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  1. Introduce Yourself!

    Bradders... we still love you.
  2. Firearm instructor

    The posts got deleted. The other day a russian spam bot had gotten onto the forum and there were half a dozen or so posts that were loaded down with links to various malware sites. My comment was joking that if I could read the Russian, I'd know what the porn (or whatever) they were advertising was. :)
  3. Firearm instructor

    Well if only I could read Russian, I could see whatever the bots here are trying to say.
  4. Introduce Yourself!

    Hi Phrozyn, I can't believe nobody said Hi to you and just left you hangin' there. Welcome to Odin!
  5. Introduce Yourself!

  6. Introduce Yourself!

    Hi Bradders. How many years you been lurking the forums here now? lol!
  7. Couldn't access forums

    I haven't had any issues since my posts above on this one, but I guess it's a good(?) thing that I'm not the only one having them... at least I know it's not something local to me, and the issue might be closer to being figured out.
  8. AMD Catalyst driver and Raptr

    I've had no issues with freezing or crashing, but honestly I don't use the Raptr thing much. I was using the AMD overdrive stuff, but honestly I shut most of it off and just tweak my settings to get desired performance. :P
  9. How Do you guys feel about Google Fiber.

    And we know that Google has deep enough pockets to survive whatever the cable companies might throw at them. Google might be the devil, but cable companies are something far worse in my opinion, especially with the stuff they've been trying to pull on the whole net neutrality issue. Suck it, cable companies. I hope all of you die and make room for the independent providers you've been strong-arming and bending to your will or forcing out of business because they don't want to play your game.
  10. Couldn't access forums

    Furry hentai. But whatevs, apples and apples.
  11. Couldn't access forums

    Don't know what's up with that, but for like a week, every time I opened my browser with a tab already set here, it would give me an "Oops, Chrome can't find that site" error. I know it wasn't that the site was down, because I asked several other ODIN guys in TS about it, they all had connection just fine. What might be causing that? Why would I be able to access any other website, even random ones through google search and stuff, but not this one?
  12. Memorial Day Weekend

    If you're in the service, or if you have been in the past, or if you know someone who fought and died for us, I encourage you to post a picture of them here. If you don't have a pic, say a few words. Let this be our chance to honor them, at least in our own small way, our chance to remember them and ensure that their sacrifices aren't forgotten.
  13. Memorial Day Weekend

    Hey folks, I just wanted to put in a message about the Memorial Day weekend we're heading into. For most people, Memorial Day is more of a 'national barbeque day' than a day to remember our veterans. Be aware, as you go through your day and your weekend, and you get your party on, that we are able to do so solely by the sacrifice of our neighbors, family, friends, and heroes; those who pick up a weapon and stand up in the face of evil. I know that some folks probably don't agree with the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, but know that there are very evil men who would kill you, your parents, brothers and sisters, your children, simply because we were born in a different country than them. I am a firm believer in the adage "All that is required for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing". The image here are the soldiers from my very own unit who were killed on my last deployment. Six of the eleven were from my company alone. Know that these men laid down their lives, and left their families behind, to ensure that we are able to enjoy the freedoms that we have. This is only a snapshot. These are only the men from my unit who gave their lives. This does not include the many more from all branches who have paid the ultimate price for freedom. This does not include the men and women I know, the countless I don't, who have left arms, legs, blood and guts, and even pieces of their souls on foreign soil. We play a series of games that glorify warfare, make light of combat, bloodshed, and killing. Sometimes it's easy to overlook the horrors of real war, the devastation that a real battlefield can bring. Remember that as we play, guys. Say a prayer for those who came before, those doing it right now while we enjoy a weekend, and those that will be there in the future. "From time to time the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots." Soda, Buzz, Ira, Hardin, Bolen, and Hizon, you guys are dearly missed.
  14. Firearm instructor

    Yeah, a bit dramatic, but extremely impressive.
  15. Entrepreneurial advice?

    Okay, let me get you to elaborate. I don't know a thing about business plans. What exactly is it? I mean yeah, I've googled and gotten the definition, but what IS it? Where can I find some examples? Where can I see something that I can say 'Okay, I get it now, I need to plan for this, and this, and have these set up for eventualities, and oh I hadn't even thought about that and that!' Obviously I haven't been looking in the right places, because I haven't found anything that makes any sense to me, and most of the results I come up with want money I'm not willing to part with just yet. I mean, if it's just a manifesto of what I want to do then GREAT, I've got that down in the paragraphs I wrote in the OP! Something tells me that's not quite it, though... Things like the expenses I've already started wrapping my head around, but at this stage I can't come up with numbers. I have to do a lot more research before I can start looking at serious numbers, if I tried to now it would just be guesses. That's definitely on the agenda. And I hear you on the accounting thing. My mom was the accountant for my parents' small business after they had an accountant who embezzled a ton of money and it hurt them real bad, and even she started to have issues when her health began to decline that my dad still fights with the IRS over. I know that the books can make or break. I plan to stay very much on top of that issue just to keep it from being a problem.