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    Best game of the past decade?

    Yes I don’t hate wow either, it was genre changing, it just wore on me and I wasn’t having any fun. My one rule about games they are supposed to be fun, the moment I am not having fun I don’t play a particular game for a while, some I can go back to and enjoy again (halflife, fallout skyrim) others I try and they just don’t do it for me any longer(I rolled a panda, could not get past level 40, reminded me why I quit wow to begin with).
  2. Trof

    Best game of the past decade?

    Halflife for me as well with fallout and skyrim being a close 2nd/3rd
  3. Trof

    Everyone in SOO please read and /sign

    Respect! /signed
  4. Trof

    State of the Clan - March 2013

    Thanks Rob, I know for myself it is much appreciated all that you and FEZ have done to support the clan. Again Thanks!
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    The plant is exactly the same. The Chinese would argue that point ... http://www.sevencups.com/2011/05/does-all-tea-really-come-from-the-same-plant/
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    Lets get this thread back off track.Model Hmm old school model 'Cindy Crawford' or when I was really young model of the aircraft carrier 'Kitty Hawk', that took a while to build.
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    Freash Spearmint is great as well
  8. Trof

    Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome SniperObe, there are a few of us in Washington. I am over in Spokane.
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    P comes after T
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    earl grey
  11. Trof

    neverwinter and hawken

    I was in the beta for hawken, and my son plays it off and on now. It is OK, not my cup of tea, I just couldnt get into it, however it might have something to do with another game I spend alot of time in ;)
  12. That and you had to get off your ass, go outside, and actually play the game I will even go one step further and say that after a long session of "outside", the preferred method of recovery was a long drink of water from the garden hose on the front lawn....such simpler times. Yes indeed and you needed to let the hose run for bit because the first water out of it was some nasty tasting stuff. Yuck!
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    I'll kick a few of them for you. See you soon.
  14. Trof

    A call to action - Programmers

    I would need more information, while I am a programmer I am also limited as to what i can do outside of work...
  15. Back in Trof's day, pong was played utilizing a bacon covered soccer ball and two T-Rexs. That and you had to get off your ass, go outside, and actually play the game... Of course T-Rexs are always hungry, you did not want to lose the ball or you would lose your balls and many other meaty parts as well. Actually this happened often enough as it was, hence the invention of video games.
  16. Im old and was around before there were video games...
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    Yes use the station id that is assoicated with PS2.