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  1. oRyan86


    Spiders on drugs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHzdsFiBbFc
  2. oRyan86

    ArmaIII on Sale on Steam

    Hope some people got it. It would be nice to begin running semi-formal operations again. Even if we have to go and dominate a waste-of-life-land server.
  3. Well more than anything I hope it was worth it. That would be a big bag of suck if nothing good came out of it.
  4. oRyan86

    Agents of Sheild

    I heard of the concept a couple months before the show aired. At first I had very little interest and admittedly I only jumped on it when I realized they were bringing Agent Coulson back. The idea is there but the individual plots and performances feel too typical. There's a lack of heart. Not to say I don't enjoy the show at times, it has good moments. I'll keep watching with the hope that it lives up to it's potential. Perhaps too much hope. But I believe if we stick with it Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. could become much more that what it is. Here's to optimism.
  5. oRyan86

    ROBOCOP round 2

    I've been waiting for a remake of this, knew it was coming, hope it doesn't disappoint. Of course Samuel L is in it. And I agree hopefully Peter Weller plays some kind of presence, like a conscience presence at least and not just a cameo which I'm betting is what will happen. A lot of potential in this, potential in both directions. Personally I'm excited.
  6. oRyan86

    DnD Humor

    is that what its like being a DM for us? a lot of facepalming and nothing really going right.
  7. oRyan86

    DnD Humor

    That was great. Everyone was there, except Taggart, didn't see any rule books ;)
  8. oRyan86

    Attendance and membership

    understood and /signed
  9. oRyan86

    Forum Guidelines

  10. oRyan86

    Forum Reorganization

    be advised, solid copy
  11. oRyan86

    Can you spot it?

    Had to enlarge it to see. Very impressive
  12. oRyan86

    Everyone in SOO please read and /sign

    agreed and /signed again if anyone has any questions or concerns I am open to all of you.