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  2. You can't state this as facts. You can say that this is your opinion and I accept that... Ummm.... last I checked reviews ARE opinions. It's somebody's opinion about a game, movie, show, book, whatever... in written form.
  3. 11Bulletstopper

    "Pew Pew Pew, 'Merica

    It posted just fine. Pew pew pew Murica!
  4. 11Bulletstopper

    The Machine

    That shit was funny dude. :))
  5. 11Bulletstopper

    Pacific Rim: Guillermo Del Toro and Big Giant Robots.

    Yeah I thought that was odd. They talked about mind links and everything... but I think it was just a ploy to get more actors in there. It looks COOLER if there's two people swinging a punch in synchronization... it's like all those ladies that get in a pool and swim in those weird patterns n' stuff.
  6. 11Bulletstopper

    Pacific Rim: Guillermo Del Toro and Big Giant Robots.

    Yeah I gotta admit, I wasn't really that hyped by this movie but after watching that trailer it does look pretty damn cool. The big bot smashing the alien monster skull at the very tail end was cool, the way the teeth and jaws were just like 'uuuh, smile!' made me lol!
  7. 11Bulletstopper

    OMG I laughed until I peed

    Dudes... so I'm sitting here trying to explain PS2 to a buddy of mine, and figure we'll use youtube to look at some cool videos. I show him the ODIN/FEZ video, one of the trailers... and we run across THIS gem. I present to you... The VS...
  8. 11Bulletstopper

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I've been hungry all day. Can't get my tummy satisfied... but I'm trying not to just cram everything into my craw that I find, I don't want to put on 30 pounds in one day from eating everything in the fridge. :-L
  9. 11Bulletstopper

    ‘EVE Online’, Meet Oculus Rift

    I loved Galaxies. It was a great game for the first year or so. I had a ton of fun on there. I agree, them trying to make every character a clone of one of the movie characters wasn't cool. I enjoyed the diversity, and they stripped that. I also enjoy EVE, but I've not had my accounts active in quite a long time. I was primarily a miner, with only very occasional venturing into pvp combat. I found that the skillsets needed to be a decent pvper were very long arcs and I just didn't want to dedicate that much time to those skills. I still had fun with it, though.
  10. 11Bulletstopper

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I just swapped plants with my neighbor down the street. She wanted to trade some of the lillies we have for some of the lillies she has. Same plant. Different flowers. I've never considered myself as having any kind of green thumb, so I'm hoping these things don't die from the transplanting. There's random for ya.
  11. 11Bulletstopper

    As ‘Oblivion’ Looms, I Wonder Why People Hate Tom Cruise So Much

    God, the trolls make my fucking skin crawl.
  12. 11Bulletstopper

    We Were Sent a Key, Help Us Solve This Mystery

    Thank you, good sir!
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    What, do people sell the cards on there or something?
  15. May 6th is going to be an even better day.
  16. 11Bulletstopper

    Left 4 Dead 2, Dead Island Riptide, Borderlands 2

    I've got BL1 on PC (Steam) as well for those of you wanting to put a group together.
  17. Simply seeing this article dug up some nostalgia in me, I started fiddle-farting around "tha intarwebz" looking for some of those old video games, old board games, things like that... Much to my surprise one of my youth-fantasy-gaming staples, the board game HeroQuest, is rather valuable nowadays. I found a copy on Amazon for $422. I went kinda all o.O at that. I couldn't find anything for hits on the old Hero's Quest video games from Sierra as far as how to get them to work on Windows 7. I'll probaby just screw around with the old copy of the disc I have from years ago and see what I can get functional. I started thinking about playing some fantasy style board gaming with my daughters, I think they'd get a real kick out of it, so I started looking around online. I found a couple of D&D board games, Castle Ravenloft, Legend of Drizzt and Shard of Ashardalon. Anyone know if those are any good to play with 11, 13, and 14 year old kids?
  18. 11Bulletstopper

    We Were Sent a Key, Help Us Solve This Mystery

    I missed that second article. Linkie please?
  19. Sooner or later Google's super-uber-duper-ultra-mega-unbelievable-crazy-stupid-fast internet will catch on, and for the same price as people pay for "regular" internet through cable companies and they'll either have to back way off their prices or start offering a FUCK TON more. They'll get their come-uppance yet!
  20. God, I loved those adventure games. I was thinking of figuring out how to make them run on Windows 7 and going back and playing some of them. I was a HUGE fan of the Hero's Quest series, BIG part of my gaming youth.
  21. 11Bulletstopper

    Next Generation Xbox To Be Unveiled On May 21st

    Before anyone gets offended at me... I'm completely kidding. I enjoy my console (for now at least, future generations are dependant upon how the console manufacturers choose to deliver game content and allow operation of the console) and I don't at all mean to be demeaning, offensive, hostile, belittling, or derogatory in any way. That should just about disclaim it all. Did I miss anything?
  22. 11Bulletstopper

    We Were Sent a Key, Help Us Solve This Mystery

    Since you linked to it in the XBox release article, did anyone ever figure out what the hell was with this key? I'm still putting my money on it being from someone's secret admirer, and the key will unlock his/her chastity belt... or ball gag, y'know, different strokes.
  23. 11Bulletstopper

    Next Generation Xbox To Be Unveiled On May 21st

    One of these days your consoles will finally grow up and become REAL PC's! :)) We'll be so proud of you then!
  24. My only heartburn with this issue is that cable companies are still charging you through the nose for the internet access that's unbelievably shitty that you are required to have in order to see your netflix. :-/