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  1. CarsonElong

    Windows 7 or 8?

    64 bit. No reason not to. I've been running 64 bit for the last 6 years or so and have had essentially no problems. Most of the problems disappeared with the transition from XP 64 to Vista 64 as the new driver model required manufacturers to re-write their drivers and so they made real drivers for the 64 bit systems. On the question of 7 vs 8 for a desktop machine, if I were getting a new system with no transfer of one of my 7 licenses, I would go with 8. It takes some configuration but is a better OS under the hood. If I had a 7 key to transfer, I would use that.
  2. CarsonElong

    Windows 10 is coming out, what do ya techies think?

    Haven't used it but, from what I've read, I'm cautiously optimistic. Windows 8/8.1 had a lot of good tech improvements over 7 but made a lot of compromises on the desktop usability side (said as someone who has used 8.1 on my laptop). Looks like 10 is rolling back most of those to more sane versions while keeping the underlying advances. I'm hoping my optimism isn't misplaces as Microsoft has said they aren't planning on bringing the next version of directX to 7, so we're going to have to update sooner or later.
  3. CarsonElong

    Civilization: Beyond Earth

    I'm going to be looking forward to this. SMACX is one of my favorite games of all time. Have lost track of how many hours of it I've played!