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  1. The future seems to be working in the direction of digital HUDs that allow you to get information on the fly, removing the need for physical devices you carry in your pocket. I have my own hopes and qualms with the technology, personally, and though I might wear glasses to see, have them project images over my eyes seems like a bit much. Here are my thoughts. The pros: -No longer needing to look down at a cell-phone to text or surf the web -No longer needing to push-button commands to surf the web (I imagine they'll either have sensor strips to track brain impulses, or use various bodily movements to determine what commands you're issuing.) -A quick way to determine information about your environment on the fly, like a restaurant. You could look at it and determine it's quality, it's hours, and even bring up an online menu to see what they serve. The Cons: -Distracting UI. -If it's wearable, I imagine anything projected that close to your eye could cause major eye-strain if you're focusing on it the entire time. -Possibly even WORSE attention deficit disorder. Driving down the highway, and you're scrolling through Amzon.com only to realize you weren't paying attention to the road, resulting in an accident. They'll probably need a 'driving mode' for these things, too. -Possible malfunctions in contextual commands, creating a new generation of technologically stressed human beings. -Costs in replacement could sky-rocket This a short list, and I imagine you'll end up bringing your own Pros and Cons to the discussion here. I love the idea of Augmented Reality, but at the same time, there's a lot of foresight that needs to be given to this technology to make it safe, too.
  2. This is just something I'm curious of, in the fact that I was watching a YouTube VLOG where I guy was discussing a 6-second contest entry, and his reasons for removing ads from video. In turn, he popped in an annotation about how AdBlock essentially stops support for videos, effectively creating a monetary loss for content creators. I'm not one to judge how the internet does business. Ads are ads, and it's become such a part of the way we monetize this web of data that has no tangible worth outside of digital content. I did a little searching and came across a few articles on how much poor an idea AdBlock is for websites. What happens if you use AdBlock? Now, if we say that each person on the internet provides earnings for websites equal to 5 dollars amonth, the 20 million people using AdBlock would be responsible for internet companies losing 100 million dollars every month. That is a gigantic amount of money. And all this is thanks to an application, people download because they find little banners mildly annoying. This annoyance is quite understandable, but considering the huge losses the internet suffers because of AdBlock, it probably isn't such idea to use it. You may be thinking something along the lines of "It doesn't make a different if I just use it. I'm just one person." But think of it this way: When you use it and recommend it to your friends, they will start using it, too. Then they tell their friends, and you've started a chain. If just 20% of the internet users in the world started using AdBlock, you would seriously begin to see websites disappearing, and content creators would stop creating content because they wouldn't make any money any longer. For example, I wouldn't be writing this article because I wouldn't be able to make money from the ads that are displayed here. To sum up, AdBlock is basically destroying all the principles of the internet. Please beware that if you use AdBlock, you are not supporting the internet probably. It is your own choice if you want to use the application, but you remove your support to all the free things you love and use everyday by doing so. Some have gone as far as saying the adBlocker is another form of 'Piracy' the way we consume content without compensating creators for their content. It seems absurd to me to call it straight Piracy, rather than just saying that 'you're defeating the purpose of adverts and a semi-free web to begin with.' This is just my curiosity speaking, but I want to know what you guys think. I know most anyone would say they'd just as well turn off the TV and skip the advertisements, the way we're producing such stupid 'attention grabbers' these days. In closing, here's a video clip...
  3. I'm don't know if it signals the inevitable price gain of standard new releases. The majority seemed to come in at the ground-level prices, with 5000 paying $15, and almost 20000 pledging $20. They do have some gull asking for a release price of $89.99 for a piece of entertainment software, which is outright ludicrous, especially without additional rewards, or something like what Steel Battalion had when it first came out.
  4. I can't be the only one who thought this!
  5. I'm curious as to how "XP points" will factor into this game, as it seems like an unnecessary and tacked on addition to appease some kind of standard that seems valueless overall.
  6. The book was alright. Something of a light read, and not terribly awe-inspiring. I am curious what happened to Saxon, as I'd presumed him dead or 'MIA' if you will once the book ended.
  7. Just like the Kinect, I always imagined these things being in an arcade, not a living room.
  8. Sorry about the random Instant Messenger blips in the audio. People didn't want to leave me alone that night I guess.. Anyway, something to pass the time. I love messing around in older game engines. ;P Simple BSP work is fun, and challenging! http://youtu.be/5h1KlqrhxHU As stated, I don't know much of anything about scripting for Deus Ex/Unreal, so there's not a lot here to work with. And conversations? Well, considering the amount of characters roaming around in the level, not sure I could rummage up enough peeps to do that for just this level. ;P Any interaction between JC, Smuggler, some random NSF or Civilian, or Jock, would have to be spliced, and I'm not that good with audio, either. Still, for what I 'CAN' do, it's rather fun, and something I thought would be a nice breather between the Missile Base mission, and Area 51.
