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  1. We posted a new "lost" podcast where everyone gangs up on me. I need people to have my back! http://www.flesheatingzipper.com/podcasts/2013/10/lostcast-the-podcast-everybody-hate-on-kelly-edition/
  2. Every character is a bad guy. There are small side missions that allow you to chase down someone who steals money and you have the option to return it or keep it. Other than that you can not run people over or kill citizens if you want to feel good about yourself :)
  3. Yeah, you can dump them in certain dumpsters as well as hide them in dark areas. I tried to start the first campaign mission as the ghost style, avoid and many people and use non-lethal tactics but that got annoying so now I've settled with the panther style which is kill or leave people alone but just don't get detected by anyone! The story is written out like a movie and the voice acting is great. I played the demo of Conviction and didn't like it but this game I'm enjoying. I don't remember the older games except for Pandora's multiplayer which was awesome.
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    It's a great show. Season 4 it turned into something different than what was going on the other seasons but I think it was for better. The comparison with X-Files and what you said is spot on.
  5. Best deal right here for people picking it up on Xbox. http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/Grand-Theft-Auto-V-for-Xbox-360/productID.260620700 Newegg gives you a $10 gift card for all you on PS3.
  6. Yes, this is in the works. Everything right now is default but I will be working on themes this weekend and maybe finishing them!
  7. Kelly

    What is this for?

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      Fuck, I don't know.

  8. Please send me the details of what you would like to do. We might be able to accommodate you. kelly@flesheatingzipper.com
  9. We have a site and will be moving everyone over in the next few days. It won't be designed like anything right away and will be a work in progress so we'll want your input on anything you would like to see/not see.
  10. Ok, so the forums will have their own domain. I'm trying to make the URL as short as possible. What domain extension is easier for everyone/makes sense for a forum? Options are, .tv .us .cc .me .I'm .io
  11. That's what it is to me. It hasn't aged well in terms of looks. I know most people are used to it but I think IPB would be better. It's still up in the air though so we need feedback.
  12. I'm looking at all the community stuff and there is some cool things people have made. It looks way better than vBulletin. The more I look at it, the more I want it.
  13. I was also thinking of a catch all forum for the network of sites. The cost of vBulletin is a non-issue. We are currently paying $150/month for Vanilla. There are a couple of issues with moving to a catch all forum with the biggest being migrating content. I hope Vanilla will give us a dump of the data and that it's something that I can parse and upload into a new system. The other being, I don't know what vBulletin is up to, the have VB5 as well as VB4. I hate the mobile support in VB4 but it looks like they are down for mobile in VB5. People seem to hate VB5 online though, so I don't know if that would be the best option. There is another forum suite that looks like it would be nice with a nice mobile design called Invision Power Boards (IPB). Bethesda and other use them and it looks pretty similar to VB. Take a look here and let me know what you think: http://www.invisionpower.com/features/
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