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  1. There tends to be alot going on at one time during KoH, try fiddling with the settings and see if that will square it away
  2. Is that a fucking XBOX controller?!?!
  3. Bucket of Thistles... The all natural T-Bag defense.
  4. NordicTiger

    Bot Bait

    Yeah that made me chuckle... Very Tarantino-esque (a la Vincent Vega stepping out of the shitter seeing the guy he is waiting to kill holding his submachine gun).
  5. NordicTiger

    My story

    Apparently even bots get a hardon from Infandus
  6. NordicTiger

    Bot Bait

    As Rob has trained me in the banhammer jedi discipline, I hereby today used the E-Mjolnir that is my apparent admin right and banished a dastardly foe to the realms of E-Irrelevance (E-Relevance?). I think it made my E-Peen a bit larger...
  7. I'm down, but you should drop this in the SOO Forums!
  8. Age of Wushu is currently an unsupported game. See Rob's thread with how to propose supporting a game (hint, its a lot of work).
  9. Yes, all threads are on big boy rules from now on. Be a big boy.
  10. N, Sons of Odin has a great deal of competent writers and technically gifted individuals, if you need us to help drive website content I'm sure a lot of them would jump at the chance to get stuff published. That said, either format seems like it would render the forums... obsolete.
  11. Also for those that want to see an example conop, after sunday mine will be posted.
  12. Took me less than five seconds. Some tips that help identify targets in this setting: Look for irregular shapes that don't mesh with the setting. The difference is minute, but there is a definite difference between that gentleman's camo and the surrounding rocks. Look for repetitive patterns, as well as straight lines (gun barrel)
  13. @neatchee and @quantization Read the schedule for this week. The succession plans are already in place and have been discussed ad nauseaum. I for one, look forward to see what this crop of not-burned out fellas can do with that.
  14. I for one would like to start an outfit fund, a sort of kickstarter that would help subsidize games for members. I'll bring this up to the officers (obviously there need to be rules so it doesn't get abused) but if I could drop $40 bucks and have extra people get into Arma, well I'd say that's money well spent.
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