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  1. Knoxville area. On line info is not clear. Can someone in the know post the where and how - I have my birth certificate and cash
  2. Item: Fifine Pro USB Microphone with Boom Arm and Anti-Vibration Mount - T058B Age: 2 Years Plus Minus Price: R500.00 Payment Method Accepted: EFT/CASH Warranty: No Warranty Holder: Not sure Packaging: Yes All Of it Condition: Perfect Location: Roodepoort Reason: Want to upgrade Shipping: Yes But Payment first Collection: Yes Link: Takealot FYI --------
  3. https://www.cnn.com/2023/01/09/politics/joe-biden-classified-documents-upenn/index.html Since you guys want Trump executed for doing this, i would expect you to want the same for Biden to be philosophically consistant. Let the meltdowns and spin commence.
  4. We have booked for Goa with Tui 11th November 2022 After hearing that lots of people are having their flights cancelled by Tui from Manchester to Goa in November we got in touch with Tui store that we booked with, who said flight was ok, after we asked them to find out more they said yes our flight and others from Manchester is cancelled and we would be emailed about it this was over a week ago and still not heard anything having paid £300 for two Indian visas I am very disappointed in Tui Anyone wishing to go to Goa must apply for visa £150 non refundable It seems it depends who you speak to when you get in touch with Tui about whether the flight is going or not quite a few have had refunds already others are unsure about applying for visas but without visa you cant fly and if cancelled no visa refund John
  5. I'm looking for a nice leather saddle-bag to fit to my CB500 cafe racer Can anyone recommend a leather saddlebag that would fit a CB500 under the seat like that (sort of triangular shape, that'll fit in that nice empty space)?
  6. Do we have oil drillng rigs east of George? I saw helicopters fly of into the Indian ocean and return all day to day over Heroldsbay?
  7. I don't know if this is the right section of the forums to post in, but this seems like the best fit so here goes. My girlfriend and I are in a very dedicated relationship and intend on getting married. We are both 17. I grew up Catholic, she is Christian but does not go to church or anything. Her family basically doesn't have a religion at all. I recently learned that she wishes to be cremated. Her main reason for this is that she is uncomfortable with the idea of her body decomposing and/or being eaten by bugs. I don't support cremation, and as it seems, the Church mostly does not either and prefers burial. What exactly does the Church say about this? How do I convince her burial is a better option, if she is uncomfortable for the reason I listed? If someone could please explain why the Church prefers burial, and perhaps some of the teachings and meaning behind burial, as well as why one would want to be buried rather than cremated, that would be great. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  8. Buy prescription exemestane top, purchase exemestane high stuff
  9. I would like to remotely monitor temps in my fridge. My preference would be to get push notifications on alarm, and be able to get remote access to current temps. Anyone got recommendations on reliable brands/models?
  10. How to find the best online casino in the USA?
  11. Good evening. New to the forum. I’m relatively new to casting, but I come from a machining and fabrication background. More to the point… After a good deal of research, I can’t seem to find much info on backyard aluminum alloys. I’m hoping someone could give some insight and share their experiences with alloying their cast aluminum projects. Reasonably available materials like zinc, lead, magnesium, manganese etc. I have even kicked around the idea of trying out melting down some old chroma plated diecast faucet parts. Any info is much appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Hello all. For quite awhile I’ve saw a link/forum on here for auto transport.....no?? What happened to it?? I’m considering buying a car from Nevada and might need it shipped to SE Michigan! Anybody know anyone with good rates?? It’s a non-runner, just an FYI! Thankyou fabo!
  13. How to find the best online casino in the USA?
  14. Hi all. Just took a class on lino printing, and am hooked now. Have ordered some lino to start carving on, and have a small amount of ink to get started with. My question is about experimenting with acrylics as well for doing some prints. I had done a brief search on the forum about this. One thing I saw was about mixing an ink gel medium with the acrylic. What exactly is this, how is it different from acrylic gel medium. Any other suggestions about using acrylics as well, how to mix it for printing, etc, would be appreciated.
  15. I was at the local mall last weekend picking up some online orders and walked into the high-end watch retailer to window shop. To my surprise, the normally empty display cases in the Rolex side of the store were about half full - and had popular models, like the Submariner, Sea Dweller, Exporer II, Explorer 1, GMT Master II - even a two-tone Daytona. A placard in the case said "Exhibition Only, Not For Sale." The salesperson told me that they're all genuine, but don't have a complete movement. She was perfectly happy to oblige and let me try on nearly every sport model in the case. What a treat.
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