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  1. taheca

    Star Wars Sacrilege

    Have you watched the original trilogy lately? If you watch the clone wars it is just not the same.
  2. taheca

    DId seriously no one else buy Saints Row?

    I can't get enough of Skyrim, seriously. I spent two hours last night in one dungeon alone, and there are 350 places in the game? Incredible. Though your review of SR3 sounded good, I remembered how much fun those insurance fraud missions were. I forgot about those.
  3. taheca

    DId seriously no one else buy Saints Row?

    I bought the first, just didn't get into it. I way preferred Vice City. Then again, I have been waiting for another GTA to equal Vice City and am still waiting. San Andreas was ok, and I really just hated GTA IV. I can't tell you how disappointed I was when they said that GTA V was back in San Andreas. I was really hoping for a vice city reboot. Saints Row 3 looks interesting, maybe I'll rent it sometime, but between BF3 Multi ( I finished the campaign) and Skyrim I will be busy enough.
  4. taheca

    Introduce Yourself!

    I hire people for big companies. I try and raise the best little boys I can I play games only when my wife and little boys are asleep. I just joined this forum! Names Michael by the way. Nice to meet you.
  5. taheca

    Terra Nova

    I want to like it, but generally end up annoyed. I don't care about the Sixers? Why does there always have to be a protagonist? Seems to me that a better show would have been one set around the first group that came there, and set up Terra Nova. But then you would not get all of those a mah zing visuals. Also, why no air transport? They can bring in cars, and motorcycles, and enough materials to build pretty fancy houses with all the modern conveniences, as well as the "egg" and all of the medical equipment, and yet not one hover jet? So all of the so called valuable hand selected scientific personnel have to trek, on land, through dinosaur infested territory to do research? Aww man, I think I just talked myself out of this show. With Skyrim out media has to be REALLY good to drag me away from it. I count The Walking Dead, and Boardwalk Empire as the two that can do it. Woo hoo first flesh eating zipper post!
  6. taheca

    Star Wars Sacrilege

    Ok, this is hard to say in public, and I know I may be ostracized but I am just going to say it.... I like the Cartoon clone wars series (and the prequel trilogy) better than the original trilogy. Ok, breathe, and hear me out. I recently got the Blu Ray Star Wars set and have begun introducing my children to it. Rewatched all of the movies. I made the decision to start with Episode IV and work them through chronologically the way I experienced it. I skip through really dark scenes (plenty of time for that later in life). I noticed something though. I was becoming really annoyed watching the original trilogy. It's not the special effects, I am fine with that, it is just the writing in general. It's hokey. Some elements are still classic. The whole Hoth battle scene is still awesome, but later on when Luke meets Yoda I was growing disgusted. Sure he is older and at the end of his life, but he also pretty much acts like a imbecile with moments of clarity. Nothing like the Yoda from the Prequel trilogy or the clone wars (who is not only wise, but funny and a major bad ass). Also, generally, Luke is annoying as hell. I have never seen a whinier hero, seriously. If a younger Anakin had met him I could totally see him rolling his eyes in disgust. Suck it up! I don't know, maybe it is just that due to technology and modern animation they have been able to do so much with the Clone Wars series, but I also think that generally the writing is better, and the storylines make more sense. I am also really annoyed that they did not start this between Episode 2 and 3. I remember very specifically when Episode 3 came out and Obi Wan takes down Grievous as thinking, this is a momentous occasion but I have no idea why (I never read any of the novels, guess that is obvious). If I had watched the clone wars (and at least one season had been made between 2 and 3 with grievous story lines) I would have been much more jacked, and when I rewatched the movie it was totally awesome to see him finally fall. Honestly, after this experience, I would not be opposed to a follow up trilogy, or even a remake. A cartoon remake would be epic (all the actors are still alive to do voice overs). Just my .02.