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  1. It does not. Thanks! I even made a second episode in the meantime!
  2. Go grab some popcorn and prop up your feet, eh?
  3. N

    Windows 7 or 8?

    Windows 8 is just fine.
  4. N

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Ahhh. People here only know it from the movie.
  5. N

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Bonfire night? Half-way to weight loss goal. 245 now, 75 pounds down, 75 to go.
  6. N

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm cutting together our new next-gen console podcast. Should be up in a bit.
  7. N

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I work and I'm exposed to tons of candy all the time that I can't and shouldn't eat. Blooooows.
  8. N

    Random Thoughts Thread

    The new Arcade Fire album is really good. Listening to Funeral again, first time in years.
  9. N

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I got to hang out with my brother tonight. Haven't been outside the house aside from work in an age. Stupid money.
  10. Yeah, I liked it. It seems like this show is going to have a long thaw. Also, Chloe Bennet? Oh my, yes.
  11. So Spotify just brought out all of Boards of Canada's pre-Tomorrow's Harvest albums and I'm having a bit of a trip going through them all. I got hooked in 2004 when I heard them in Salad Fingers and bought Geogaddi and Music Has The Right To Children on iTunes, but I wasn't about to shell out again to have MP3 versions that would work with Zune and Spotify, so I rarely embraced it afterward. Man, this stuff is pretty great.
  12. Yeah, it just seems very formulaic. We agree note by note.
  13. N

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Oh, I've run a mile for the past three days. That's cool. So this working nights thing is weird. When I worked with FEZ, I was all alone with just Kels and Rob and Keith from time to time, but now I work with a regular company of two dozen and don't get to see any of my friends or family. Bizarre.
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