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  1. Google’s ‘Heart Murmur’ Reminds Us How Dependent We Are Yesterday, all of Google's services went dark for several minutes. So far no one has stepped forward to explain what exactly caused the outage, but there's one thing we know for su... Read the full story here
  2. ‘Saints Row IV’ (PC) Review: A Dose Of Virtual Insanity It's hard not to look back and think about how much of a break Saints Row: The Third was for the series. What was once just a technically-proficient and cartoon-y Grand Theft Auto-... Read the full story here
  3. ‘Elysium’ Review: A Worthwhile Action Flick Four years after the release of the stellar District 9, writer/director Neill Blomkamp brings us Elysium, a well-intentioned (albeit clunky) scifi actioner in the same vein. Blom... Read the full story here
  4. ‘ARMA 3′ Wasteland Servers – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly One of the most popular play modes in ARMA 2 was Wasteland. In this game mode, players are cast into a post-apocalyptic world (the kind of apocalypse is unclear) where they vie f... Read the full story here
  5. ARMA 3 Devs Prepare For Large Beta Content Patch And Release Candiate Bohemia Interactive has released another update to the ARMA 3 beta, along with a Sitrep which indicates they are preparing for the imminent launch of the highly anticipated MilSim ... Read the full story here
  6. ‘Only God Forgives’ Review: Fist Fighting with God I really liked Only God Forgives. There…I said it. One of the most critically drubbed films of 2013, the latest collaboration between director Nicolas Winding Refn and star R... Read the full story here
  7. Age Of Wushu – Beta Impressions I wrote about Age of Wushu, the Chinese fighting style MMO from Snail Games, after I got my hands on it at E3. Of course the play time I got there was somewhat limited and very s... Read the full story here
  8. ‘The Wolverine’ Review: The Bar Has Been Raised Thirteen years ago, director Bryan Singer brought the X-Men to the big screen, and in the span of two movies, he helped to wipe away the stigma that hack filmmaker Joel Schumacher ... Read the full story here
  9. Vikings On History Channel – Why Didn’t I Know About This? So, I was looking around at some of my viewing options the other day and came across 'Vikings', a new television show which is being aired on The History Channel. Being as I am k... Read the full story here
  10. ‘Despicable Me 2′ Review: Good Enough for Children This sequel to DreamWorks’ surprise 2010 hit knows that it’s meant for children and sets out to please only that audience. It works. Bright, colorful, and well-acted, Des... Read the full story here
  11. ‘The Conjuring’ Review: It’s Right Behind You James Wan, who achieved fame and fortune by creating the Saw franchise, must wish to atone for steering the American horror film into the waters of torture porn. That’s the onl... Read the full story here
  12. ‘ARMA 3′ Beta Update Adds New Vehicles One of the things that the ARMA series is best known for is the coordination of combined arms on the virtual battlefield and it's becoming clear that ARMA 3 will be no exception.
  13. ‘Pacific Rim’ Review: Everything a Blockbuster Should Be Guillermo del Toro knows how to put on a good show. With Pacific Rim he takes the simple concept of giant monsters beating each other senseless, and he mines it for all its worth... Read the full story here
  14. The N5 Show: Week #28, 2013 – Steam Sale! It's late, I know! I know! But, we got one up! Cody and I attack this thing pretty much blind except for the ongoing Steam sale. We tackle everything from marinated mozzarella to o... Read the full story here
  15. ‘Star Citizen’: What’s In Store With The New Stretch Goals? The crowdfunding run for Chris Roberts' upcoming Star Citizen is by far the most impressive the world has ever seen. From the Kickstarter campaign that raised over $2 million, Ch... Read the full story here
  16. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Console Exclusives: How Do They Stack Up? It's pretty interesting to see the split of the different genre games coming exclusively to each platform. The PS4 will have a lot of MMO, PC style games while the Xbox One seems t... Read the full story here
  17. ‘Europa Report’ Review: Science Fiction Isn’t Dead Yet Europa Report tells the story of a band of astronauts who set out to discover life on Jupiter’s aquatic moon. Of course they get considerably more than they bargained for in th... Read the full story here
  18. From Tool To Limp Bizkit: A Tribute To Radio Rock (1999-2007) Oh, radio rock. What started with some music videos on MTV ended nearly a decade later when I got rid of my car and hearing many of these bands outside the fleeting context of the ... Read the full story here
  19. ‘Star Citizen’s Economy: A Few Words From Chris Roberts (VIDEO) The story of Star Citizen is getting more and more in-depth every time we turn around. More ships and systems are being added, more informati0n about the story is being released ... Read the full story here
  20. ‘The Lone Ranger’ Review: A Delightfully Demented Western With his adaptation of The Lone Ranger, Gore Verbinski reboots a story no one really asked for, but he manages to accomplish his task with panache. Verbinski—one of the most po... Read the full story here
  21. ‘Saints Row IV’ Preview: A Bigger Scope Leads To A (Kinda) Different Game I got to sit down with Saints Row IV at E3 a few weeks back, but let's face it: half an hour with an open-world game, much less a Saints Row game, isn't much of a preview. Now in t... Read the full story here
  22. The N5 Show: Week #27, 2013 – MANEATER! PC Game Developers! Russell is back in the game for real as we tackle his questions about our MANEATER Kickstarter, which Cody and I covered largely in the last show. He needles us with inquiries, yo.... Read the full story here
  23. Rockstar Answers Questions About ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ But No Word On Next-Gen and PC Releases The much-anticipated Grand Theft Auto V releases September 17th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and there hasn't been much from Rockstar except for screenshots. The biggest question... Read the full story here
  24. AltaVista is Still Around, But Only For Another Week Did you know that AltaVista is still around and still receives about 1 million visitors a month? Currently owned by Yahoo, AltaVista will be shut down on July 8th. AltaVista hasn't... Read the full story here
  25. Monoprice Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review Let's face it; Mechanical keyboards give us something we all crave - the tactile sensation and amazing key-smashing sound of something that was built to take abuse... and lots of i... Read the full story here
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