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  1. Beast780

    BRB killing dragons

    Thanks to the writer of the skill book article.
  2. Beast780


    I have a full grown parrot that has a tendancy to bite the living hell out of my hand. You dog owners have it easy!
  3. Beast780


    I usually take my medicine around 11:00 pm and theres a pill in there that knocks me out around 2 am. However here I am and its 2:16 and I can't figure out why I'm not sleepy, look in my medicine container and my meds still there, forgot to take them, so I'll be up until at least 5 am. Tomorrows going to suuuuck!!!
  4. Beast780

    Got Batman Arkham City early

    This game is so freaking awesome. Halfway through my first playthrough, I had a "corrupt save game" forcing me to restart. Had this been any other game, I would have probably been to pissed and moved on, but I was more than happy to replay through and beat the game. It was just as fun, if not better having better recognition of the combat, as the first playthrough. Batman's villains simply cannot be topped.
  5. Beast780

    Who's picking up Rage tomorrow?

    Yeah autosave is terrible in this game.
  6. Beast780

    Xbox Live Arcade Thread

    NBA Jam On Fire edition comes out this week for 15 bucks. For those of you wondering, yes SSX is an unlock able team, and Lebrons clutch rating is 3! GiantBomb did a quick look. http://www.giantbomb.com/quick-look-nba ... n/17-4998/
  7. Beast780

    Who's picking up Rage tomorrow?

    Getting the Xbox version, I cleared up enough space on my HDD to install. I'm looking forward to it.
  8. Beast780

    Add Tapa Talk support?

    I forum on my iPad 2 most of the time. It's easier with apps like Tapa Talk or Forum Runner. Look into this? I think it's easy to set up. http://www.tapatalk.com/