. In the cold winter, if conditions permit, try to park the electric bicycle indoors, and the car shed dedicated to electric bicycles is the best choice for parking. 6. Timely maintenance of the vehicle Many friends have a physical examination at least once a year, so our electric bicycles must also undergo regular self-examinations to ensure the normal use of various functional parts. Zhejiang Hangyi Bicycle Manufacturing Company Co., Ltd. is committed to producing public electric bikes and portable folding electric bikes. If you need to buy bicycles, you can contact us at any time.
  4. The global warming problem has become more and more serious in recent years. What can we do to slow down global warming? Choosing an e-bike to go outside is a good decision. You can exercise your body while reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Over the course of a decade, the popularity of electric bicycles and alternate modes of transportation has grown immensely. The big reason is that it can save time and money, suffer less from road congestion, and don’t have to pay extra gas And parking fees. In addition, that riding an electric bike is also a great form of cardio exercise that has been linked with easing joint pain but also improves cardiovascular functions. With exercise, you are able to release endorphins, which help lower stress levels and boost up happiness. Then, e-bikes are an environmentally conscious way to travel, as they release zero emissions in the air, as they do not produce carbon emissions, but rely solely on clean electric energy. What's more, electric bikes are also more portable than riding a car or a bus, meaning that it will be easier to store and venture into territories that cars will not have access to. Choose a good portable folding electric bike, Zhejiang Hangyi Bicycle Manufacture CO., LTD.'s products will be your good choice.
  5. The structure of the classic city bicycle is simpler than that of road bikes and mountain bikes, so it provides users with more stable riding performance. Compared with other models, an average city bike has only 15 parts assembled, while the number of parts for road bikes of the same level is 30, and the number of parts for mountain bikes of this level has reached more than 40. City bicycles are bicycles born for ordinary people’s daily life in the city. It eliminates the complicated transmission systems and redundant shock absorption of road bikes and mountain bikes. It's convenient. The classic city bicycle has a simple design and exquisite shape, which is suitable for daily life in the city. Its color matching is also biased towards fashion and refreshing. This makes it a good match with people's daily wear. Whether you are wearing casual sports to participate in outdoor activities, elegant and decent to attend business meetings, or dress retro to participate in weekend parties, you can find your own type of city car.
  6. Most classic city bicycles use puncture-resistant rubber tires. Because of the high-quality rubber, they are difficult to damage during driving. It can provide a durable cushioning balance during riding. Another advantage of this tire is that it is faster and quieter than mountain bike tires, and racing tires are more durable and reliable. Every city bike is equipped with a simple wheel hub generator supporting the built-in lighting system. It is noiseless, reliable and low-cost in use. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly and will not bring ecological harm. The hub generator can power LED or halogen bicycle lamps. The lamp has a built-in reflector and a built-in light sensor system. The lamp is generally installed on the fender at the front of the car. The fender of the city car is made of aluminum or plastic, and sometimes a reflector is attached to the bottom of the rear fender. The function of the rear fender is to reduce road dust splashing to the people behind the bicycle and the rider himself. In order to prevent ladies' skirts and men's coats from being splashed or caught in the wheels by muddy water during riding, some classic city bicycles are also carefully equipped with rear wheel skirts. It can well protect jackets, simple cloaks, dresses, skirts, scarves or luggage from being splashed by the muddy water of the wheels. In addition, the city car also has a fully enclosed chain guard box to ensure that people do not need to wear trouser clips or roll up the trouser legs when riding, and to prevent oil stains from staining clothes or danger caused by the trouser legs being caught by the chain or chainring.
