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    Starmade: Minecraft in space!

    My name is Lastiel, and I approve this message. PS: A full version is only $3.00
  3. Well the kickstarter is over as of last Dec. But there is a really interesting game I been following called "Sir, you are being hunted." It is a survival game like "Don't Starve" but it takes place on a procedurally-generated landmass you have to escape while evading steam-powered robots hunting you for sport on top of finding food and water. They are now accepting pre-orders for it, since it is said the release will be next month. kickstarter.com/projects/1499900830/sir-you-are-being-hunted big-robot.com/tag/sir-you-are-being-hunted/ I think stuff like this might be good coverage, interesting, but hasn't really gotten a lot of coverage, the only reason I heard of this was watching a streamer on twitch saying they could wait for it, and I still had no idea what it he was talking about. Diamonds in the rough.
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    Hot damn.

    This guys flying is....wow.
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    Everyone in SOO please read and /sign

    well said, /signed
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    Slow day.

    *waves back*
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    No stock in religion from "Kingdom of Heaven" God or no, it's about right and wrong, period. :)
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    What NOT to do in the command channel

    someone actually to take the time to make a buzz soundboard........ugh. lol
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    What NOT to do in the command channel

    It makes me wonder why TE are still online with that .....person in charge. Even after Smedley said the following on reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside/comments/z7obz/planetside_2_bigots_homophones_racists/