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    Helpful Tip: I cant log into my username on banhammer!

    On this issue, Rosoro just told us in TS that he never got the email when he tried to reset his password. He already had his account here and everything, just forgot his old pw and tried to reset it... Kelly, can you see about getting an email sent to him manually, until the server side issues get resolved? Thanks much gents
  2. 11Bulletstopper

    ArmaIII on Sale on Steam

    A great opportunity, and I'm seriously considering it... but hardware is a valid concern for me as well. What kind of minimum hardware can you run it on and actually be playable with reasonable framerates and such?
  3. Huh. Somebody was busy last night...
  4. 11Bulletstopper

    I post too much

    You guys have 17 more posts (or 9 for one of you, 8 for the other) before I have to post again to maintain my post KDR here.
  5. 11Bulletstopper

    Largest-Yet EVE Battle Destroys $200,000 Worth of Starships

    Yeah, Bradders. It's like a big deal. EVE is basically the only game that freely trades between in-game and real world currencies, and the value of those vessels, if translated into real world currencies, is exorbitant by all measures. That's not to say that all those were purchased with IRL money, but the translation is what is looked at. It was also one of the largest conflicts in any game history, which when you factor in the number of players on opposing sides from the smallest ships up to the biggest titans involved, contained over 2200 players. Imagine that many people in a single match of CoD or BF4 or something. It was an epic battle on the scale of the fall of Troy or the siege of Leningrad. It was a player-made in-game event of such scale and impact that moved the game devs to alter the game itself and place a titan graveyard at that location so that anyone who came along after would see the aftermath of what happened.
  6. 11Bulletstopper

    Windows 7 or 8?

    This. This is +1.
  7. 11Bulletstopper

    Im glad I finally registered for the cock of the month club

    ...of one sort or another. :huh:
  8. 11Bulletstopper

    Has anyone played Defense Grid?

    If it's on sale, pick it up. It's pretty fun, and the various challenges keep the replayability pretty high.
  9. 11Bulletstopper

    Humble Bundle

    Bradders I checked around the Steam forums, and it seems that at least the Steam keys are having no problem for UK buyers. People are having issues with the Origin keys, but it's not due to anything about geographical location it's problems with their servers being overloaded by all the traffic. Even if you can't get the Origin only games to work for now, you might as well pay the $5 for all the Steam games, it's definitely worth it. :)
  10. 11Bulletstopper

    Humble Bundle

    ... I forget who it was that asked me for that code, but somehow their post got lost in the transition here. Whoever you were, just PM me and let me know if you want the Origin or Steam code for DeadSpace. I'll shoot it to you. :P
  11. 11Bulletstopper

    Im glad I finally registered for the cock of the month club

    How is it that of all the threads on here, THIS ONE has got to be in the 'recent activity' link on the side???
  12. 11Bulletstopper

    6 Games for 1$ - EA Humble Bundle 8-14-13

    Yeah, that link is no good anymore... which sucks because I need to find that other side of the discussion, it had info pertinent to me! This whole forum swap thing is killin' me!
  13. 11Bulletstopper

    Has anyone played Defense Grid?

    I've got it on Steam. It's a fun little tower game, far better graphics than I'd have expected for something like it. Another one that I liked that was very much a fun tower (although from the opposite side, you play the invaders!) is Anomaly Warzone Earth. I think they just put out number 2 for that one not long ago.
  14. 11Bulletstopper

    Humble Bundle

    I have an extra copy of Dead Space now, if someone wants the code. Steam or Origin, don't matter to me.
  15. 11Bulletstopper

    Humble Bundle

    Same discussion here
  16. 11Bulletstopper

    6 Games for 1$ - EA Humble Bundle 8-14-13

    Same discussion here
  17. 11Bulletstopper

    Humble Bundle

    I threw in on that. Good deal. I've got an extra copy of Dead Space now if someone wants that.
  18. 11Bulletstopper

    Can you spot it?

    What I've never agreed with on these 'photograph' tests is scale. When you're scanning an area you know roughly where it is in relationship to yourself (spatial awareness) and you can roughly estimate the size of enemy combatants in that area (known comparisons), but in these photographs you don't have any of that. When I first looked at the photo, it looked like a pic of someone's rock garden, the large rock to the shooter's right (our left) looked like it was maybe a foot across. That's just what I guesstimated the scale to be. Therefor, because I was using an incorrect comparison with no known spatial awareness I had no idea what to be looking for. Only after I pushed myself back from the screen did I see anything. That's one thing that these photo tests can never tell you. You might be looking at a photo of someone's face, zoomed way in, mixed into some foliage, or a whole body like what you see above.
  19. 11Bulletstopper

    The Future Of These Forums - Please Read

    @N, I for one won't migrate to Facebook. I don't use it. I used to, still have my account somewhere, but haven't logged in because I don't like what Facebook's become. I'm not super active in online discussion worlds, I'm here because I got in with Sons of Odin and this is where they hang their hats so this is where I 'chill' for my very limited forum time. I do really enjoy the articles you guys post, but I haven't had downtime at work since I've been on leave following surgery and only recently went back. I'd hate to see this board go, I really do enjoy them, the discussions, and the people (even if it's only because I lurk more than I comment), but you guys have gotta do what you guys have gotta do.
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    Forum Guidelines

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    Attendance and membership