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  1. I'm don't know if it signals the inevitable price gain of standard new releases. The majority seemed to come in at the ground-level prices, with 5000 paying $15, and almost 20000 pledging $20. They do have some gull asking for a release price of $89.99 for a piece of entertainment software, which is outright ludicrous, especially without additional rewards, or something like what Steel Battalion had when it first came out.
  2. I'm curious as to how "XP points" will factor into this game, as it seems like an unnecessary and tacked on addition to appease some kind of standard that seems valueless overall.
  3. The book was alright. Something of a light read, and not terribly awe-inspiring. I am curious what happened to Saxon, as I'd presumed him dead or 'MIA' if you will once the book ended.
  4. Just like the Kinect, I always imagined these things being in an arcade, not a living room.
  5. It's a comic about future tax spending. Just so you guys and gals know.
  6. Nice! Lots of original stuff in there! I'm waiting for the point where the engine says "no" and the geometry explodes all to Hell.
  7. Apparently we were expecting snow again. Around the weekend. Fuck this weather.
  8. I just now finished watching the latest Elimination episode, and I have to say... weird thought process for me I guess. Here's a little map of the thoughts: Mystery, Naughty > No fucking clue... SHIT! > Okay.. well, how about the poop angle? > Guy secretly poops on someone's door step, of whom turns it into a major topic of discussion with fellow housemates > Mystery abound > ... Meh, not really a fan of poop jokes. Go for something classier > Mystery, Naughty > Sherlock Holmes > ... Naughty ... Santa's naughty list ... > Sherlock Holmes meets Santa Claus > It's silly. I like! > Chosen theme: Murder of Mrs. Clause leads Santa to quit giving out gifts and take on a life of solving Christmas mysteries. > Reindeer with glasses and a corn-cob pipe > COMEDY GOLD! And so there you have it. ;D ... I'm going to miss Erika being on the show. She was one of my favorites. :[
  9. Somebody's been reading Sherlock Holmes mysteries recently. :) Not quite recently, but when I was still working in a factory environment, I decided to look him up on my Kindle app and muddle my way through the 12-hours as best I could.
  10. I love that movie! The glory days of romanticized cyberpunk adventures where data is processed visually and everything looks like Las Vegas in space.
  11. Wait.. EA isn't developing ANYTHING for the Wii-U? Maybe the Wii-U isn't such a waste of money. ;D
  12. And melee -- I'm not playing Bruce Lee's Kung Fu Adventure. If Kirk gets grabbed by a Gorn there are some pretty cool iconic starfleet break-aways and melee moves that are in the game, but are you gonna rabbit punch a dinosaur or shoot it? There is melee where you need it -- hell there's even a scene where you melee with Spock. - A. J. Mader (Pitt, PA) Yes, because nobody EVER got into fist fights or fisticuffs, or used the Vulkan neck-pinch ever.. in Star Trek ... :I
  13. The GoW IP was done the moment they released the 3rd installment, I believe. ;) I'm waiting to see what they come up with next. These tech demo's show some creativity in them, and I'd like to see them expand to something other than oversized man-children in power armor shooting aliens. Just my thoughts of course, you already know what I think they should do with the next Unreal Tournament
  14. You know, if this is manipulation, I would gladly point my finger at conspiracy theorists. Why? Because their brazen disregard for humanity after long hours of basting in their own filth that paints their mental cage over the 'impending police state that's sure to turn America into a tyranny' caused them to snap. If you can't reach people with your words, use your actions.. you know, like any maladjusted psyschopath would do. I'm sure somewhere a person hiding in a basement, or even a group of people, who wanted to send a message and poke at the bubble of discontent in this nation, is giggling while in preparation for further nonsensical violence in hopes that people will 'unlearn' and open their mind to the 'truth' ... or some such rhetoric.
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