  9. It's a comic about future tax spending. Just so you guys and gals know.
  10. Nice! Lots of original stuff in there! I'm waiting for the point where the engine says "no" and the geometry explodes all to Hell.
  11. As per N's previous post, and the subsequent image to follow, you can imagine I was going to try and push to release a 90 minute comic once more, but sadly, this time, I did not perform as well I would have liked. Here's the reason why: I simply did not manage my phases very well this time. Rather than working directly into an ink layer, as with my previous attempt, I decided to setup separate layers and set up a sketch layer to create the initial art that would go into the comic itself. You've heard me say that 90 minutes isn't a lot of time to write, draw and touch-up a comic strip. Trust me, when you're grasping at the best straw from which to write from, it's not easy. Sure, you'll get a spark of imagination when creating a joke, but that's only if you're lucky. I'm not improv master, so I don't proclaim to throw out jokes on the fly. That's not really me. So when you're pressed to think up a coherent strip from a mad lib-style dual topic, the chains tighten and you feel like you're forcing the humor at times. This leads me now to my next point: I over developed my concept. As you'll see below in my final product within the 90 minute mark, I may have overworked the concept a bit. The dialogue is something like this: PANEL 1 ELF: Though we are surely appreciative of the kindness, in light of recent events, the reasoning for inviting us feels suspect. SANTA: I do apologize, but had I not sent for you sooner, I fear you may have left without consequence. PANEL 2 ELF: Without consequence? You make it sound as if we're of a criminal fault, good sir. - Surely you do not think we are guilty men. PANEL 3 SANTA: It is not a question of guilt, but one of motive - As each of you has been equally naughty this past Eve! SEE JPEG TO FOLLOW --> PA ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #6 --UNFINISHED-- The idea sort of spun out of control in a way that felt less a quick and dirty joke and more an elaborate narrative to which one only sees a fraction of within these 3 panels. Sure, there's humor there, but it's not quite relegated to a simple, 3-panel format. And yes, I'm a wordy bastard... not CAD-wordy, but wordy none the less. Thirdly, I picked a more refined style to aim for. One that is not quick and to the point like my previous attempt, but rather something very much more like my regular comic style. Obviously, if I had gone with something simpler, I could have finished it most likely, but it was an honest mistake on my part. I'll see about finishing this particular comic at some point in a more refine form, and let you see the intended end product at some point in the future, but for now, know that I will strive to work in the allotted time frame given for each challenge. I may have failed the contest, but this is still a good exercise.
  12. Orzene

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Apparently we were expecting snow again. Around the weekend. Fuck this weather.
  13. I just now finished watching the latest Elimination episode, and I have to say... weird thought process for me I guess. Here's a little map of the thoughts: Mystery, Naughty > No fucking clue... SHIT! > Okay.. well, how about the poop angle? > Guy secretly poops on someone's door step, of whom turns it into a major topic of discussion with fellow housemates > Mystery abound > ... Meh, not really a fan of poop jokes. Go for something classier > Mystery, Naughty > Sherlock Holmes > ... Naughty ... Santa's naughty list ... > Sherlock Holmes meets Santa Claus > It's silly. I like! > Chosen theme: Murder of Mrs. Clause leads Santa to quit giving out gifts and take on a life of solving Christmas mysteries. > Reindeer with glasses and a corn-cob pipe > COMEDY GOLD! And so there you have it. ;D ... I'm going to miss Erika being on the show. She was one of my favorites. :[
  14. Somebody's been reading Sherlock Holmes mysteries recently. :) Not quite recently, but when I was still working in a factory environment, I decided to look him up on my Kindle app and muddle my way through the 12-hours as best I could.
  15. I love that movie! The glory days of romanticized cyberpunk adventures where data is processed visually and everything looks like Las Vegas in space.