  7. The classic city bicycle emphasizes the safety and comfort of daily use. The angles of the frame, seat, and handlebars have been adjusted in the design of the model to better solve the problem that the more complex the system, the lower the stability. City bikes do not deliberately emphasize speed. In order to better increase stability and safety, they are heavier than road bikes and other models. In order to be more convenient for urban travel, city bicycles are equipped with space for installing front and rear brakes and mudguards. At the same time, when a cyclist is turning at an intersection in the city, he can control the bicycle with one hand on the handlebar, and signal with the other hand. A city bike with stable performance can be safely ridden on the road, allowing the rider to have a comfortable and comfortable riding experience. In order to prevent ladies' skirts and men's coats from being splashed or caught in the wheels by muddy water during riding, some city cars are also carefully equipped with rear wheel skirts. It can well protect jackets, simple cloaks, dresses, skirts, scarves or luggage from being splashed by the muddy water of the wheels. In addition, the city car also has a fully enclosed chain guard box to ensure that people do not need to wear pants or roll up the trouser legs when riding, and prevent oil stains from staining clothes or danger caused by the trouser legs being caught by the chain or chainring. People link all aspects of life through classic city bicycles, and constantly inject people's love for life, and gradually evolve into a life attitude, becoming more and more people's fashion lifestyle. People ride city bicycles through the city, looking for and discovering their own fun of life, enjoying the simplicity, exquisiteness, happiness and beauty that city bicycles bring.
  8. The classic city bicycle is more suitable for urban environments and usually has an elevated handlebar so that the rider can have an upright sitting position when riding. They don’t have many gears, but they have more material than road bikes. They may have a top central rack rod to facilitate the installation and removal of components, and front and rear racks to carry people and objects. The seat is usually larger than other bicycles, and most city bicycles are equipped with chains and tires to protect against oil and dust. With the resurgence of bicycles in China, bicycle culture is more and more respected by people, and the lifestyle represented by urban bicycles has become the first choice for people to travel, relax and socialize. The benefits of classic city bike exercise are unlimited time and unlimited speed. Cycling, which is called "golden aerobic exercise", is one of the best tools to overcome heart function problems. It can make the heart muscle contract forcefully, increase the elasticity of blood vessel walls, accelerate blood circulation, increase lung capacity, and improve respiratory function. At the same time, it also helps to improve the muscle strength, coordination and balance of the lower limbs, prevents the body from getting fat, hardened blood vessels, and strengthens the bones. However, long-term riding makes the gluteus maximus muscle overuse, edema compresses the sciatic nerve, and causes pain or numbness in the legs or buttocks. It is also called piriformis syndrome and wallet syndrome. It is also very common for the patella to be in an inappropriate position when stepping on due to muscle tension or insufficient strength, causing knee pain. In addition, improper bicycle posture, uneven roads or long-term riding may cause men Prostate inflammation or symptoms worsen. My country’s classic city bicycle exports are mainly based on price advantages to occupy the international market. The low technical content of products results in small profit margins and lack of core competitiveness in the industry. Most enterprises can only win by expanding their prices and quantity advantages, which affects their own profits and innovative R&D investment. At present, the global bicycle industry is undergoing short-term adjustments, the market is deeply divided, and Chinese companies are accelerating their progress towards the high-end.
  9. lady beach cruiser bike can allow women to ride on the beach in such an environment that is not suitable for bicycles, save energy, and can change gears. Beach bikes are a kind of "fat tire bikes". Fat tire bikes are designed for beaches, snowy areas, rainy and slippery areas. The passing capacity is the strongest among bicycles, but the pedaling rigidity is the weakest (everything has Advantages and disadvantages, it must also follow this law). "Stepping on rigidity", you directly understand that walking on the sandy ground is like stepping on cotton. It is very tiring to walk long, right? The ground is too soft and does not give back the strength of the legs and feet. The oversized tires of fat tires are like "sandy land." Some domestic manufacturers with no lower limit can't believe it. Its purpose is to make money. If there is no quality problem, it will not be returned. You don't care if you ride it. There are special long-distance bicycles, which are specifically divided into long-distance mountain bikes and long-distance station wagons that are more targeted. Give consideration to speed and comfort, not fatigue. The beach bike wheels look windy, but the tires are too large and thick, which makes it a bit hard to ride
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