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    U Mad? Windows 8 Isn’t The Flop People Want It To Be

    It's not a failure "either way". It's a failure from a user perspective because it's counter intuitive and has a steep learning curve. It's not a failure as a sales product because it's sold a hundred million licenses in 6 months. Doesn't matter if they're sitting in a Newegg warehouse or "forced" onto a new machine (which those consumers weren't forced to buy, but chose to do so instead of buying a machine with Windows 7 or an Apple machine or whatever OS they might want), somebody bought them and it's money in Microsoft's pocket. Just because you don't LIKE the product doesn't mean it's a failure. Go read the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff and begone with you.
  2. 11Bulletstopper

    U Mad? Windows 8 Isn’t The Flop People Want It To Be

    There's no doubt that it's considered a failure... not from a SALES perspective, but from a useability and interface perspective. @N's article above is about sales. Player7's linked article is about the learning curve of the useability and functionality of the software. Completely different issues. Go crawl back under your bridge now, quit scaring the goats that are trying to pass.
  3. How does this article have 1.4 THOUSAND views? I know we've been having some issues of views not indicating properly... Are there really that many people out there that care so vehemently about a new Jurassic Park movie?
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    Best game of the past decade?

    My wife still plays daily. According to her getting to level 40 is like what getting to level FIVE used to be like. She says they pretty much just hand you XP by the bucketload and they've drastically dropped the XP requirements. And yeah, they hand out mounts like fucking candy. I think my wife told me she was working on a triple-digit mount owner achievement. I do agree that pretty much every fantasy style MMO since then has tried to copy it. On the justification side of that, the ones that have tried to go different directions have (largely) failed or have only done just well enough to barely stay afloat. None of them have had the groundbreaking, genre changing effect that WoW has had over the past decade.
  5. 11Bulletstopper

    The Sims 4 To Be Released In 2014? Whoopidy Doo!

    I played the Sims once. Played for a day and was so fucking frustrated. Popped in a cheat code, had fun for about an hour going crazy building all kinds of crap and furnishing the house. Then quit and never played again. I think I'm better off for it.
  6. So... you mean to tell me that someone actually BELIEVED that they would get current and next-gen games backwards ported to a last-gen hardware console?
  7. I played a rpg called CyberPunk I think it was a GURPS game. One of my faves. The GURPS version of Cyberpunk was a pale shadow of its former glory. If you never playced original Cyberpunk or Cyberpunk 2020 then you never played Cyberpunk at all. I fucking loved that game. Still do. Every couple of years I convince my buddies and dig out all my old CP2020 rulebooks and have a good campaign. Fucking phenomenal game.
  8. And I've used GIMP as well and there's nothing wrong with it. It's simply a different program that has the same functionality. Learn the new keyboard shortcuts, it works just as well.
  9. I will admit that I pirated photoshop... but the versions I used were always YEARS out of date so I don't really think it's that bad. When they were putting out CS10 I was still working on photoshop 3. :P
  10. I realize it has its flaws but I think that Greenlight's a pretty darn good thing. It allows indie devs who would otherwise have no realistic chance of getting a game into the public's eye a place to do just that. Along the way to release they have the opportunity to develop a fanbase even before it's release, create a community, and get feedback that help shape their game into an even more successful game than what they had originally started with by being able to put in things that the customer base wants, straight from their own mouths. Steam may charge a little more but I think that the services provided and the opportunities available along the way justify the charge, at least for the indie devs.
  11. 11Bulletstopper

    Jodi Arias Guilty Of First-Degree Murder In Slaying Of Ex-Boyfriend

    She did an interview right after the conviction in which she says she hopes that she gets the death penalty because she can't stand a life in prison... the reporters were already saying that they think it's reverse psychology and that she is trying to get the jury to skip the death penalty to give her what she wants them to think would be the worse punishment. Even if she wants death I say give it to her, she's fucked up as a football skate.
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    Random Thoughts Thread

    Not too well after that 'lot of Del Taco' he had last night!
  13. 11Bulletstopper

    Best game of the past decade?

