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  1. I never like Ultima until Raph Koster became the game designer.
  2. TheBaldr

    AltaVista is Still Around, But Only For Another Week

    Oh well, Altavista never let me down as a backup engine. My motto: If it is not on Google or Altavista, was it is not on the web.
  3. TheBaldr

    How do you run private game servers?

    Pick the game you want and start reading the server manuals/wikis/support pages. Find out what specs they recommend for a server, and if you have the hardware, just follow the instructions. The hardest thing to do is get the port forwarding and appropriate firewall settings, because it is different for everyone. Once you can get a server up and running and tested a few time, start learning the server commands, learn how to backup everything/ turn on autobackup. Really once it running, there really not much more, kinda boring tech wise. Unless you know how to code and mod in the same engine the game was built in.
  4. They announced Kinect Sports Rival on the SpikeTV pre-show.
  5. Gamespot, the official stream of e3expo.com had it listed as starting at 9am.
  6. N, They said they are saving the games for E3, so don't expect to many.
  7. No I was watching Polygon's Stream, but switched over to the Microsoft main stream.
  8. Well if GE had to create some sort of digital construct, I'm glad they are going with the Matrix and not SkyNet.
  9. When is people going to come to FEZ's MC server. I always feel alone.
  10. I give the parent +10 for encouraging and being a good parent. -2 for asking strangers to fund your kids summer camp. +3 for using kickstarter +4 for getting some schmo gaming journalist to promote the kickstarter.
  11. TheBaldr

    Data Caps Are Crap & We Overpay for Internet

    Maybe the telco companies will partner with fiber optic companies. But I know the new generations of DOCSIS can handle the same or greater bandwidth speeds of of fiber, but that is 5-20 years down the line.
  12. I totally agree, I stopped paying attention after 40 minutes and stopped the movie after an hour.
  13. TheBaldr

    Nintendo’s Wii Mini: The Last Hurrah Of An Empire

    No real hard-drive, internet, nor Gamecube functions; but you can pick-up a brand new Wii right now for around $130. For the extra $30 I rather have all the bells and whistles. Especially since you can download lots classic NES games off the Wii Store.
  14. TheBaldr

    Black Thursday Is An American Tragedy

    Other than grocery stores(which should close at noon) and those running and broadcasting the NFL, any business should be closed on Thursday 6AM-Midnight. Be with your family and not out shopping.