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  1. Calvus

    ‘The Wolverine’ Review: The Bar Has Been Raised

    The problem with most of the superhero movies made for like forever is that the movie creators never realized that what made a great comic were great characters. I, vaguely, remember the comic series that this movie is based upon but I remember that it was the reason that I learned to love the Wolverine. He is a very complex character that has been, until today, been underutilized. I enjoyed everything in this movie but the Silver Samurai. And a certain screw up from the last x-men movie that changed the ultimate relationship that would have developed from this story. X-men fans now of what I speak. I don't always agree with @russell but I can in good conscience endorse this review.
  2. That was enlightenment.
  3. OMG $5 moviesOmfg, YouTube gold!
  4. I am tempted to fly to Austin to get my office tour. It's only 2600 miles away.
  5. Rob you suck! Just cause I'm jealous...good job!
  6. This is EPIC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7NXu9_UjZY
  7. Calvus

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Yup, I did it...
  8. Calvus

    ‘Man of Steel’ Review: Attention Deficit Superman

    Well that is a different story altogether
  9. Calvus

    ‘Man of Steel’ Review: Attention Deficit Superman

    I can't stream too much video because of my limited bandwidth so unfortunately I don't get to watch your programs.
  10. Calvus

    ‘Man of Steel’ Review: Attention Deficit Superman

    I am getting the feeling that I am the only one on the planet that liked man of Steel and I am pinickity about my movies. I am truly stunned.
  11. Calvus

    ‘Man of Steel’ Review: Attention Deficit Superman

    *SPOILER ALERT* lawl at the Lucas reference. -agree I have never read ANY Superman comics (Marvel X-Men fanboi) so I do not have any hang-ups about Superman canon. I think that scene worked well because it showed Clark the definition of 'sacrifice', the sacrifice of one's self for the greater good. Clark is neigh on an immortal god in scope and witnessing his dad risk his life to save a 'lessor' life form and then give up his life to protect his godlike son has a phenomenal influence on Clark. Imagine if he told Clark to go to the rescue regardless of the consequences and the lesson that he would learned from that.
  12. Calvus

    NSA Whistleblower Comes Forward: WOW

    https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/pardon-edward-snowden/Dp03vGYD If you are interested.
  13. Calvus

    NSA Whistleblower Comes Forward: WOW

    BTW I think most of the TYT are hipster pussies but sometimes our opinions mesh.
  14. Calvus

    Random Thoughts Thread

    did a random search for "tin hat" and found this...buying the album........