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  1. Yes I don’t hate wow either, it was genre changing, it just wore on me and I wasn’t having any fun. My one rule about games they are supposed to be fun, the moment I am not having fun I don’t play a particular game for a while, some I can go back to and enjoy again (halflife, fallout skyrim) others I try and they just don’t do it for me any longer(I rolled a panda, could not get past level 40, reminded me why I quit wow to begin with).
  2. Halflife for me as well with fallout and skyrim being a close 2nd/3rd
  3. Thanks Rob, I know for myself it is much appreciated all that you and FEZ have done to support the clan. Again Thanks!
  4. Trof


    The plant is exactly the same. The Chinese would argue that point ... http://www.sevencups.com/2011/05/does-all-tea-really-come-from-the-same-plant/
  5. Trof


    Lets get this thread back off track.Model Hmm old school model 'Cindy Crawford' or when I was really young model of the aircraft carrier 'Kitty Hawk', that took a while to build.
  6. Trof


    Freash Spearmint is great as well
  7. Welcome SniperObe, there are a few of us in Washington. I am over in Spokane.
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