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  1. Nothing we don't like about it - just usually don't play it haha. if you have a good server were down
  2. Video HERE Once again Jerry Miculek being a total badass
  3. Huh... it didn't even occur to me that this would be an extremely confusing title if you aren't familiar with firearms..... haha
  4. Rob and I were having a discussion about 6.5 creedmoor ballistics at long range a few weeks ago. THIS popped up on reddit today and I thought it was pretty interesting Shot statistics: Elevation dialed from 100 yard zero. 21.10 Mils. Wind held, .4 mils, POI Elevation was dead center, wind was …. .4 mils off, It was a really dead wind day Vertical Coriolis -0.11 mil Horizontal Coriolis 0.14 mil Spin Drift R 0.44 mil Remaning Velocity 1040 FPS. Remaning Energy 336 ftlb (more than a 55gr FMJ at 400 yards) Time of Flight 3.1 seconds. Time of shot fired, to hear the impact 8 seconds Max Ordinate 523.14 inches. Total Drop 1278.52 inches. Range at which transonic velocity transition begins 1206 yards 75% though transsonic range at 1400 yards Subsonic (1130 FPS) at 1460 yards
  5. Infandus

    Coders Needed?

    Tisk is our resident Arma code monkey - but there are a number of us that code in all manners of other languages. A few questions / required clarifications: What are you looking to have coded - provide specifics What level of time investment is expected to needed What deliverable / etc exist Compensation for work - if any? etc etc etc
  6. Damn strait - never served, but have a lot of friends that did. Grateful every time they come home but fully aware that not everyone is so lucky. Perpetually grateful to those that did put their lives on the line for our freedoms.
  7. DAMN YOU - you made me burn my house down.
  8. I'm going to assume that it is and not click it.
  9. Its cool - I always figured I would have a hand in the end of the world - this will justify it.
  10. That little dancing spider wants to eat my face.
  11. Gunna nope the fuck out of this thread.
  12. It looks hilarious - but I honestly dont know what the point of the game is.... beyond being a goat.....am I missing something?
  13. Infandus

    My story

    Good to know how you really feel about me Nordic ;)
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