    We don't all hate WoW. Maybe this will earn me some haters but I greatly enjoyed it for a long time. I simply got to the point where I didn't 'want' to play it. I moved past it. But I don't hate it, I have really great memories of my time on that game.
  14. That makes me sad... I think my inner child just died. :((
  15. 11Bulletstopper

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I have no choice but to change my insurance to a LA policy. It's a legal requirement since I'm assigned to this state, I must have a state conforming policy. Their policies are so different from any other state that I have no choice, nothing will transfer over. If I were just passing through on a drive it's a different story but since I live here and work here, even though I retain my FL residency, I'm required to have it.
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    Umm... What?
  17. 11Bulletstopper

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Yep. Finally got in touch with somebody at the state customer service office, she explained that it's not actually that hard to fix. I had to write up a little letter explaining the situation, and fax that, a copy of my orders to Louisiana, and a letter from my insurance company verifying coverage to them. It'll be fixed in a day or two, she told me call back tomorrow morning to make sure they got it and start it processing. My faith in government workers has been destroyed ever since I joined the Army and saw what the civilians do and how incompetent they are. Either way, at least that one lady knows her shit and can get it fixed for me. The lady who I originally spoke to (the previous post) at the county office, right before I got off the phone, told me that I could pay the $150-odd fee and have my license reinstated. I asked her what I needed to do to verify insurance coverage for that and she told me that she didn't need it, I could just pay and get my license back. That really irritated me. They suspended my license because of no insurance but if I pay them money they'll just overlook it? How the fuck does that work out?
  18. 11Bulletstopper

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Trying to renew my tags online, found out my license was suspended because they say I have no insurance on my car... while they show the insurance on my SUV and my two motorcycles just fine. So I called them to figure out what to do, explained that I'm active duty stationed in Louisiana, and the lady said I'd have to come into the office. I asked her how I'm supposed to drive from my duty station in Louisiana 400 miles to a driver's license office now knowing that my license was suspended (which is an arrestable offense). She said sorry, she didn't know how to help me. She said the reason the license was suspended was that I didn't have a Florida policy. I explained again that I was active duty, and that when I was stationed in North Carolina I had filled out several forms to prove military, mailed them all in with a copy of my military ID and my orders taking me there. I was in NC for 3 years, had a NC policy while I was there, never a FL policy for that entire time. Never had a single problem. So somehow despite the fact that they show and recognize full insurance coverage by a Louisiana policy on my OTHER 3 vehicles, they can't accept what I give them over the phone. Am I supposed to pay for an airline ticket to get back there? I mean how does this work?
  19. That's actually a decent point. For once a single-post troll who doesn't scream and flame. Surprising. The point is valid though, it's nice to have a company requesting crowdfunding to actually tell us specifically what that money will be used for.
  20. Somebody's been reading Sherlock Holmes mysteries recently. :)
  21. I agree with you, N. I think it's kind of dumb to need motion capture for much more than a very few situations like general walking/running. Most people will spend the vast majority of their time in-game sitting in a cockpit. It doesn't take much to capture the various button pushes and lever/switch pushing and pulling.
  22. Okay, motion capture abbreviated to mocap. Gotcha.
  23. 11Bulletstopper

    Viking: Battle for Asgard

    It's always been pretty cool to read about. I enjoy it. The Greek and Roman mythologies are nifty but there's so many damn deities, demigods, and divine entities it gets confusing. The Norse had a decent number but didn't get crazy with it. I really enjoy reading up on it.
  24. Forgive my ignorance... what is a 'mocap studio'?
  25. 11Bulletstopper

    do u believe in luck or hard work ?

    Luck most certainly exists but it can't be depended upon. It's simply chance that something particularly good or bad might happen to you. Hard work will definitely pave the path to a good life but sometimes dumb luck happens and you get something really great or really shitty happening to you.