  16. Wait.. EA isn't developing ANYTHING for the Wii-U? Maybe the Wii-U isn't such a waste of money. ;D
  17. And melee -- I'm not playing Bruce Lee's Kung Fu Adventure. If Kirk gets grabbed by a Gorn there are some pretty cool iconic starfleet break-aways and melee moves that are in the game, but are you gonna rabbit punch a dinosaur or shoot it? There is melee where you need it -- hell there's even a scene where you melee with Spock. - A. J. Mader (Pitt, PA) Yes, because nobody EVER got into fist fights or fisticuffs, or used the Vulkan neck-pinch ever.. in Star Trek ... :I
  18. Yeah, MOBA's, or Massively Online Battle Arena's, have generally stayed within the top-down/third-person fantasy area. LoL isn't anything special to me, but I know people who love it, and some have called it the best example-to-date of good asymmetrical gaming, as well as a half-way decent cash shop. Considering the flop that is UT3, at least by my standards, it's pretty obvious they need to make a drastic change, and since UT was already about large-scale deathmatches, vehicular warfare, and at times, point-by-point assaults... can you blame me for saying this? And now that Cliff is no longer a part of Epic at this point, I think pushing this FPS in a different direction would be a good thing, and unless they can invent an interesting mechanic (see: skiing in Tribes: Ascend), or are willing to make Unreal Tournament an MMO (see: Planetside 2), I think Epic will have to get creative to make anything new in the Unreal universe interesting... Oh, and God help anyone, even Mr. Bleszinski if they take it into a tactical, cover-based "realistic shooter." Yeah, I know, it sounds like I'm being a rabid, un-shifting fan-boy. But here's the thing: They already have that... it's called Gears of War. Plus, shifting this FPS into an arena dominated by CoD and Battlefield is NOT something that will do anything to help UT. Yeah, I'm defending a series that's stagnated, has no real major advantage other than nostalgia, and has almost surely been pushed out of most anyone's minds, unlike idSoftware's Doom or Quake series, which pioneered the genre. I still love the original Unreal Tournament, and I found that Unreal Tournament 2004 was the best in the series, leading into some weird offshoots like Unreal Championship, which was fun but not exactly spectacular, and at least PS3 owners can mod UT3 if they're willing to spend a lot of go-between time transferring data. I could be purely alone in my thoughts, but it's at least something to consider with how FPS games are treated in the market today. Maybe it's time for Epic to consider coming up with a new episode in the base-line Unreal series, rather than a new tournament-centric shooter. They seem pretty confident in they're writing skills, all things considered.
  19. The GoW IP was done the moment they released the 3rd installment, I believe. ;) I'm waiting to see what they come up with next. These tech demo's show some creativity in them, and I'd like to see them expand to something other than oversized man-children in power armor shooting aliens. Just my thoughts of course, you already know what I think they should do with the next Unreal Tournament
  20. Orzene

    The Boston Marathon Bombing: My $0.02

    You know, if this is manipulation, I would gladly point my finger at conspiracy theorists. Why? Because their brazen disregard for humanity after long hours of basting in their own filth that paints their mental cage over the 'impending police state that's sure to turn America into a tyranny' caused them to snap. If you can't reach people with your words, use your actions.. you know, like any maladjusted psyschopath would do. I'm sure somewhere a person hiding in a basement, or even a group of people, who wanted to send a message and poke at the bubble of discontent in this nation, is giggling while in preparation for further nonsensical violence in hopes that people will 'unlearn' and open their mind to the 'truth' ... or some such rhetoric.
  21. Three Panel Soul is written by Matthew Boyd and drawn by Ian McConville - www.threepanelsoul.com Gunnerkrigg Court is written and drawn by Tom Siddel - http://www.gunnerkrigg.com/ Unsounded is written and drawn by Ashley Cope - www.casualvillain.com/Unsounded/ Just thought I'd put that out there, as I'd mentioned them in show, and couldn't remember names... curse my HUMAN BRAIN!!
  22. In one of my many long-winded daydreams at work, I had imagined you playing as a Marine who died in an invasion from Hell, his soul drug into the abyss, only to fight its way back to the surface and "possess" his body once more, reanimating his half-decayed corpse, and duke it out with all sorts of classic demons. You'd go about various areas in the same sort of semi-linear fashion, collecting relics along the way that their own unique powers for opening doors and paths, or dispatching enemies in a variety of ways. Very 90's, I suppose, but then again Doom was always such a early 90's action-movie style game.
  23. This feels like we're treading familiar ground with this thing. A device based on a social networking business ...
  24. Okay, so you've watched the Developer teaser video, or you've read Game Informer's article. (I haven't, but this is still a valid question, IMHO) ... The finale of Thief 3 concluded that he would be passing his thief skills on to a small girl who noticed him, as he spoke the phrase "It's not an easy thing to see a Keeper, especially one who does not wish to be seen." Now, you can say that it's not Thief without Garret, but I would gather that that's the idle chattering of fans who can't let go of their preconceptions of what the Thief games are. Sure, Garret gave the shadows character, but if crafted well, you could make a female lead with enough personality to fill those shoes. The only valid problem that I can of would be figuring out what to do about the Keeper angle which was removed at the end of Thief 3, and if the Pagans and Hammerites would be enough. The Keepers were interesting and cool, granted, but are they essential to the game?